Honda Dio ZX 35: features, review

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Honda Dio ZX 35: features, review
Honda Dio ZX 35: features, review

3 generations of Dio scooters are known, namely the Honda Dio ZX 35 model. It began to be produced and sold back in 1994. The model received noticeable differences from its predecessor. New engine, running gear - everything has been changed. There were also changes in design: the new Honda Dio ZX 35 became much better, its forms attracted buyers. Crystal optics for those times was very fashionable. Flat bottom in the trunk - an innovation for the nineties.

Honda Dio ZX 35
Honda Dio ZX 35


The following Honda Dio ZX 35 models were produced:

  1. Basic.
  2. Front basket (urban).
  3. With combined brake system (sport).

Of course, it was the basic models that were taken most often, as they were inexpensive and very convenient.

The best version is Honda Dio ZX 35 AF, it was sporty. She had oil shock absorbers and beautiful, alloy wheels. A spoiler was also included in the design of the scooter, as well as another, more powerful engine. Costsnote that this variant underwent restyling in 1998, and the model itself was produced right up to 2005.


Honda Dio ZX 35
Honda Dio ZX 35

Now let's look at the specifications of the Honda Dio ZX 35. The engine capacity of this scooter was only 50cc. There is only one cylinder, two strokes. The engine was cooled by forced air blowing. Engine power was exactly 8 horsepower at 6400 rpm.

The transmission of the Honda Dio ZX 35 was variable, and the engine was ignited and started using an electric starter. The gas tank was exactly 5 liters. The maximum speed that could be developed on such a scooter was sixty kilometers per hour. The gross weight of the Honda Dio ZX 35 is seventy kilograms.


At the time of 2019, Honda continues its sales of scooters. However, many of the technical characteristics of the Honda Dio 35 ZX today have become completely different. Outwardly, he also changed significantly.

Now the basic version has become much more powerful and "faster" than before. Moving around the city on it is a pleasure, and working as a courier is generally gorgeous. This is because the trunk in it is large and comfortable, never fails the deliverers of goods. Another small compartment has also been added to the front. Some modifications from the factory also have a basket in which small items can be placed.

The AF-35 SR CB series was the first to use the combined braking system. The bottom line is simple: 30% of the brake effort falls on the rear wheel, and 70% on the front. itincreases stability during a sudden stop and prevents the driver from "flying" off the scooter when driving around the city, maneuvering between other vehicles. However, this is most used for beginners who do not have much experience in driving such vehicles.

Sport version

It deserves special interest, as its suspension is very different from the base models. And also completely different oil shock absorbers are installed on it. They replaced the old, spring ones. Off-road for this scooter is no longer a problem, as the front fork travel was already more than 100 millimeters.

Honda Dio ZX 35 off-road
Honda Dio ZX 35 off-road

The transmission has also been rebuilt: lighter weights for the variable transmission have been installed, and the scooter's clutch has become stiffer. Other things worth mentioning are the sports muffler, which was only in this version, as well as the alloy wheels, which are very unique. As mentioned above in the material of the article, this model was assigned its own spoiler.

The scooter was equipped with an anti-theft device, namely a footrest lock.

Honda Dio ZX 35 in the sports version has retained its advantages of the old, basic models. She has always been characterized by:

  1. Reliability.
  2. Easy to repair.
  3. Availability, low cost of spare parts.

With 7 horsepower from a scooter, which is a record for fifty cc engines, the Honda Dio ZX 35 is easy to tune. The transmission is also reliable: the variator transmitstorque.