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Road transport

Road transport
Road transport

Even at the beginning of the last century, people bred horses in order to move from one point to another, and now the white-maned horse has been replaced with a pile of iron. In turn, horse racing has become a common form of entertainment.

automobile transport

A car is what both old and young dream about now. Unaware that all these devices for movement spoil the he alth of each of us, polluting the environment, their number is growing more and more every day. And that is why at the moment we cannot imagine our life without road transport. However, it includes not only a personal car. So what is it?

Road transport includes all types of transport that do not move on rails, carry various types of cargo or passengers. Now the profession of a logistician has become very common, such popularity was brought to it directly by road transport. It is on its basis that logisticians develop the most appropriate types of transportation, whether it is the delivery of goods for trade or construction, international transportation or industrial.

Today, automotivetransport of the world is a very important figure in any sector of the economy. After all, all products that require fast delivery depend to a greater extent on him, these can be perishable, valuable goods that cannot be transported using another mode of transport.

road transport in Russia

Thus, with the advent of cars, the organization of cargo delivery from the producer to the consumer has become the most accessible, which contributes to the development of economic sectors to a large extent. Continuous improvement of transport methods improves service and has a positive effect on increasing profits. Consequently, road transport occupies a significant place among the vehicles that are engaged in the transport of goods. Due to the greatest availability, its role is constantly growing. However, it should be noted that road transport in Russia is not as developed as in Western countries. This is due to the fact that the transportation of goods by car is possible only over short distances and, compared with seventy-five percent of the cargo turnover in foreign countries, in Russia it accounts for only seven percent of the total cargo turnover of the country.

world road transport

Since there is a huge problem in the development of the road network and their operation in Russia, road transport cannot increase the percentage of freight traffic. Despite all this, the number of cars, including trucks, is constantly growing and is presented not only by domestic, but also by foreign brands. Thus the role of othersmodes of transport is significantly reduced. Road transport today is a huge competitor to rail transport, which was the most common way back in the nineteenth century.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite the fact that the development of road transport is an important sign of the development of technological and civilizational progress, as well as the economy and management system, let's not forget that it pollutes the environment. And this is no less a problem to be solved.

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