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Dodge Caliber: review, specifications, reviews

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Dodge Caliber: review, specifications, reviews
Dodge Caliber: review, specifications, reviews

In 2006, one of the most popular American Dodge hatchbacks was released. It is easy to guess that we are talking about the Dodge Caliber, which conquered millions of US residents with its simplicity and versatility. The car has many advantages, but it is also criticized quite often. Technical characteristics and reviews of the owners now we will consider.

dodge caliber r/t

SUV or hatchback?

When the car first appeared on the US market, many buyers were confused. The thing is that when you look at the Dodge Caliber, there is an ambiguous impression. From the outside it is an SUV, but in terms of its characteristics - a hatchback. Some automotive critics tend to think that the car is completely unsuccessful from a design point of view. But when you look at sales volumes and consumer reviews, the situation is reversed.

Today, cars that can be considered universal are much more valuable. Easilyovercome rough terrain and at the same time have a large luggage compartment - this is exactly what many of us need. All this can be obtained behind the wheel of the Dodge Caliber. The reviews of most owners of this car are positive, but the car is considered illiquid. It is inexpensive, but it is extremely difficult to sell it.

white "Caliber"

Brutality in everything

The aggressive appearance of the car is the quality that is inherent in all Dodge models. Caliber is no exception. Take a look at it: a wide and large radiator grille with intersecting chrome inserts catches the eye. In the center is the company logo - bighorn, but most people call it simply "ram". Body lines are chopped and simple. Thanks to this simplicity and angularity, the American car is immediately recognizable. The wide wheel arches allow for a larger tire radius, which will appeal to many.

Salon "Caliber"

Clearance of 20 centimeters allows you to move with confidence not only on the roadway of poor quality, but also where there is no asph alt at all. But with the review there is trouble, which is confirmed by numerous driver reviews. Dodge Caliber has reduced windows, and the hood is located slightly above the level of the wings. This will definitely take some getting used to. But this can hardly be called a serious drawback, because today many cars have narrowed windows. Take for example the Chrysler 300C or the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Dodge Caliber Specifications

From launch to completion, the manufacturer offered two engines to choose from:

  • gasoline engine 1.8 liters with a capacity of 150 "horses". Torque is 168 Nm, and acceleration to hundreds in 11.8 seconds. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 7.3 liters. The power unit is installed in tandem with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox;
  • 2.0 liter petrol engine. The engine produces only 151 hp. with., but the pulling force is slightly higher and is already 190 Nm. Fuel consumption is slightly higher, about 8.5 liters in the combined cycle. But this is mainly due to the fact that the internal combustion engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic.

It can hardly be said that the choice here is great. It is quite modest, but such power units are quite enough for a comfortable ride in a metropolis due to low fuel consumption and over rough terrain, which is facilitated by a torque of 190 Nm. Engines and gearboxes showed their best side. With proper maintenance, they go long enough.

Let's look inside

Perhaps it is the interior of American cars among experts that most often deserves the most criticism. The fact is that the Dodge has hard plastic, which, according to drivers, creaks very often. At the same time, the dashboard itself is made with high quality and competently. Everything looks good and is in its place. There are no unnecessary functions and options, but there is everything you need. The armrest is comfortable and wide, the cupholders are located in the most convenientlocation.

Everything is done extremely simply, but at the same time correctly, without unnecessary pathos and emphasis on high cost. At the same time, there are comfortable seats with many settings. The rear can even be set at a certain angle, which will allow you to travel long distances without getting tired. The backstage of the manual transmission is located very conveniently, it is slightly shifted towards the radio and is, as it were, on the rise of the tunnel. If you fold all the seats, we get 1013 liters of net volume, but in the classic form, only 413. The audio system is pleasantly surprising. Very high quality sound, regardless of configuration.

caliber SRT4

SRT tuning Dodge Caliber

In the US, many drivers turn to Street and Racing Technologies, which specializes in tuning. I visited boxing and Caliber. After experts put their hands on it, the car has changed significantly in appearance. For example, a diffuser appeared on the rear bumper. Therefore, "Dodge" has become somewhat closer to racing cars. The radiator grille was made even wider. Additional holes appeared in the bumper for improved airflow not only for the cooling system, but also for the brakes.

Specialists SRT installed a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine under the hood. The pistons for the power unit were made cast, and the connecting rods were forged. Naturally, the fuel system was also changed, in particular, a new injector and ECU were installed. At the output, we managed to get 295 liters. With. and about 390 Nm of torque. A very good result, since initially the motor hasonly 170 liters. With. Least of all changes affected the cabin. The only thing that immediately catches your eye is more comfortable seats with lateral support.

vehicle interior

Reviews from motorists

As noted above, reviews are mixed. Most of the owners are satisfied, but even they highlight certain shortcomings of the model. Often the attention is focused on the high cost of components. But there is also an advantage - a high resource of parts. If a factory shock absorber costs several thousand more than a similar one for a Japanese car, then it goes about 30% more. This applies to many elements of engine and suspension systems. The test drive of the Dodge Caliber once again confirms that the car is worthy for its price. But don't expect too much from her.

Worth taking?

Since the production of the model was closed in 2011, now only a used model can be purchased on the market. To do it or not is everyone's business. But you need to understand that selling this car is not so simple. In addition, when buying, you should pay attention to the chassis, because its repair will be expensive. This also applies to the gearbox. The motors are practically indestructible, but you still need to measure the compression. If you come across an SRT4 option at an attractive price, then it is definitely worth stopping by. But you will have to invest in any case. For example, it is advisable to immediately replace the timing in order to avoid problems with the engine.

useful options


Dodge Caliber, which we reviewed in this article, isa great car for those who appreciate simplicity and comfort. The machine is reliable and durable, the body is galvanized and does not corrode if it does not have damage to the paintwork. Engines with proper maintenance before overhaul run an average of 300-350 thousand kilometers. Boxes are somewhat smaller - about 250-280 thousand. As for the chassis, the first expenses await the owner only after a run of 100,000 kilometers.

As noted above, components are not always cheap, and often some rare sensors will have to wait several weeks. But the high resource of parts is worth it. True, you can sell a car only if it is in excellent condition. Although it is not certain that you will want to sell this aggressive American hatchback.

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