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Scooter Honda Dio AF 18: specifications, tuning

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Scooter Honda Dio AF 18: specifications, tuning
Scooter Honda Dio AF 18: specifications, tuning

The first model of the Honda Dio AF 18 scooter from a world-famous Japanese manufacturer was first released in the mid-nineties of the last century. Initially, it was a modification equipped with a drum-type brake unit. Then there were variations with a front disc brake and other improvements. However, the moped in question is still popular largely due to reliability, economy and compactness and pricing policy.

honda dioaf 18
honda dioaf 18

Honda Dio AF 18 Specifications

Below are the main specifications of the Japanese mokik:

  • two-stroke power unit - AF18E with a displacement of forty-nine cubic centimeters;
  • number of cylinders - one;
  • cooling - air forced type;
  • power rating - six and a half horsepower at 6,500 rpm in sixty seconds;
  • speed – 0.74 kg/m;
  • compression ratio - 7, 3;
  • oil/fuel tank capacity - 0.8/4.8 liters;
  • tires – 3.00/10;
  • top speed - sixty kilometers per hour;
  • main base - one meter thirteen centimeters;
  • length/width/height - 1, 6/0, 49/0, 7 meters;
  • clearanceis ten centimeters;
  • full weight - sixty-three kilograms.

In addition, the Honda scooter is equipped with a CVT transmission, electric start ignition, telescopic front and rear suspension, and drum brakes.


Despite the small engine size, the technique in question remains popular for a long time. Scooters Honda Dio AF18 are optimally suited for trips on asph alt. In urban conditions, this is an indispensable option for fans of light motorcycles that are not designed for racing and high loads.

scooter honda
scooter honda

The telescopic type front suspension has some stiffness and adjustable travel, which allows you to maneuver well on the roads. The wheels cling well to the surface, allowing you to perfectly enter almost any turns. Shock absorbers are very sensitive to potholes and bumps in the road. Nevertheless, even if the elements fail, they can be replaced without problems in most specialized workshops. On dirt roads, you will have to get used to shaking, but at low speed it is quite possible to overcome such sections.

Features and device

According to all the main parameters, Honda Dio AF 18 scooters are reliable vehicles that can travel many thousands of kilometers without repair. The power plant of the moped is unpretentious, adapted to not the most high-octane fuel, has a successful design. The high arrangement of air intakes and filter elements providesadditional protection of internal mechanisms from dust and water.

The scooter in question is considered single, but it is capable of transporting one more passenger. The maximum speed limit is sixty kilometers per hour. This figure is easy to increase by boring the variator or replacing the switch with a variant without a controller. The remaining mechanisms can easily withstand up to 80 km / h. The Honda Dio AF 18 carburetor is quite economical, consuming about two liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. In this case, the average oil consumption is eight hundred grams per thousand run.

honda dio af 18 parts
honda dio af 18 parts

Equipment and safety

The modification in question is equipped with drum brakes, on more modern models the front assembly is of a disc type. Although effective, it requires more care as it is exposed and prone to contamination.

The Honda scooter is equipped with a spacious trunk located under the saddle of the unit. Pockets for tools and other "little things" in the front are not provided. Due to its reliability, ease of maintenance and cost, this moped has remained popular for almost two decades. With proper care and timely replacement of consumables, it will serve the owner for a long time, without losing its main indicators.

Honda Dio AF 18: tuning

Since this modification belongs to the budget options, it does not make sense to spend big money on its modernization. However, it is possible to make an inexpensive improvement that will allowincrease speed and some other indicators. First of all, you need to check the default settings. After cleaning the exhaust pipe, air filter, adjusting the carburetor and CVT, the owner will definitely be pleased with the results.

honda dio af 18 carburetor
honda dio af 18 carburetor

To make the scooter more frisky, you should remove the speed limiter. Buying a new filter, setting up a jet for it and boring related elements make it possible to increase the speed parameters a little more. You can additionally cheer up the two-wheeled “horse” by cleaning the exhaust pipe, heating it with a gas cutter or sawing it in half, cleaning it and rejoining it by welding.

What else could be improved?

You can also improve the Honda Dio AF 18 scooter by improving the piston group. First you need to check the compression, which should be from eight to ten atmospheres. If this indicator is not met, you will have to replace the rings or CPG completely. In the first option, it is desirable to buy quality items.

The process of polishing the cylinder head and the top of the piston will be useful. Getting rid of soot will increase the power of the moped. When performing this manipulation, it should be remembered that excessive force can lead to depressurization of the unit. On the variator of the scooter, you can install new weights with a larger mass. Before installation, it is advisable to go through the weight nests with a grinder, and then lubricate them with graphite grease (thin layer).

honda dio af 18 specs
honda dio af 18 specs

Reviews and tips from users

Thousands of owners of Honda scooters, including the series under consideration, are actively discussing the strengths and weaknesses of technology. Mostly, the reviews are positive, especially from forum and discussion participants who have purchased a new moped.

For the sake of objectivity, consider the pros and cons of this unit, which are indicated by users. Benefits include:

  • unpretentiousness, reliability;
  • economy;
  • easy to manage, informative display;
  • compact and good dynamics;
  • design;
  • Affordable value.

Also, consumers found some shortcomings. Among them:

  • hardness when driving on bad roads;
  • weak front suspension;
  • small clearance;
  • presence of a speed limiter.

In addition, the owners note that original spare parts for the Honda Dio AF 18 scooter are not so easy to find. Nevertheless, the overall user experience of this moped is positive.


Given that the Honda AF 18 moped was originally designed for city roads and has a minimum engine size, its performance is objectively superior to many competitors in its class. I am glad that the manufacturers have provided for the design of the engine, unpretentious to the quality of the fuel. After all, the heart of a moped is the main node responsible for dynamics and safety.

honda dioaf 18 tuning
honda dioaf 18 tuning

Designed almost twoa dozen years ago, the scooter remains relevant for a reason. All available parameters can be called ideal for a moped oriented to moving along city streets. Reliable brakes, beautiful design, thoughtful design, affordable price are additional factors that testify in favor of the subcompact motorcycle in question.

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