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Fuel system: components and operation

Fuel system: components and operation
Fuel system: components and operation

The fuel system supplies fuel to the car's engine. It is necessary for the car to move. This system cleans and supplies gasoline to the engine, prepares, directs the mixture into the engine cylinders. In different operating modes, the engine consumes a composition of gasoline that is different in quality and quantity. Here we will consider what this system is for, what nodes it consists of.

There are two types of engines:

- injection, which since 1986. most applicable in production. In them, the computer monitors fuel injection and controls the operation of the engine. This technology has reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions of harmful substances into the environment. The method is based on a nozzle that opens and closes with an electrical signal.

- carburetor. In them, the process of mixing gasoline with oxygen occurs mechanically. This system is quite simple, but requires frequent adjustment and overhaul.

The fuel system of a car consists of mechanisms such as:

Fuel system

- fuel lines;

- fuel filter;

- injection system;

- sensor indicating the remaining fuel;

- fuel pump;

- fuel tank.

The fuel system of a diesel engine and a gasoline engine has the same structure. Only injection technologies differ significantly.

Fuel lines are used to move fuel throughout the vehicle system. There are two types of them: drain and supply. The main volume of the fuel of the system is located in the feeder and the required pressure is created. Unused gasoline is drained back to the tank.

Vehicle fuel system

The fuel filter is used to clean the fuel. A pressure reducing valve is built into it, which is designed to regulate the pressure in the entire fuel system. From the valve, excess fuel enters the drain pipe. If the car has a direct injection system, then there is no valve in the fuel filter.

The filter of diesel engines has a different design, while the principle of operation remains unchanged.

Diesel fuel system

Replacement of the filter is carried out after a certain mileage of the car or after the time of use.

The injection system creates the necessary mixture when fuel is supplied, enriches it with oxygen in the right volume and quantity.

The sensor located in the fuel tank indicates the amount of fuel. It consists of a potentiometer and a float. When the volume of fuel changes, the float changes its location, this moves the potentiometer, as a result of which we see changes in the fuel remaining indicator on the sensor in the car cabin.

Support of the required pressure in the system occurs due to the operation of the fuelpump. It is equipped with an electric drive and is mounted in the tank itself. Sometimes an additional booster pump is installed.

The entire fuel supply is in the fuel tank and ensures the smooth operation of the car.

The fuel system needs cleaning as it is prone to contamination. Cleaning reduces fuel consumption, increases engine life, accelerates driving dynamics, increases machine speed, reduces emissions of toxic substances.

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