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Stels Outlander 150: specifications, reviews

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Stels Outlander 150: specifications, reviews
Stels Outlander 150: specifications, reviews

Today, different models of scooters are popular. They differ in features and cost. Relatively inexpensive models attract much attention of buyers. At the same time, the scooter must also be of high quality. It should be comfortable to move in any conditions.

One of the popular scooter models is the Stels 150 Outlander. This development of Chinese technologists has already managed to catch the fancy of domestic buyers. Before you go to the store for the selected vehicle model, you need to learn about it in detail. The presented scooter will be discussed further.

What is a scooter?

Scooters began to gain popularity around the middle of the last century. In the Soviet Union, this niche was occupied by mopeds "Karpaty", "Verkhovyna", etc. This is a fairly compact, convenient and fast two-wheeled mode of transport for moving around in urban areas.

Ste alth outlander 150

How have the requirements for a modern scooter-moped changed since then? It had to be light, handle well, travel 150-200 km on one gas station, and, of course, be reliable, easy to operate and inexpensive.

On the marketthere is a wide variety of mopeds for every taste. Among them, a Chinese-made Stels 150 Outlander scooter occupies a special place.

History of the creation of the model

The prototype of the maxi-scooter Stels 150 Outlander is the Japanese “two-wheeled” Honda 125 SH. There is an opinion that "Ste alth" is an absolute copy of the Japanese progenitor. But manufacturers do not deny it. Well, what's wrong with that? It's no secret that Chinese engineers are based on any foreign designs in many industries.

Scooter Ste alth

Performance is in many ways not inferior to the "Honda". Stels 150 Outlander, for which parts are available everywhere, does not cause problems for repairs.

Engine: dynamic and economical

The Ste alth scooter is powered by a 150cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The power of the unit is 11.2 horsepower, which, in combination with the variator, allows you to accelerate to 100-110 km / h. This is quite a good speed for this type of vehicle, which allows you to move confidently not only in urban conditions, but also outside the city.

Stels outlander 150 scooter

On the highway, you can afford to overtake not only leisurely summer residents with seedlings in the back seat, but also ever-hurrying trucks. The engine is started by an electric starter. Liquid cooling provides good heat dissipation from the engine, which makes it possible to drive without stopping for a long time (until gasoline runs out).

Bucksmall, with a volume of 7.4 liters, you can drive 150-200 km at one gas station, depending on your driving style. Power is provided by inexpensive AI-92 gasoline, which, combined with low consumption, saves a lot of money.

Convenience and comfort

With the Outlander's suspension, everything is standard: a telescopic fork in front, a pendulum with one shock absorber in the back. The rear suspension looks rustic, but when driving on “good” Russian roads, it confidently overcomes all obstacles with a rider of 90-95 kg. A long “jumping” over bumps will most likely force you to take a break, or rather, “rebuild”, since this detail is harsh on the model.

Stels outlander 150 parts

The most important difference between the Stels 150 Outlander and its counterparts in the category is the 16-inch wheels, thanks to which you can ride up small stairs and in forest conditions. And with the second passenger, the scooter will not touch the bottom of the asph alt.

The rear storage box does not stow a helmet, but you can put a lot of other things. The absence of a windshield makes driving at speeds over 80 km/h not very comfortable due to oncoming air flows and increases the resistance to movement.

As for the brake system, it is a disc in front and a drum in the back. The brakes will easily stop the "Chinese" at any speed.

Weight and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the Stels 150 Outlander also deserve special attention. The dimensions of the scooter are quite compact: length 204 cm, width 70 cm, height 115 cm.

With such dimensionsit is easy enough to find a place even in a crowded car park. In the "saddle" of the "Outlander" it will be quite comfortable even for a tall person.

The weight of the moped is 120 kg, which will allow even a fragile girl to cope with it.

Customer Reviews

Ste alth scooter rightfully enjoys recognition among buyers. According to reviews, this is a dynamic and comfortable vehicle. Large wheels, suspension and speed allow you to drive with confidence not only in the city, but also get out into the woods for a picnic. That is why Ste alth is classified as a maxi scooter.

It should be noted that the Outlander is equipped with an immobilizer and a remote start. True, as it turned out, there is no distance sensor. Since you can start the scooter with a button, and turn it off only with a key or an alarm button, this can cause some difficulties if the keys are left, for example, in the garage.

Stels outlander 150 specifications

Before gaining full speed, "Ste alth" needs a run-in. Therefore, 1000 km will have to be driven at speeds up to 50 km / h. If all the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions are met, the vehicle will be reliable and durable. Maintenance will not be required for the next few years.

The rubber with which the scooter is sold is of high quality. Therefore, you can drive for quite a long time with standard tires. This is a high-quality development of Chinese engineering. Many buyers in Russia have already appreciated all the advantages of the presented model.

Based on the above, you canconclude that Stels 150 Outlander meets all modern requirements. And in combination with a low price, it makes the purchase of the presented model very attractive.

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