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Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters): technical characters, photo

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Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters): technical characters, photo
Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters): technical characters, photo

Moped "Alfa" (110 cubic meters) belongs to the category of vehicles that became widely popular with domestic consumers back in the days of the USSR. Modern models have a brighter exterior, better ergonomics and a modernized design. The moped in question is made in China, has good characteristics, which we will discuss in more detail later.

moped alpha 110 cube


Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters) does not look like low-powered scooters with plastic body kits. It has a large wheel diameter, an enlarged front fork, some parts are made of chrome-plated metal. The resemblance to the motorcycle adds the original seat and mirrors.

For its category, the equipment in question has solid dimensions. For convenience, wide footpegs are provided, and the unique shape of the muffler has become one of the distinguishing elements. You can also note the informative dashboard, side metal arcs that provide additional security.

Alpha moped engine (110 cu.)

This modification has a four-stroke power unit, the volume of which is 110 cubic centimeters. Cooling at the motor - air type.Due to the design features, the power plant has a high rate of dynamics.

The Alfa moped (110 cubic meters) starts with an electric starter, which is powered by the engine. There is a backup possibility of switching the start mode to kickstarter. The volume of the fuel tank is enough for 200 kilometers without refueling, AI-95 brand is used as fuel.

moped alpha 110 cubes

Technical indicators

Despite the fact that the unit is made in China, it has quite serious parameters and good build quality. Below is the characteristic of the Alpha moped (110 cubic meters):

  • Brake system - drum type front and rear.
  • The power of the power plant is 7 horsepower.
  • Turns - 5, 5 thousand revolutions per minute.
  • The scooter comes standard with alloy wheels and a tachometer.
  • Transmission unit - four speeds.
  • Shock absorbers - spring elements at the rear and hydraulic system at the front.
  • Capacity rating - 120kg or two people.
  • Weight - 80 kg.
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km is about 2 liters.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 4 liters.
  • Dimensions - 1840/520/1002 mm.
  • Tyre type - 2, 5/2, 75.
  • Rims - 17 inches.


Moped "Alfa" (110 cubic meters) is equipped with a comfortable seat, its characteristics are superior to many similar models from other manufacturers. In addition, the following advantages can be notedtechnique:

  • Voluminous and reliable trunk.
  • The unit actively and confidently overcomes steep slopes, largely due to the informative four-speed gearbox and larger wheels.
  • Dual launch system.
  • High reliability and performance of the power unit.
  • High level of driver and passenger seating comfort.
  • Instrument panel with all the necessary set of sensors, the readings of which are visible even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Presence of safety arcs.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Availability of consumables and parts.
characteristics of the moped alpha 110 cubes

Disadvantages and price

Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters) has certain disadvantages, which are much less than advantages. Disadvantages include:

  • Not suitable handlebar width for all users.
  • There is no forced cooling of the engine, as a result of which it is prone to overheating during long-term operation.
  • The drum brake system is not very reliable.
  • Manual shift control is rough when shifting.

In the domestic market, a new model can be bought at a price of around 30-40 thousand rubles. A used modification is available to purchase much cheaper, but in this case, you should carefully check the main working units for serviceability and reliability.


The owners of the device in question to the main advantageare an excellent combination of price and quality indicators. Along with the availability of spare parts and low-cost service, consumers note the original informative dashboard, good traction, cross-country ability, easy control, as well as economy and quite a solid load capacity.

Among the negative points is a low quality finishing material that is subject to darkening over time. Owners also do not rank wheel tires among the advantages of a scooter. Otherwise, users are satisfied with this unit, which, if desired, can also be further tuned.

Alfa 110cc moped engine


Moped "Alpha" (110 cubic meters) has an original design and decent technical parameters. He is a prominent representative of light two-wheeled motor vehicles. In addition, the scooter is practical, capable of transporting more than 100 kilograms of cargo or an adult passenger. Given the affordable price of equipment, we can say that the considered model is one of the best in its class, presented on the domestic market.

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