Honda Civic coupe: specifications, review and reviews

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Honda Civic coupe: specifications, review and reviews
Honda Civic coupe: specifications, review and reviews

Honda Civic Coupe is a small Honda car produced from 1972 to the present. Until 2000, the model belonged to the subcompact class, later - to the compact one. Over the entire period of production, ten generations of the Honda Civic Coupe were produced. The car is available in the following body styles: hatchback, sedan, coupe, station wagon and liftback.

Short description

For 46 years, ten generations of the Honda Civic Coupe have been produced. The last coupe was released in 2015. Sports versions are also produced, designated Type R. The main feature by which the regular version can be distinguished from the sports one is the company logo located on a bright red background instead of gray.

Hybrid version of "Honda Civic" is available from 2008 to the present. The car is equipped with a 15 kW engine, only the front-wheel drive sedan version is available.

Honda Civic si coupe
Honda Civic si coupe


Updated Honda Civic SICoupe is equipped with a 2.3-liter engine and 201 horsepower. Depending on the configuration, both a six-speed manual and a five-speed automatic transmission are installed on the car. The SI model was produced only with front-wheel drive.

Honda Civic 7 Coupe is a seventh generation model produced from 2001 to 2003. The car was equipped with a 90 horsepower engine in the base configuration and a 200 horsepower engine in the top configuration. Engine displacement ranged from 1.4 liters to two liters. Like the SI model, the car was equipped exclusively with front-wheel drive, manual and automatic transmissions.

Honda Civic Coupe 2000 was the sixth generation car, technically almost the same as the seventh generation model. The maximum engine power of the sixth generation was 200 horsepower. The car differs from its predecessor only in appearance, another name for the car is Honda Civic 6 Coupe.

honda civic 6 coupe
honda civic 6 coupe

Review of the current model

During its production, the car has undergone many changes, so it's worth talking about the most successful generation - the last one. Outwardly, the Honda Civic no longer resembles its predecessors, except for the company logo.

The interior of the car has been completely transformed. The steering wheel of the car has become more attractive and functional. Now it has control buttons for some car functions. The dashboard looks nothing likeone another, and the electronic components are separated by plastic panels.

Large touch screen fits perfectly into the interior of the car. It makes up almost the entire center console. Below are small but functional climate control buttons.

The latest generation is equipped only with an automatic transmission, the lever of which is conveniently located below the center console. On the sides of it are the door lock buttons, as well as the buttons for automatic adjustment of the front seats.

The top equipment of the car offers buyers leather trim, everything, seats, ceiling and doors are upholstered in leather. Metal inserts look fresh and attractive, adding to the uniqueness of the car.

honda civic si interior
honda civic si interior

Honda lineup

Honda produces many cars of all classes, including both cars and trucks. Today the company offers the following:

  • "Civic";
  • "Chord";
  • "Clarity";
  • "Cross Tour" (crossover);
  • CR-V (SUV);
  • "Insight" and many others.

Prices for the company's cars are slightly below the market average, due to which the company's sales are at a stable level. The company's most expensive production car is the Honda Civic Type R. Depending on the model, the average cost is $40,000, which, in terms of rubles, is about 2,600,000.

honda civic 7 coupe
honda civic 7 coupe

Honda Civic coupe reviews

Depending on the generation, each car has its advantages and disadvantages. The latest generation is the most successful due to the fact that the manufacturer took into account all the mistakes of past generations, thereby making the model closer to the ideal.

The main advantage and disadvantage at the same time is a rigid suspension. Thanks to her, the car keeps perfectly on the road. Even at high speed the driver does not feel any discomfort. A small fuel consumption cannot but rejoice - the car is considered quite economical. Cheap spare parts and consumables are also a plus of the car. A slight slope of the windshield can save the driver from stones and other objects. Even the twenty-year-old model is equipped with heated mirrors that can fold.

The disadvantages of the Honda Civic Coupe include poor sound insulation. Due to the dimensions of the body, the turning radius of the vehicle is too large. Due to the small ground clearance (clearance) landing and disembarking is not very comfortable. Also because of this, the car is considered an unsuccessful choice for operation on Russian roads. The trunk is not that small, rather narrow, but the manufacturer took care of this, so the latest generation model received a wider trunk. The suspension is a bit harsh, which is a significant drawback for Russian roads.

honda civic 2000 coupe
honda civic 2000 coupe


"Honda Civic" is a car with decent technicalcharacteristics, however, on the street they are no longer surprised. The boring design makes the car not the best choice in terms of appearance, which cannot be said about the latest generation. The Honda Civic turned out to be quite attractive due to the addition of new elements, as well as the modernization of older generations. Now the car stands out noticeably from the stream and is even able to compete with other cars in its class.