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Last Gelendvagen, specifications

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Last Gelendvagen, specifications
Last Gelendvagen, specifications

"Gelendvagen" began to be designed back in 1972. Moreover, the car was originally designed as a universal. That is equally suitable for the German army and civilian buyers. In 1975, thanks to a huge order from the Iranian Shah (which later failed), the Germans decided to bring the model to mass production.

First helicons

In 1979, the first cars came off the assembly line. In the technical characteristics of the Gelendvagen, both the traditional quality of a Mercedes-Benz and the unpretentiousness of an army vehicle were realized. Reliable Mercedes engines were combined with a solid frame, high ground clearance and the ability to lock all differentials, coupled with a transfer case. The car was immediately appreciated by the military, and later by civilian buyers.

Army version

In 1990, the second generation of the machine went into series,produced until now, which, while maintaining the design, has become more comfortable. Since that time, the car began to move more and more towards luxury, acquiring more and more new options and excessively powerful engines. However, a certain improvement in the technical characteristics of the Gelendvagen on asph alt did not spoil its off-road agility. The second-generation Gelendvagen retained all the off-road attributes of its predecessor. And in 2018, the Germans showed the third generation of the legendary veteran.

Specifications of the new "Gelendvagen"

The car has retained its traditional appearance for "heliks", although the body has been completely redesigned. The car lengthened to 4817 mm, became wider and higher. This finally made it possible to make the comfort in the cabin appropriate for a car of this class. The body has become lighter by as much as 170 kg, but its rigidity has increased by one and a half times. Aerodynamics have not improved much, but there is good visibility from the Gelendvagen driver's seat.

New Gelendvagen

Technical characteristics of the motors have also been improved. There are two options - for the regular and AMG version. Both engines are four-liter V8. But the technical characteristics of the Gelendvagen with an AMG engine are much more impressive. Power is a monstrous 585 full-fledged "horses", against 422 hp. With. at the younger brother. Although the usual G500 does not complain about the lack of power, which is reflected in the main technical characteristics of the Mercedes. "Gelendvagen" G500 is capable of accelerating up to 210 km / h, speedAMG versions are only ten km/h more. It all comes down to aerodynamics. Motor power is more an indicator of the status of the owner of the "older" version, rather than a real need.

Off-road performance

For the Germans, it was fundamentally important to preserve the idea and off-road qualities of the old Heliks. And they were able to do it. At the heart of the car is still an impressive ladder frame, although the front suspension is now independent. The car retained the main feature of a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle - it is possible to force lock all three differentials. To do this, you need to transfer the nine-speed automatic to manual mode.

Three-door variant

According to the manufacturer, the Gelendvagen's permeability has even improved. The ground clearance has grown to 241 mm, the depth of the ford overcome by the "helik" has increased to 70 cm. The jeep is able to climb a 45 ° slope. At the same time, Gelendvagen differs from other elite SUVs in the absence of intrusive electronic assistants - when a downshift is turned on, all driver assistance systems are turned off. For experienced jeepers, this is a plus, as they get rid of the excessive care of the Gelendvagen electronics. The technical characteristics of the engine and transmission turn the car into a tank that you just need to know how to drive. But for beginners, it is not easy to drive a Gelik off-road, it requires skill.


"Gelendvagen" is a luxury model and boasts most of the chips inherent in other expensive Mercedes, ranging froma variety of interior trims using natural leather and wood, and ending with a proprietary multimedia complex with the COMAND system. The AMG version has factory tinted rear and side windows, other lighting equipment and an external jeep body kit, rims enlarged to 22 inches. Also in this version there is a signature leather interior.

In the service of the municipality

The new "Gelendvagen" was really a success. Having become more comfortable and more convenient on the pavement, he retained and increased the off-road qualities of the old Gelika. And most importantly, he retained the character of a car that is demanding on the driver, which allows you to get real pleasure when outings in nature.

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