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Alpha moped tuning: the pinnacle of perfection

Alpha moped tuning: the pinnacle of perfection
Alpha moped tuning: the pinnacle of perfection

It happens that owners of imported mopeds want to change the look of their "iron horses". Tuning an Alpha moped will provide the owner of the vehicle not only with admiring glances from passers-by, but also with an increase in self-esteem, especially when it comes to a significant improvement that turns an ordinary thing into a stylish and spectacular “thing”.

So, first let's start with the external changes of the vehicle. External tuning of the Alpha moped may be of interest to those owners who have no problems with the characteristics of the engine and chassis.

It should be noted right away that external tuning should not have visible defects, such as dents, rust, chips and scratches, especially for plastics and optics.

It is also worth warning about the old methods of improving the appearance, which in the new conditions do not justify themselves. So, tuning an Alpha moped should not start with hanging enlarged mudguards with huge red reflectors that were used in Soviet times. Now such a device will look simply repulsive.

alpha moped tuning

The next step is to improve the filter. The fact is that the alpha moped enginedesigned in such a way that the filter elements are in the most visible place. Having bought a stylish and elegant filter of zero resistance, you will immediately add a few points to your “work of art”. It will simply need to be replaced or impregnated more often, but it will not cause much trouble. Such a filter is well attached to the moped, which cannot be said about the standard pipe, which often breaks.

Move on and start improving mirrors. Here you will find a whole firework of shades. However, the tuning of the Alpha moped is done in such a way that the color of the mirrors matches the color of the filter. You can even buy mirrors with direction indicators, and then you will feel more confident in the city with busy traffic.

alpha moped engine

Muffler should be chosen based on the style you want to give your moped. It must be said about the stock models, which create less noise, since they have a lot of holes. If you follow a clear design style, then you should not combine different options on one machine at once.

For example, the fringe hanging from the handles looks great on a moped. In this case, you should turn the black leather inside out and, having sewn it firmly, put it on the handle. Having removed and turned such a craft inside out, you will get an amazing case. You can do this with the seat, giving it a simply “lordly” look.

We will upgrade the dimensions by inserting diodes instead of lamps. Behind it is better to use red elements, and in front - white. In no case should you install a different color of the LEDfront. Such tuning is prohibited by traffic rules.

alpha moped spare parts

You should also think about installing LED strips, which must necessarily shine down, but not to the sides or up. They can blind road users with this.

Spare parts for the Alpha moped can be found on the markets in unlimited quantities, which cannot be said about other imported models. Therefore, feel free to start tuning and remember that at any time you can return the moped to its original form.

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