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Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - owner reviews

Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - owner reviews
Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - owner reviews

Reliability, spaciousness and ease of operation - all these qualities you will find in the Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon, proven over the years. The car has won many fans among motorists and is a top seller.

Owner reviews in favor of the Lacetti station wagon. Good points

Value for money makes the Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon very popular. Owner reviews testify to the high quality of the car. According to the owners of this machine, the benefits include:

  • The low price of the car, which allows you to purchase it for cash or on credit. The manufacturer supports official dealers, so when buying a car, you can get a gift, for example, winter tires or a year of service from OD.
  • Lacetti station wagon
  • Durability Lacetti station wagon. Feedback from car owners suggests that almost nothing breaks over a long service life. Only consumables and stabilizer struts are subject to replacement.
  • Small consumption of gasoline. The car is ideal for the city and consumes 9.5-10.5 liters on the highwayfuel consumption is 7.5 liters. It is used for a car with 95th gasoline or good 92nd, but with the latter, acceleration dynamics decreases and fuel costs increase.
  • Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon owner reviews
  • Good security. All configurations of the Lacetti wagon are endowed with five belts and two airbags, anti-lock brakes, a child safety lock on the rear doors, a central lock with remote control, an audible alarm that works when the doors are open, the hood and luggage compartment are open.
  • Good soundproofing. You can carry on a conversation without raising your voice at speeds over 100 km/h.
  • Medium pendant. The Lacetti station wagon does not heel when cornering, it runs smoothly over small bumps. In the pits, the car does not shake, there is no noise and squeak.
  • Convenient climate control. There is a de-icing function, which in 30 seconds. cleans the windshield. Information about the temperature outside and inside the car is written on the scoreboard. Information about turning on the air conditioner or heater is also displayed.

Negative reviews

The owners of the Lacetti station wagon identified the following shortcomings of the car:

  • The luggage compartment is not very small, but when transporting bulky cargo, it is difficult to load it.
  • Lacetti station wagon reviews
  • Velor flooring in the cabin gives warmth in winter, and does not heat up in summer, but it looks sloppy. If you run your hand over the surface, then the materialchanges its color.
  • Wide A-pillars create poor visibility. This makes it difficult for pedestrians to see from the left side, with a small driver's height, you have to stretch your neck.
  • No fuel consumption information.
  • When you turn on the climate control and direct the air flow to the windows, the air conditioner automatically starts.

In general, the Lacetti station wagon is a comfortable, powerful and functional car. Ideal for daily trips with a family or a large group.

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