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BMW R1100RS: specifications, features

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BMW R1100RS: specifications, features
BMW R1100RS: specifications, features

In the spring of 1993, BMW introduced the world to its new motorcycle model, the BMW R1100RS. This bike was one of the first representatives of the new concept of German motorcycle construction and became a kind of starting point for the company in this direction.

bmw r1100rs

New in model

Among other innovations, the motorcycle received a newly developed two-cylinder boxer power engine, which now had four valves per cylinder and, compared with its predecessor similar engines, added fifty cubic centimeters of displacement and five horsepower to the technical characteristics of the BMW R1100RS. The exhaust system was now equipped with a catalytic converter to comply with environmental regulations. The gearbox has become a six-speed. The brakes have also been upgraded with the company's proprietary EBO brake servo technology and (as an option) an anti-lock braking system.

bmw r1100rs

Confidence and traction

The BMW R1100RS powertrain produces quite a lot of mechanical noise in operation, as doesrelies on a boxer engine with a real masculine character. It gives good dynamics and power already from four thousand revolutions of the crankshaft, maintaining torque up to seven thousand, and the cutoff in revolutions appears only after 500 units of measurement. The reaction of the motor to the throttle control is quite smooth, if not unhurried, however, the engine does not seem sluggish. When working with the throttle handle, there is a feeling of a huge margin of traction and acceleration, which gives a feeling of confidence in one's capabilities in most driving situations. All this results in a motor that feels very friendly to handle, with no harsh jerks or jerks, but no hint of underperformance, which is exactly what you want when riding a bike of this class.

However, for all its solidity, the characteristics of the BMW R1100RS, if desired, make it possible to play a little trick: to accelerate from the traffic light with a slip, snapping off the gears with the gear selector without depressing the clutch foot. By the way, you are unlikely to want to do this regularly, because the clutch is now hydraulic, which allows you to squeeze it out effortlessly using just a couple of fingers. The gear ratios of the gearbox are chosen very well and allow you to accelerate quite dynamically if desired, but no matter what gear you are in, there is a smooth and stable traction in the effective range of engine speeds.

motorcycle bmw r1100rs

Driver comfort

The motorcycle seat is quite wide, made verysuccessfully and leaves only a pleasant feeling from the ride, however, as well as landing in general. Depending on the height and build of the rider, there are three levels of adjustment, this provides additional comfort and useful variability in the riding position for a wide range of users. The wind protection of the motorcycle is also not satisfactory. As a separate positive point, it is worth highlighting the possibility of adjusting the windshield in height, which will allow you to get more emotions from the oncoming air flows during dynamic driving in dry weather, and in bad weather it makes it possible to stay dry on the road for a long period of time.

As standard, the bike is equipped with adjustable heated handlebars, the option brought the comfort of control to a new level and provided feedback on the BMW R1100RS as a vehicle suitable for use in the cold season, as well as for long-distance motorcycle trips.

Device in plain sight

The dashboard of a motorcycle is very informative and is well read in motion both in good light and in backlight or at dusk. Key instruments such as the speedometer and tachometer are in the exact place you would expect them to be, and all you need to do is take a quick look at the dials to read the readings. In addition, there are oil and fuel gauges, engine temperature gauges, current gear selection, and a digital clock. Mirrors on the BMW R1100RS are quite small, but there are no problems with the review of what is happening behind due to their good location. Plus, they don't vibrate at all. Power reserve is approx.two hundred and fifty kilometers with a fairly dynamic ride in a mixed traffic cycle, both in urban traffic and when moving along the highway. The predicted range of travel without the need to visit a gas station in highway traffic conditions can be about 350 kilometers.

bmw r1100rs specifications

Suddenly light

Thanks to the carefully adjusted weight distribution of the motorcycle, the calculated ergonomics of the rider's position, as well as the competent tuning of high-tech suspensions, the BMW R1100RS model is much easier to handle than one might expect. At near-zero speeds, you still have to make some efforts when maneuvering and turning, the impressive dimensions and weight of this solid motorcycle affect. But everything changes as soon as the speedometer needle rises above twenty kilometers per hour: all the sluggishness of the bike disappears somewhere, and all that remains is to admire how confidently the model keeps the chosen trajectory and copes with the side wind, which is the case when driving a lighter motorcycle there might be some difficulty.

bmw r1100rs specs

For smooth roads

In general, the suspension and overall handling of the BMW R1100RS give the feeling that the bike's native element is smooth asph alt roads with good surface quality. When driving into bad sections or hitting a wheel in potholes, when cornering, the bike behaves predictably, and there is no uncontrolled change in the trajectory of movement,however, such a ride will not bring much pleasure either.

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