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Dirty cars, unusual ways and places to clean them

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Dirty cars, unusual ways and places to clean them
Dirty cars, unusual ways and places to clean them

Very often on cars you can see inscriptions like: "wash me"; "I'm not a pig, but I also love dirt"; "my master is a slob", etc. Of course, these are not special stickers that you buy in an auto supply store. This is how Russian teenagers have fun, making inscriptions on cars blackened from dust and dirt.

And it's not at all necessary that the guys themselves are perfect cleaners. Just a dirty car with all its appearance beckons to mock her and her owner.

However, dirt can be not only on the surface, but also inside the car. Therefore, in this article we will consider to what state it is not necessary to bring your car. So, dirty cars, as well as unusual ways and places to clean them.

Dirty Cars

We have already mentioned that dirty cars are found on the streets of every city everywhere. That's just one thing - a light raid, and another - "long-term" mud "reserves". And it seems that driving such a car is not only embarrassing, but also fraught with a fine from our bravepolice. However, many cunning people still manage not to wash the car and spend money exclusively on their own needs.

For example, one "genius" driver just cleaned the front, rear lights and registration numbers on his four-wheeled "comrade". And with that, the cleansing procedures were over.

Where we eat, there we shit

Men often joke about the fact that women's handbags are full of bedlam. However, sometimes something worse happens in their cars. Endless boxes, candy wrappers, leftovers from fast food, plastic bottles and other garbage fill the entire interior of the car. Of course, with the exception of one important chair - after all, the driver needs to sit on something.

If it seems to the readers of this article that such dirty cars are fiction, below we will present a photo that can definitely convince them.

dirtiest cars

What drivers think of

It seems to bring your car, if not to perfect, then at least to approximate cleanliness, it's not at all difficult. You can disassemble the car interior from garbage almost everywhere, you just need to arm yourself with a large number of packages and take a walk to the nearest landfill once or twice. Washing your four-wheeled "friend" is even easier. The private house has a large courtyard and running water right on the street, and apartment residents can use the services of car washes.

However, some individuals manage to make a lot of mistakes here too. What? For example, the following situation. Most drivers know perfectly well what kind of car wash in a river or lakepen alty is provided. And then, without thinking twice (or maybe not thinking at all), many cunning people find another way to bring dirty cars into a divine form. They diligently wash cars after rain with puddle water.

Other drivers, who seem to love their car more and want to keep it shiny for once, wash it in the rain. Yes, and tap water coming through a hose.

funny people

When a car wash service is required

For sloths or people who trust a dirty car (photo will be presented below) exclusively to professionals, many car washes open their doors every day. However, they attract visitors in a more than original way. The most innocuous is the slogan: "Look at our washer, please."

But there are others that are more offensive. For example, shopkeepers and businesses in the suburbs like to use photos of various celebrities who, unknowingly, advertise a service or product. And on one of the car washes in Blagoveshchensk, an advertising sign was posted. And it was dedicated to the recent president of America. And everything would be fine, but there was a clear hint of racism in it.

offensive advertising

As a result, the advertising turned out to be the opposite, and so many owners of even the dirtiest cars went around such a place. Therefore, if you want to bring your four-wheeled "friend" in order, you need to clearly consider the method and place of its cleaning.

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