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"Mercedes Classic Sprinter" - why is it?

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"Mercedes Classic Sprinter" - why is it?
"Mercedes Classic Sprinter" - why is it?

For more than 18 years, cars bearing the proud name "Mercedes Classic Sprinter" have been driving on the roads of Europe. However, only the owners of these vehicles, as well as the engineers of Daimler service centers, whose brainchild is the trademark, know the middle of the names Mercedes The average user has seen the company circle on the hood and a modest postscript on the back of the car more than once.

mercedes classic sprinter

During its long life, this car went through more than one modification, the release of various versions, but all cars differed in one characteristic feature - the price. But, as you know, you have to pay for quality, as well as for the brand. And judging by the reviews of the owners of this van, the price is most often justified, and the car is able to compete with minibuses from other manufacturers. Although a large number of all kinds of cars were assembled on the basis of this van, they all bore one common name - "Mercedes Classic Sprinter". It is about this model and its modern use that our brief review will be.


To begin with, let's figure out why, when buying a car, you should still pay attention to the "Sprinter". Note that Mercedes also has other vans, but despite this, the engineers have not refused to work on new versions of the old car for all these 18 years. However, in 2013, the engineers made a "knight's move", but more on that later.

mercedes sprinter classic passenger

One of the key features of this model is the movement of a large number of passengers or cargo. Thanks to this, Mercedes has taken a leading position in the enterprises involved in the transportation of people. It is of particular interest for large families and firms, as a personal or corporate transport.

The 2.2L engine and five-speed gearbox have long proven themselves as reliable and efficient options. It is worth noting that the Mercedes equipment, even in the basic version, often surpasses luxury options from other manufacturers.

mercedes sprinter classic price

However, you should not think that the "Mercedes Sprinter Classic" is a passenger minibus and nothing more. For 18 years, developers have produced many cars that did not even have an all-metal van, but nevertheless, they were also classified as this class. Thanks to the 109 hp engine. and a side door, the width of which is 1.2 m, "Sprinter" has found application as a purely cargo van. Large second door, hinged double doors at the back allow you to transportvarious cargoes. If you agree to sacrifice the cargo area, then an additional partition is installed in the cabin, and you get a cargo-passenger "Mercedes Classic Sprinter", where some people can sit in front (a sofa for 2 seats next to the driver), and some in the cabin.

New generations

The enduring glory of the "Sprinter" forced the developers to postpone the development of other vans several times. The Sprinter itself has gone through several serious modifications, allowing them to be called not just another update, but a new generation. True, according to the latest official data, Sprinter will soon leave Germany, and the assembly will move overseas - to Argentina. But Russian consumers should not worry too much. In 2013, the Germans signed an agreement with the GAZ group, and new cars will be assembled in Nizhny Novgorod. As far as it will meet the legendary "Sprinter", we will find out very soon. So far, according to the plant, YaMZ will be installed on the car, and a wide range of bodies will be greatly reduced. Two modifications have been announced - a 20-seater "minibus" and an all-metal cargo van.

Pricing policy

Based on the realities of Russian production, we can expect a reduction in the price of new cars. In fact, the buyer will be offered the difficult task of choosing between a used, but German car, or a new domestic assembly. If for a car in 2012 they ask for 1.5-1.7 million rubles, then for the new Mercedes Sprinter Classic the price will be around 1.8 million for the minibus option. van canbe cheaper.


Despite the fact that the first van left the factory almost 20 years ago, this car is still very popular. Minibus, covered truck, car for a large family - you can list for a long time. And this version of the van deserves many years of production and life (of course, with the appropriate modifications) - after all, this is the Mercedes Classic Sprinter.

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