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"Ford Transit Van" (Ford Transit Van): description, specifications

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"Ford Transit Van" (Ford Transit Van): description, specifications
"Ford Transit Van" (Ford Transit Van): description, specifications

A new generation Ford Transit cargo van is a European-level car. The undoubted trump card of the car is a wide range of models: a chassis, a bus with 11 or 18 seats, a combi with nine seats or an all-metal van. Depending on the selected configuration, the van can be equipped with front, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive, two wheelbase options, two heights and three lengths. The load capacity for each of them varies according to the wishes of the owner.

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In 2012, the production of Ford Transit Van started at the facilities of the Ford Sollers joint plant in Yelabuga using SKD technology. Serial production of the new generation of the van began in August 2014.

The plant produces a wide range of vehicles: bus, van, chassis, minibus and a smaller version of the van. Buyers have plenty to choose from.

Unfortunately, for the most part, only vans with a medium or short body are issued for test drives of the Ford Transit Van, with the exception of cargo and passenger versions.

Turbo diesel 2.2 TDCi engines are offered in three versions: Ford Transit Van modifications with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive are equipped with 125-horsepower engines; bus, jumbo van and rear-wheel drive chassis are available with 155 or 135 horsepower units.

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The main thing is volume

The appearance of the new Ford Transit cargo van is largely due to practical considerations: the useful volume of the body is increased due to vertical side panels. In terms of dimensions, the updated car is as close as possible to more expensive analogues - for example, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter.

The increased length is offset by the rounded front, which also makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Around the perimeter, the van is fitted with impact-resistant plastic to minimize damage from minor collisions, and the headlights are raised above the bumper to do the same.

The cargo compartment holds four Euro pallets, in the case of the long body version of the Ford Transit Van, all five. The opening of the sliding door of the previous generation of cars was 1275 millimeters, for the new one it was increased to 1300 millimeters. Rear doors open 270 degrees as standard.

On the walls of the body made lugs for securing cargo. The flat floor covering is made of hard plastic, which is convenient for loading and makes it easier to wash the car. Plywood sheets are used for wall decoration, which are replaced in case of damage.

ford transit cargo van


The interior of the cargo van is practically the same as that of Ford passenger models, and the dashboard and steering wheel are completely identical. The driver's seat is high, which is typical for all trucks. Seat adjustment is carried out in eight directions, there is a heating function. The steering wheel moves in reach and tilt. Built-in audio system with USB and Bluetooth.

In Russian models there are no options available to Europeans - standard navigation system, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure sensor. At the same time, the vans are equipped with an anti-lock braking system, adaptive headlights, a rollover stabilization system, cruise control and a lane departure warning system.

The number of niches and drawers in the cabin of the Ford Transit Van is large even for commercial vehicles: there are several containers on the front panel, a hatch with a 12-volt socket above the instruments, compartments for bottles next to the driver, doors - double pockets, under the ceiling - shelves, under the right seat - a dimensional box. The front row is designed for three people, while the average passenger has enough space for comfortable accommodation. The shift lever does not protrude from the front panel.

ford transit van specifications


The increased dimensions of the car are felt on the go. Significantly simplify driving parking sensors, good visibility and two-section mirrors. The turning circle has not changed - 11.9 meters, for a van with a smallerbase length - 10.8 meters.

Controls are no different from those on Ford cars: responsive steering wheel, efficient brakes, moderate clutch travel. Left legroom is high but better than older Transit models.

Russian motorists are offered only a 2.2-liter Duratorq diesel engine, inherited by the Ford Transit Van from the previous generation. Front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions are equipped with a 125-horsepower modification, buses - 135-horsepower, rear-wheel drive vans and chassis - a 155-horsepower unit.

A van equipped with a 125-horsepower engine does not have much acceleration dynamics. A lightly loaded car picks up speed in high gear easily thanks to 350 Nm of torque, even though the gears are quite long even for a van. The main claim to the technical characteristics of the "Ford-Transit-Van" is excessive noise even when working on small dimensions.


Ford-Transit-Van's advantage is a wide range of modifications: a bus for 11 or 18 seats, an all-metal van, a chassis and a nine-seat combi. Depending on the chosen version, the car is equipped with rear, front or all-wheel drive. The van is offered in two wheelbases, three body lengths, two heights with payload options.

Possible collaboration between Ford Sollers and independent bodybuilders for chassis and buses to enable dealers to supply Transit models in the futurewith specialized bodies in finished form.

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The updated version of the Ford Transit Van is somewhat cheaper than the previous model. The minimum cost of a car starts at 1,255,000 rubles - for a similar amount you can buy Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato and Renault Master. The service interval, as well as the cost of maintenance, remained unchanged: one year or 20 thousand kilometers. A wide range of modifications and a two-year warranty with no mileage limit - compared to similar cars, the Ford Transit Van looks attractive to car enthusiasts.

Mini version

The compact version of the Ford Transit was spun off into a separate Transit Custom model and a similar Tourneo Custom minivan. Despite the fact that the mini version was created on the same platform, it is strikingly different from its older brother in terms of characteristics and appearance. Both models are equipped with a 125-horsepower diesel engine and are not inferior to the Transit Van in terms of dynamics, but they are better controlled and more maneuverable.

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