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0W40 oil: characteristics and reviews

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0W40 oil: characteristics and reviews
0W40 oil: characteristics and reviews

The weather can be unpredictable. Car drivers are increasingly faced with the need to fill the engine with universal type oil. It is intended for use in hot or cold weather. In order for the unit to work efficiently both in frost and heat, 0W40 oil is used.

This consumable is produced by many large companies. The presented standard has a number of special characteristics. What features the presented oil has, you need to consider in more detail.

General characteristics

Engine oil 0W40 is designed to protect the engine from wear and premature failure. It removes excess heat from rubbing mechanisms. Also, this product covers all metal surfaces with a thin film. It provides good sliding of rubbing elements, prolonging their operation.

0w40 oil

Also presented materials protect the motor from corrosion. They remove carbon deposits, dirt and soot from the engine system. These particles are suspended in the oil. Over time, they accumulate. Grease changes color to dark, dirtyshade. In this case, it is necessary to make a replacement. Otherwise, the grease will no longer be able to hold contaminants in itself. They will settle on metal surfaces, causing microscopic damage to parts.

It is the correct choice of engine oil that determines the easy start of the engine in cold weather, as well as the absence of overheating in the summer. Previously, manufacturers supplied the market with oils intended exclusively for the warm or cold season. Today, vehicle owners are acquiring versatile products. They are designed for use in both hot and cold weather.

There are different lubricants for every specific operating condition. The full operation of the motor, as well as its durability, depends on the correctness of their choice.

For the engine of your car, you must use only the oil recommended by the manufacturer. If you want to change the lubricant to another variety, you should choose a composition with a similar set of additives. Products from different manufacturers may conflict with each other. This causes abnormal motor performance.

Viscosity index

One of the most important indicators of 0W40 oil, the characteristics of which are taken into account when choosing, is its viscosity grade. Most often, this parameter is specified in accordance with the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard. It was this association that was the first to propose a classification of oils in terms of viscosity class. It releases only 6 winter and 5 summer lubricants.

In accordance with this technique, allocatethree types of viscosity. There is winter, summer and all-weather oil. The first category has the letter "W" in its markings. The number next to it indicates the permissible limit at which the product is operated.

Oil 0w40

Summer lubricants do not have letters in the marking. They only have a number. It indicates the upper limit of viscosity. For universal formulations, the lower viscosity limit is indicated first, and then the upper one. 0W40 oil is quite fluid, which allows you to start the engine at very low temperatures. Its upper viscosity limit indicates the engine's ability to operate at high temperatures.

In other words, the oil of the presented viscosity grade is suitable for severe winters and hot summers. For a hot southern climate, it is necessary to purchase products with a high level of viscosity. This will keep a thin film of lubricant on the parts even in extreme heat.


Engine oil 0W40, 5W40 is designed for use in the climatic conditions of our country. It withstands severe frosts. It's a pretty thin lubricant. Thick varieties are designed for use at high temperatures. Under these conditions, the lubricant becomes more fluid and can completely fly off the mechanisms and parts. In this case, dry areas are formed, which will be destroyed by friction.

Oil of viscosity grade 0W40 can ensure normal engine operation in winter at temperatures up to -40 ºС, and in summer - up to +35 ºС. This indicator also depends on the manufacturer. Each company uses a specific setingredients for making butter. Therefore, the main characteristics may vary slightly between manufacturers of different formulations.

Oil Lukoil 0w40

However, the main benefits remain in each type of oil. This class of lubricants is manufactured in accordance with the highest requirements of global vehicle manufacturers. This product has good performance. It saves fuel consumption. High performance depends on the composition of the oil, as well as its additives.


0W40 oil is produced according to a certain technology. All such products are conditionally divided into several categories according to the composition of the base. A special set of additives is added to it. The base can be mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic.

In the first version, oil is processed by distillation and refining. Such a base is used to make cheap varieties of oils that need to be changed quite often. It is used for old-style engine systems. For viscosity grade 0W40, the mineral base is not used in its pure form. It is combined with synthetics. This increases the cost of the product, but also improves its performance.

Synthetics are created on the basis of artificial components. Such products allow for high fluidity of the oil. Synthetics 0W40 ensures stable operation of the motor even at very low temperatures. The product has a low evaporation rate. This is what ensures the ability of the lubricant to fulfill the assignedfunctions on it even in the heat.

Oil 0w40 specifications

Synthetics are also resistant to oxidation and waxing. These characteristics can significantly extend the period of application of the oil. This type of lubricant is the best suited for the loaded operating conditions of the engine on the roads of large cities.

Semi-synthetics combines the qualities of both types of lubricants. This base is chosen for the manufacture of lubricants for medium engine loads.

Shell Oil

Experts conducted experiments on a variety of indicators that characterize popular motor oils. Brands such as Mobil, Castrol, Shell, etc. took part in the testing.

Synthetic oil 0w40

When conducting research in the winter, it was found that Shell 0W40 oil has approvals from almost all modern vehicle manufacturers. It provides excellent protection against various types of debris. There is no other oil in this category that cleans the engine so well. This is achieved thanks to a unique set of additives.

Due to its balanced viscosity characteristics, Shell 0W40 oil saves up to 1.9% more gasoline than other types of lubricants. It protects moving parts from corrosion and wear. The highly scientific production formula allows the engine to be started even at the lowest temperatures.

The presented oil is designed for gasoline, diesel andgas engines. It is also used for engines that run on biodiesel or gasoline-ethanol blends.

Negative reviews include opinions about the high cost of such products (4 liters costs about 2200 rubles), and car owners also blame frequent fakes.

Lukoil oil

Lukoil 0W40 engine oil also receives a lot of positive feedback from motorists. This quality composition is made on a synthetic basis. Therefore, its cost is quite high (4 liters will cost about 1900 rubles).

This product has excellent performance. According to expert reviews, the oil has good detergent qualities. It does not need to be changed frequently. For high loads of big city conditions, it is ideal. The engine starts in winter even at -40 ºС. The motor is stable and efficient. Its power is increasing.

Engine oil 0w40

The oil contains special additives that protect the car system from corrosion and destruction. Thanks to low burn-in rates, all parts are reliably protected. Dirt and soot can remain suspended for a long time.

Due to its special characteristics, this product is recommended for use by many car manufacturers. It is more suitable for new foreign foreign cars. For old domestic cars, this product is not recommended.

Mobil 1 oil

Mobil 1 engine oil (0W40) is characterized by a fairly acceptablecost. A standard 4 liter canister will cost about 1,700 rubles. It is allowed to be used for both foreign and domestic new cars.

During testing, it was found that the oil solidifies at a temperature of -49 ºС. Such viscosity characteristics allow you to start the engine in severe frosts. The technical characteristics laid down by the manufacturer in this product allow it to be used even in conditions of northern latitudes.

Oil Mobil 1 0w40

This is a general purpose lubricant. It allows you to provide a fairly good cooling system in the hot season.

The product shows good washing qualities. However, when the engine was opened after testing, a certain amount of soot was found on the pistons. At this price point, users expect better cleaning performance.

Motul oil

The Mobil 0W40 engine oil discussed above is similar in many respects to a product of the same viscosity class called Motul. This lubricant is universal. It is suitable for application both at low temperatures (-48 ºС) and in hot weather.

The product is available in 5 liter cans. Their cost is about 2500 rubles. Acceptable cost makes the product popular among drivers. It can be poured into the engine of both foreign and domestic cars.

It is also noted for its energy-saving and washing qualities. In almost all areas of testing, this lubricant showed good results. At high heating temperaturesengine, the amount of deposits on the pistons is negligible. This makes the product in demand, especially in the loaded conditions of travel on the roads of the metropolis.

Some drivers claim that the cost of the presented funds is high. However, the amount of oil in the canister will be more than other manufacturers. In terms of the price for 4 liters of oil will be acceptable.

Castrol oil

European-made 0W40 Castrol oil is also known to domestic consumers. This product is available in 4 liter cans. The cost of consumables is about 1750 rubles.

At an affordable price, this tool has high performance. This oil solidifies at a temperature of -52 ºС. This indicator is a record among the lubricants participating in the test. This speaks of the high quality of the foundation.

An effective set of additives allows Castrol oil to provide high-quality cleaning action. After testing the product under high engine load, high piston cleanliness could be observed. Also presented means protects the metal elements of the system from oxidation.

engine oil 0w40

Many drivers choose this type of lubricant due to reasonable cost and high European quality. However, in terms of energy saving, the presented product is somewhat inferior to other test participants. This indicates higher fuel consumption when the engine is running.

Liqui Moly oil

The most expensive among the products consideredwell-known manufacturers turned out to be 0w40 Liqui Moly oil. It is sold in five-liter canisters. The cost of such a product is 2700 rubles. The manufacturer of the presented lubricants is Germany.

Liqui Moly has the approvals of many major engineering concerns. Its performance remains top notch. Oil allows you to quickly start the engine at low temperatures. This provides really reliable lubrication of rubbing mechanisms.

Also presented tool allows you to significantly save fuel costs. The disadvantage is the insufficient level of detergent qualities. A sufficiently large amount of soot and soot is determined on the cylinders after the tests. Piston rings fail faster than other types of products.

Liqui Moly is known for the longest aging period. It can be used for quite a long time. The oil will not burn out.

Having considered the features that characterize 0W40 oil, as well as the reviews of experts and experienced drivers, we can conclude that it is necessary to use such a composition in the engine of your car.

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