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The hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close: we adjust ourselves

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The hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close: we adjust ourselves
The hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close: we adjust ourselves

VAZ 2114 owners often encounter a problem when the car's hood starts to close and open poorly. This creates a lot of inconvenience. After all, a poorly functioning mechanism not only deprives the pleasure of operating the machine, but can also unexpectedly lead to an emergency.

What prevents proper work

If the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close - what should I do? Unlike a room door, whose position is clearly defined in space, the positioning of the hood depends on hinges, a lock, and adjusting rubber supports. All of them are configurable, and the wrong position of one of them leads to incorrect operation.

In addition, there is another factor that makes the VAZ 2114 hood close poorly - this is the body structure itself. The fact is that the locking system was originally designed for the VAZ 2108 - 2109. These cars had a shorter hood overhang and, as a result, greater rigidity. The designers who changed the shape played a cruel joke by lengthening the hood overhang. As a result, stiffness was lost and fine adjustment does not give a 100% result. ATto some extent, it can be called the "disease" of this model.

Measuring the bonnet opening

Often there is a case when the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close due to a skewed bonnet opening. If the car has been in an accident before, then the first thing to start with is to establish the symmetry of the hood opening. To do this, you need to measure it along two diagonals and compare the data obtained. You can measure with an ordinary tape measure, taking the heads of the bolts on the wings on one side and the adjusting rubber bands on the other side as reference points.

The next thing to do is to set the same height of the car side members. Unfortunately, only an experienced bodybuilder can do this.

If discrepancies are found along the diagonals and spars, then this is a direct road to the body shop. But if the car has not been in an accident before, then these measurements can be skipped and you can immediately start with adjustment work.

Adjust loops

This setting should ensure the correct position of the hood in comparison to the front fenders of the car.

hinge adjustment

To do this job you need:

  1. Check the position of the hood relative to the top of the fenders. They must be in the same plane. If this parameter is violated, then the next step is executed.
  2. Set the hood to the open position.
  3. The hinges are adjusted with 2 turnkey bolts for 8. In this case, two bolts cannot be unscrewed at once. The setting will be greatly lost, and without experience it will be difficult to return to its original position. Therefore, you need to start withunscrewing one bolt, and, shaking the hood up and down, achieve a change in the vertical position. Then the bolt must be tightened and the hood lowered.

If the flatness is restored, and the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close properly, then you should proceed to the following work.

Leveling feet

These small but important details help to properly align the hood overhang in relation to the headlights, grille and front wingtips. For adjustment, 4 elastic bands are installed, of which 2 are twisted along the edges of the internal stiffness of the hood, and two are closer to the center.

rubber hood mounts

The extreme ones serve to change the position relative to the headlights, and the central ones do not so much change the position of the overhang as they serve as elastic supports. It is they who play the role of a push-out element when the lock opens.

If the central elastic bands are strongly unscrewed, then this may be a circumstance due to which the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close. The essence of adjusting the central elastic bands is to ensure that they create a slight resistance when closing. Ideally, the hood should close under its own weight when lowered from a height of 10-15 cm.

Setting the lock

The main culprit, due to which the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close, is the lock. It consists of a hood pin, which is located in the center of the internal stiffness and a response spring, located on the upper bar of the radiator frame. The pin has the ability to adjust in a horizontal and vertical position. To change the height providedthreaded part, which is wrapped in a floating washer. And to move and fix it in a horizontal plane, there is a wide lock nut.

Adjustment work is performed in the following sequence:

Carefully inspect the response spring. Often it becomes the reason why the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close. If it deforms during operation, it changes its shape, becomes in the center of the reciprocal hole and creates an obstacle in the way of the pin. The spring can be removed and unbent, giving it the correct shape, but metal fatigue will quickly return it to its original position. Therefore, it is more correct to buy a new part

response spring

Center the bonnet lock pin. To do this, use a 27 key to loosen the lock nut so that the lock can move freely. Then you need to close the hood. The mating hole accurately centers the pin. After that, the nut must be tightened again

pin adjustment

Reinsert the retaining spring

Now, if the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close after the basic adjustment, then the reason may be the wrong height of the pin. If it is twisted too much into the stiffener, it will not allow it to close easily. You will have to unscrew it a little and check again how hard the hood closes.

Other reasons for poor performance

It happens that all the adjustments are made, but the hood of the VAZ 2114 does not close anyway or it does not work well. In this case, you need to lubricate the bonnet pin with graphite grease. If that didn't help, thenthe reason lies in the old cable that activates the lock.

hood cable

Dry grease in the shirt, does not allow the cable to move freely. You can revive it by trying to fill in the lubricant inside or replace it with a new one.

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