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Famous Ford cars. Producing country

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Famous Ford cars. Producing country
Famous Ford cars. Producing country

Ford Motor Company is a famous American automobile company. It ranks 4th in the world in terms of sales over the past hundred years. Currently, the company has offices in more than 60 countries around the world. Often, motorists have a question: "Which country is the country of manufacture of Ford?" Most of the company's cars are produced at factories located in the US and Europe.

Company Founder

Henry Ford

The company is named after its founder, Henry Ford. He was born July 30, 1863. His parents were simple farmers. From childhood, Henry was fond of technology. The boy figured out how to simplify hard farm work with the help of various mechanisms. One day, Henry was thrown from the saddle by a young stallion. From that day on, his goal was to create a safe means of transportation. At the age of 16, the young man moves to Detroit and gets a job in an electric company. For twenty years, a simple mechanic manages to become a chief engineer. In freeFord has been developing the car for a while. When these works were completed, Ford quit and began looking for investors to create an automobile company.

First car

First model

Henry Ford founded his company in 1903. For a long time he was Ford's chief engineer. After 3 years, the company released a serial Model K car. It was equipped with a 40-hp six-cylinder engine. With. Due to low sales, the production of this machine was stopped in 1908

The company started producing cheaper models. The Model T is the first car in history to sell in the millions. The car received a four-cylinder engine of 2.9 liters and a two-speed transmission. For the first time, pedal shifting was used. But the engine of the car was rather weak. Motorists had to go uphill in reverse. But this feature did not prevent the Model T from conquering the American market. Every second car in the United States was produced at the Ford plant.

The company used the latest technical developments. In 1913, the first assembly line was introduced at Ford enterprises. The moving belt has greatly reduced the assembly time of the machines. G. Ford's main goal was to create a budget car that ordinary employees of his company could buy.

At Ford plants, workers began to receive double wages. A 5-day work week and 8-hour shifts were introduced. Employees leading a sober and he althy lifestyle were encouraged with cash bonuses. They were hired only after an interview, including people withdisabled.

As a result of these innovations, labor productivity has increased significantly, and the cost of the Model T has been reduced by four times. In 1920, the company produced a million cars of this model. Ford launches ambulances based on Model T. Soon the company will enter the global car market.

Representation in Russia

In 1907, the first representative office of an American company was opened in Russia. It worked until the revolution. In 1929, the government of the USSR signed a contract with the company for the construction of a plant. In 1932, the Gorky Automobile Plant was built. The first GAZ cars were built on the basis of Ford models. Currently, Ford cars are produced at the Vsevolzhsky Automobile Plant (Leningrad Region).

Famous Models

During World War II, the company receives major military contracts. Ford factories produce planes and tanks. In 1945, Henry Ford passes the leadership of the company to his grandson.

In the 1950s, the company introduced the new Thunderbird car. Country of manufacture "Ford" - USA. The convertible model became a cult classic and was produced until 2005.

In 1953, the first Ford Transit van was produced. The country of origin of this machine was Germany.

Ford Transit

In 1959, production of the Ford Galaxie began. Country of manufacture "Ford" - USA. In 1964, an American company released the legendary Ford Mustang, which is still in production today.since. In 1976, the oval logo appeared on the company's cars.

Ford Mustang

In 1998, the company again creates a car that becomes the best-selling car in the world. The Model T record was broken by the Ford Focus. The country of origin of the Ford Focus is the USA. Currently, the company continues to develop new models. What is the country of origin of Ford? Most cars are produced in the United States. When creating new cars, the same principles are laid down that Henry Ford applied in his first models. These are availability, safety, ease of assembly and the use of the latest technical developments.

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