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Profix SN5W30C engine oil: reviews, advantages and disadvantages

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Profix SN5W30C engine oil: reviews, advantages and disadvantages
Profix SN5W30C engine oil: reviews, advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of types of motor oils. Often this is what complicates the choice of the desired mixture. Many drivers, when looking for a lubricant, pay great attention to the opinion and experience of other motorists. Reviews about the Profix SN5W30C, although few, are extremely positive. The paucity of reviews is explained by the fact that this oil is quite rare in our retail.

Where is produced

The presented composition is made in Japan. Manufactured by SANKYO YUKA KOGYO. The enterprise outside the Land of the Rising Sun is not known to the general public. However, in Japan itself, this company has become the leading enterprise among all other manufacturers of lubricants. The brand produces oils in only one plant and does not sell licenses to anyone to produce similar formulations.

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Which engines and vehicles fits

In reviews of Profix SN5W30C, motorists note that this oil is great for gasoline engines. The composition is also used to protect parts indiesel power plants. This lubricant is most often used in Japanese-made cars. In fact, they can be used for other vehicles as well. They are compatible with engines from Renault, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes and many other car manufacturers.

Nature oil

Among the advantages in the reviews of Profix SN5W30C, motorists note that this oil has a fully synthetic nature of origin. As a base composition, manufacturers used a mixture of polyalphaolefins produced by hydrocracking from products of fractional distillation of oil. The remaining physical and chemical properties of the oil were improved through the use of an extended additive package.

Engine oil Profix SN5W30C

Seasonal mix

The presented composition belongs to the category of all-weather. In the Profix SN5W30C reviews, the owners note that the presented lubricant is able to provide reliable protection of engine parts under a wide variety of temperature conditions. Safe start of the motor is possible at -25 degrees. The distribution of oil throughout the system can also be carried out at a temperature of -35 degrees. This lubricant is suitable for use even in regions with very difficult winters.

A couple of words about additives

Additives are needed to improve the physical and chemical properties of the oil. In this composition, the manufacturer uses an extended package of these alloying substances.

Viscosity stability

In the reviews of Profix SN5W30C, drivers named stable viscosity inwide temperature range. Especially for this, macromolecules of polymeric organic compounds were introduced into the composition. During the temperature decrease, the higher paraffins initiate the crystallization process. This leads to the fact that the fluidity of the oil drops markedly. To keep the viscosity at the right level and help polymer molecules. The fact is that when it gets cold, they begin to curl up into a spiral. As a result, the density of the entire composition also decreases somewhat. Thermal activity also has the opposite effect. An increase in temperature causes the molecules to change their shape and unfold from a spiral state. This increases the viscosity of the formulation.

Engine rust protection

In the reviews of Profix SN5W30C, the owners also note that the specified lubricant is also applicable to older types of engines. Here, the main difficulty lies in the beginning of the destructive rusting processes taking place on the crankshaft bearings or connecting rod bushings. In general, all engine parts made from non-ferrous metals suffer from oxidation. To inhibit this negative process, compounds of phosphorus, halogens and sulfur were introduced into the oil. They form a protective film on the parts, which eliminates the possibility of direct contact of metals with an aggressive environment.

Remove carbon deposits

In the reviews of Profix SN5W30C engine oil, drivers also noted the good washing properties of the mixture. To remove carbon deposits, manufacturers use compounds of calcium, barium and some other metals. These substances destroy deposits of soot and transfer them to a colloidal state. They alsoprevent sticking of soot particles and their subsequent precipitation. These properties have a very positive effect on the quality of the power plant. The engine stops vibrating and knocking. In some cases, it is even possible to return the former power. Just carbon deposits on the internal parts of the power plant reduces the effective volume of the engine.

Calcium in the periodic table


In reviews of Profix SN5W30C synthetic motor oil, motorists also note that the specified composition has an extended service life. The specified lubricant can withstand up to 10 thousand kilometers. The number is pretty impressive. Especially for this, a variety of aromatic amines and various phenol derivatives were introduced into the composition. These compounds prevent the oxidation reaction of other components of the oil with atmospheric oxygen. They trap aggressive particles and keep the chemical composition of the lubricant stable. Naturally, this has a positive effect on the stability of the physical properties of the mixture and its durability.

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Fuel Efficiency

Gasoline and diesel prices are constantly rising. Therefore, for many drivers, one of the main criteria for choosing an oil has become its fuel economy. In the Profix SN5W30C reviews, motorists claim that this mixture can reduce consumption by 5%. These values ​​were achieved thanks to the use of friction modifiers, for example, organic compounds of molybdenum. Substances have high adhesion, which allows them to form a thinunbreakable film on pistons and other engine parts. The use of friction modifiers reduces the risk of premature motor failure and increases its efficiency.

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There are many positive reviews about Profix SN5W30C oil. For example, motorists note that this oil practically does not burn out. After filling, its level remains consistently high throughout the entire service life. The motor on this lubricant runs much quieter and clearer. What are his shortcomings? Drivers did not reveal obvious negative properties. Many complain only that this lubricant is extremely rare in Russia. Dealers simply do not deliver it.

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