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Chevrolet Lacetti car: owner reviews
Chevrolet Lacetti car: owner reviews

"Chevrolet Lacetti" (Chevrolet Lacetti) - a car that is very popular. Car owners leave a lot of positive feedback about the Chevrolet Lacetti. What exactly attracts car lovers in it? More on this in this article.

History of the Chevrolet Lacetti

This car belongs to the compact class B, which was created in South Korea by GM Daewoo. Today they continue to produce it with a sedan body in Uzbekistan and China. The 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon are no longer produced.

In Russia, for the entire time of its production, the sedan was the most popular body. Although the car was presented in the back of a hatchback and station wagon. At the moment, this car is being produced, but already under the Ravon brand, and is called the Ravon Gentra model.

chevrolet lacetti reviews

In Russia it is presented only in a sedan body. The car is a mixture of Lacetti in the hatchback body (noticeable by the front optics) and Lacetti in the sedan body (rear optics), but everything remains the same in the cabin.

Characteristic Chevrolet Lacetti

Body style:

  • Hatchback.
  • Universal.
  • Sedan.

Drive and motor location:

  • Front.
  • Front-engined.

Engines (there were several of them, but in our country the most popular were the volume of 1.4 and 1.6 l):

  • 1, 4L, 94HP;
  • 1, 6L, 109 HP;
  • 1, 8L, 122HP;
  • 1.5L 107HP


  • 4-speed automatic transmission;
  • 5-speed manual transmission;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission.

Body length:

  • 4501 mm (saloon);
  • 4295 mm (hatchback);
  • 4580 mm (wagon).

Body width - 1725 mm (for all types).

Body height:

  • 1445 mm (sedan and hatchback);
  • 1501 mm (wagon).

Ground clearance - 145 mm (same for all body types).

black chevrolet

These cars come in different configurations not only for the engine, but also for the cabin. That is, there is a basic one, where there is everything except an air conditioner and a built-in radio, but there is a norm, where everything else comes with air conditioning, and there is a deluxe version with folding side mirrors, a built-in radio, air conditioning, etc. The only thing that is negative is the fact that these machines do not have an elementary on-board computer, and this is a little disappointing.

Fuel consumption Chevrolet Lacetti

Quite often you can meet the question of people who want to buy this car about fuel consumption: is there too much gasolinehave to spend? We found the answer to this question by reading reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti.

red chevrolet

Below will be presented the results in numbers, made on the basis of a survey of car owners. The data is the same for both the sedan and the hatchback. For station wagon body may differ.

  1. Extraurban cycle - 6 l/100 km.
  2. Urban cycle - 6-8.5 l/100 km.
  3. Combined - 7 l/100 km.

But do not forget that the data presented here is conditional and each will be different depending on the driving style, technical condition of the car, etc.

Secondary market

This car is very popular in the secondary market largely due to its reliability. Especially from those who buy it for themselves as their first car or as the first foreign car after the domestic auto industry. Basically, the Chevrolet Lacetti (2008) dominates the market, reviews show that in 10 years, if the car was looked after, nothing should be bad at all.

silver Lacetti

Engines are mostly 1.4 liters, 94 horsepower. There is also 1.6 liters, with a capacity of 109 horsepower, but, as reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti for 1.6 liters say, it is almost the same as 1.4 liters and the difference in 15 horsepower is not particularly felt. On average, the mileage of such cars reaches about 170 thousand to 200 thousand and more.

Here you should be careful, because these cars were in great demand in taxi companies, and check all components and assemblies. Prices dependfrom equipment and condition. The lowest cost on average starts from 150 thousand rubles and sometimes reaches 300 thousand. It should also be noted that the price will vary depending on the region.

Reviews about the car (sedan)

This is one of the most popular foreign cars on the Russian market. Received pretty good reviews from Chevrolet Lacetti owners as well as experts. All thanks to the simplicity and good maintainability. As mentioned above, if we consider all the reviews about the Chevrolet Lacetti, then the car seems ideal, especially for those who want their first foreign car. In general, reviews are the same everywhere for all body types. But there are also small differences. Let's start with the sedan. Of the pluses, almost all drivers are in solidarity with each other:

  • Price and accessories of the machine. Even now, when GM has left Russia, it will not be difficult to find spare parts.
  • Reliability, which is a definite plus for our country.
  • Dynamics and efficiency.
  • The trunk is roomy. Under the floor there is a wheel, a jack, towing, a spray can, an emergency gang, for example, and many more similar and useful car little things, there is also a lot of space on top.
  • The car is quite stable, the steering wheel obeys your movements well, allows you to feel the turn at any speed, the rolls are reasonable, the car does not fall off in turns.
  • The ground clearance is quite decent, the overhang of the bumpers is quite high, which makes it possible not to particularly cling to curbs and snowdrifts in winter.
  • The standard audio system is pretty solid, with an output for 4speakers located in the doors, and sometimes on tweeters. Unfortunately, not available in all configurations.
Chevrolet Lacetti

However, in addition to the pluses, everything has a number of drawbacks, including this car:

  1. The salon is sweating. If you have a car without air conditioning, you will have to solve the problem with open windows or installing air conditioning.
  2. The lack of steering wheel adjustment for reach, which is due to the budget of such a foreign car.
  3. Large side pillars that can make the view look somewhat truncated.
  4. Car size is a bit long.
  5. Bad noise isolation.
  6. Bad heating system - a rather weak stove, because of which the car has to warm up for a very long time. This problem is rather difficult to solve. Someone is saved by installing a regular cardboard box.
  7. In winter, the car cools down quickly, it does not keep heat well.
  8. Increased gas mileage in winter is due to a poorly functioning stove.
  9. Valve cover gaskets wear out quickly, and this is a "disease" of these machines.
  10. The paintwork is not good enough.

Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon reviews

In principle, the "Lacetti" station wagon is not particularly different from the sedan, only the trunk. Trunk volume is no different from a sedan, but if you fold the rear seats, you get quite a decent volume. Roof rails are also installed on all station wagons. This is where the differences end.

Lacetti body

Pros in itthe same as in the sedan, but there are more minuses, which is clear from the reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti (station wagon). To those disadvantages that the sedan has, another weak engine is added specifically for this body.

Hatchback Body Reviews

Reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback differ little from the sedan and station wagon. Here, all the pros and cons are almost the same. According to reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti (hatchback), if you have a special sports version of the hatchback, then the body kit will greatly interfere with you, which reduces the already not very high ground clearance. Another negative is a slightly poorly made rear view.

Making a general conclusion from the reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti, we can safely say that the car is quite good and, most importantly, reliable for driving on domestic roads. Cons for this price category can be considered insignificant, so you can buy this car without a doubt in any body you like.

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