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Chevrolet Cruz car: owner reviews

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Chevrolet Cruz car: owner reviews
Chevrolet Cruz car: owner reviews

For many, a car is just a tool, a vehicle. Usually such people choose cars according to two criteria: low price and high reliability. For them, design and technical characteristics are not particularly important. Under these criteria, the Chevrolet Lacetti is ideal. This is a simple and reliable "horse". But it is no longer mass-produced. However, the concern released in 2008 a good successor. This is a Chevrolet Cruze. Owner reviews, disadvantages and advantages of a car - later in our article.


Everyone remembers what the Lacetti looked like. This car before and after restyling looked extremely dull. Cruz is the exact opposite. The car is endowed with a bright and dynamic design. According to the reviews of the owners, the Chevrolet Cruze of the first years of production still looks fresh and bright. Remarkably, for all the years of production, the model has experienced only one restyling, and even that is insignificant. After 2012, a slightly different bumper was installed on the car, where only fog lights became the main difference. The appearance of the Chevrolet evokes extremely positive emotions. This car can also be recommended to young people. It looks especially interesting in bright red.

chevrolet cruz reviews shortcomings

Depending on the configuration, the machine comes with 16- or 17-inch alloy wheels. Regular wheels sit tightly in the arches, so there is no need to do any tuning to the car.

What do the owners' reviews say about the Chevrolet Cruze? As for the optics, it is quite high quality, unlike the one that was installed on the Lacetti. So, the headlights do not become cloudy over time and moisture does not accumulate inside. We also note that the bulbs on the Cruise last longer (they are also halogen here). But the quality of the paintwork leaves much to be desired. According to the reviews of the owners, the Chevrolet Cruze for three years of operation or 100 thousand kilometers is abundantly covered with chips and microdamages. But even on bare metal, rust does not form, which is very good. The metal is galvanized with high quality and is not afraid of corrosion. This is a big plus.

Dimensions, clearance

Judging by the dimensions, the car belongs to the C-class. In the city, "Cruz" is quite maneuverable, there are no problems with parking. The total length of the body is 4.6 meters, the width is -1.48, the height is 1.79 meters.

chevrolet cruz owner reviews

But the clearance is not impressive. On standard alloy wheels, its size is only 14 centimeters. According to the reviews of the owners, the Chevrolet Cruze is very afraid of hillocks and deep holes. This is due not only to ground clearance, but also to low overhangs - the bumper here is simply enormous. In addition, it is very flimsy and can fall off if you carelessly rest against a snowdrift. Yes, the plastic will not crack, but the elementmove away from fixation points.


Inside the car looks more presentable than the Lacetti, and that's a plus. The V-shaped inflated front panel with aluminum inserts looks beautiful. Ergonomics in the car thought out. However, the quality of the finishing materials themselves are not up to par, as the owners' reviews say.

chevrolet cruz reviews

"Chevrolet Cruze" (1.6 including) has hard plastic, which begins to creak over time. But the interior is assembled quite well - all the joints are even, and the stitching on the seats is of high quality. Lots of free space inside. It is enough both front and rear for three passengers. Trunk size - 450 liters. But over time, the button to open the lid begins to "fail". This usually happens on models over four years old.

Power section

Depending on the configuration, this car is equipped with engines of 1, 6-1, 8 liters of the Ecotech series, or a two-liter VCDi engine. All powerplants are petrol and have a 16-valve timing belt.

Chevrolet Cruze

According to the reviews of the owners, the Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 is the most balanced option in terms of power and fuel consumption. But even with the base engine, the car is quite dynamic. Up to a hundred, the car accelerates in 12.5 seconds. But with a two-liter - in 10.3 seconds. As for fuel consumption, this figure ranges from 7.3 to 8.3 liters of the 95th in the combined cycle. The maximum speed is 175-180 kilometers per hour. In general, reviews of these engines are positive. AnyThere are no shortcomings in this particular model. The units require only the replacement of consumables, as well as a belt that wears out after 60 thousand kilometers (it is desirable to change with a roller).


Depending on the configuration, the Chevrolet Cruze can be equipped with a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic. Let's take a look at the manual transmission first. What do the owners' reviews say about the Chevrolet Cruze on the mechanics? Among the problems of this transmission, it is worth noting the drive oil seals.

Chevrolet Cruze owner reviews disadvantages

They often leak and leak oil. They have to be changed once a year or every 30 thousand kilometers. Also, at sub-zero temperatures, first gear does not turn on well. In terms of maintenance, this box is unpretentious. Every 100 thousand it requires an oil change. In general, the owners' feedback on the Chevrolet Cruze on the mechanics is positive. What can not be said about the machine. He's pretty naughty. The first problems appear after 30 thousand kilometers. These are jerks when shifting gears and vibration. Solenoids and valve body have a small resource. The retaining ring of the drum falls apart after 100 thousand kilometers. If the problem is not corrected in time, the remnants of the ring fall into the planetary gears and finally destroy the box. Automatic transmissions are also prone to leaks. Oil comes from the cooling tubes, as well as at the installation site of the gasket between the half-shells of the box.

cruz reviews

As noted by the reviews of the owners, you should not take the Chevrolet Cruze on the machine. More reliable is a five-speed manual transmission. But, as statistics show, modelsafter 2012 with automatic transmission they break less often. Apparently, the manufacturer not only corrected the design, but also eliminated some "jambs" with the automatic transmission.


The car is built on the same base as the Opel Astra J. The front is independent suspension with MacPherson struts. But at the back, instead of a multi-link (as on the Opel), an H-shaped beam is installed. The construction is pretty solid. Basically, according to reviews, the front suspension is satisfactory. So, after 100 thousand kilometers, silent blocks of levers fail.

The brakes on the Cruise are disc brakes. The car responds well to the pedal. The resource of the front pads is about 35 thousand kilometers. The rear ones last twice as long.

chevrolet reviews

Steering - power steering rack. In general, the mechanism is reliable, but reviews note increased noise from the pump. To reduce its noise, experts recommend replacing the power steering fluid.


So, we found out what the Chevrolet Cruze is. The car is quite reliable and unpretentious in maintenance. However, it is not devoid of "childhood diseases." This is a weak paintwork, hard plastic in the cabin and a problematic automatic transmission. If you are considering buying a Chevrolet Cruze sedan, you should pay attention to versions with manual transmission or choose options younger than 2012 on the machine.

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