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Ford car: an overview of some models

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Ford car: an overview of some models
Ford car: an overview of some models

Ford was founded by the great designer Henry Ford. He was the first to obtain permission to own automobile property, and his first Ford car struck all buyers. In 1902, the Ford Motor Co. was officially incorporated. Sales in the first year amounted to more than one thousand vehicles, which guaranteed an incredible success.

Ford's owner was obsessed with the idea of ​​building a car that would have a low cost (which would help lower the price for consumers) but still be great at long distances. It was decided to create a compact car, which consisted of only three parts: the engine, axles and frame. This move made the company famous all over the world. Ford is now the world's second largest.

Ford Fiesta 3-Door

The Ford Fiesta car is presented in two versions: original and restyled. The last one was released to the world in 2012.

Appearance, or rather, the “face” is the first thing that catches your eye. Especially if the buyer is familiar with the original version.The changes affected the grille, bumper, lights and hood. But all the most noticeable modifications that have been applied to the exterior are limited to this. In the cabin, everything also remained as before, the only thing is that the instrument panel has been slightly modified.

Complete sets were released three. The basic set included a standard set: airbags, air conditioning, braking system. It is also worth noting that in this version, the car is equipped with a function that warns the driver about a collision.

car ford

Ford Fiesta 5 doors

The sixth generation Ford Fiesta was released in 2012. The premiere of the restyled version took place in Paris.

The appearance of the car has changed a bit. Firstly, the radiator grill has taken exactly the form that the buyer has already fallen in love with in other versions. Secondly, the front bumper, hood and LED optics have also changed their design. In the cabin, you won’t be able to see the modifications, because there are none. All that has been changed there are some buttons on the panel.

The restyled version mainly differs in technical characteristics. Most of the units, along with this car, were no longer supplied to the European market. Now it will be possible to purchase a Fiesta with an atmospheric and turbocharged engine.

2013 Ford Mustang

The Mustang first appeared in 2013, but the start of sales that followed the premiere did not extend to European outlets. The Ford car got there already in 2014. During this period, the legendary carcelebrated its anniversary (50 years), so in appearance there are more elements from the original version. However, the firm's designers still tried to make the exterior dynamic, modern and attractive.

The wheelbase of the car also remained the same. The main dimensions have changed: the width has increased by 38 mm, and the height has decreased by 36 mm. For better handling and stability, a new suspension has been introduced. And under the hood you can see one of 3 engines: 3, 7-, 5-, 2, 3-liter. The latter is new for this model; its power is 309 liters. s.

ford transit

Ford Transit Courier

For the first time, the Ford Courier was born in 2013. She became the latest in the line from this company, which received a standard appearance. I mean the radiator grille. It is, in fact, the main element by which you can understand that the car is from Ford (except for the logo).

The engine is designed for 1 liter. Standard equipment includes 8 airbags, a multimedia system, etc.

ford fiesta

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect was introduced in 2012. Among the brand names from the company you can see the grille, bumper and body design.

There are two types of models on the market: short and long wheelbase. The unit is set to 1 and 1.6 liters. All of them work together with an automatic transmission. The motor is relatively ecological, it consumes little fuel.

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