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Armored car "Tiger" - specifications and photos
Armored car "Tiger" - specifications and photos

It is hardly possible to make a mistake, calling the Russian armored car "Tiger" the largest, protected and highly passable domestic off-road vehicle. This vehicle, produced at the Arzamas Automobile Plant, can be equipped with various types of weapons and is able to overcome the most difficult road obstacles. The parameters of crew protection and cross-country ability that the domestic car has are so high that even the famous Hammer is not able to compete with it.

Historical background

From the moment the first cars appeared, their developers immediately began to have ideas for equipping crews with a system of protection against splinters and bullets. These plans were put into practice after a short time - with the outbreak of the First World War, the period of which can be considered the finest hour of the "iron monsters". The first Russian armored vehicles were produced in 1904 by a French company"Sharon, Girido and Voy". Already in January 1905, these machines took their place in the army. By the way, the author of such a vehicle was M.A. Nakashidze, who then served as a podsaul in the Siberian Cossack regiment. Armored cars of that time were comparable in mobility to cavalry and had reliable protection from bullets. The presence of their own weapons and the shortcomings of the then tanks made this "wonder weapon" a real means of combat.

Russian armored vehicles

Modern realities

Time has passed, military strategy has changed, the appearance of the modern army, and the development and production of such equipment, thanks to the growth of industrial capabilities, have moved to a whole new level. Today's models of armored vehicles are protected vehicles that increase the mobility of military and special units. Such vehicles are used in the army - for reconnaissance, raids behind enemy lines, delivery of soldiers to the battlefield and their fire support. Police special forces, forced to work in cramped urban conditions, are also showing particular interest in this technique.

Models of foreign-made armored vehicles

Recurring military conflicts involving NATO member countries are forcing these states to pay increased attention to the safety of their soldiers. The US Army in 2009 ordered the production of 1000 new armored vehicles of the M-ATV brand from Oshkosh Truck. This is a powerful, well-protected armored car weighing 14.5 tons and carrying up to 1900 kg. The machine is equipped with a turbodiesel370 l / s, which allows her to move at a speed of 105 km / h. Along with this order, the US Department of Defense announced a tender for the development of a replacement for the good old HMMWV - the Hammer, which has been in service in many countries of the world for many years. Among other vehicles of this class, it should be noted the German ATF Dingo, which has a V-shaped bottom with mine protection, and the LAPV Enok, which have excellent speed characteristics. Of the equipment of the countries of the former USSR, the most famous Ukrainian armored vehicles "Dozor-B" and KrAZ MPV TC.

Ukrainian armored vehicles

Domestic developments

Modern Russian armored vehicles have been actively developed by domestic designers since the late 90s. At the Gorky Automobile Plant, work on the creation of such equipment was carried out by a group of designers led by an experienced engineer A. G. Masyagin. Scientists have carefully studied all the advantages and disadvantages of foreign technology. As a result of the work carried out, the design bureau designers developed a completely new machine that met all modern standards. This vehicle was called the armored car "Tiger" (STS GAZ-2330). In the fall of 2002, the first prototypes of such equipment were received for operation by a detachment of the capital's SOBR. Some time later, the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs issued an order to equip all of its special forces with Tiger vehicles and placed an order for a batch of these armored vehicles.

Russian armored car Tiger

Car design features

Management of the Arzamas Automobile Planttook into account all the wishes of the special services, and at the end of 2003, the Tiger armored car was put into production. There is an opinion that when it was created, components and assemblies of the GAZ-66 were used. This is not true, since they have in common - only the wheel formula. GAZ-2330 has a rigid frame, on which an independent torsion bar suspension is mounted, equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers. The body of the army (police) model is armored, three-door and is designed to transport 6-9 military personnel, as well as up to 1.2 tons of cargo. The power plant of the machine consists of a powerful diesel engine, a five-speed manual transmission and a hydraulic clutch mechanism. The car is equipped with a two-stage transfer case, which has an electro-pneumatic locking drive, and two axles with high friction differentials. The wheels of the "Tiger" are equipped with special tires designed to overcome difficult terrain.

Undercarriage design

To meet modern requirements, the armored car "Tiger" must move at the same high speed on highways, paved roads, and in off-road conditions. The fulfillment of this task is ensured by the design features of the new torsion bars, a strong linkage suspension and energy-intensive shock absorbers. The presence of such elements allows the machine to maintain stability in the process of driving both on dry and wet roads. Modified suspension, permanent four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, locking center and center differentials, as well as a well-designed wheelbasecontribute to the excellent cross-country ability of the car on wet, swampy soils. The chassis of the "Tiger" provides comfortable movement of the crew at speeds up to 150 km/h on the highway and up to 75 km/h off-road.


The armored car "Tiger", the technical characteristics of which were tested at the training grounds of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was equipped with an American-made Cammins B205 turbocharged engine. This diesel engine, which develops power up to 210 l / s, has excellent dynamic qualities. Recently, the cars of this brand are mainly equipped with Russian turbocharged diesel engines of the YaMZ-534 brand. These six-cylinder engines are more compact than imported counterparts, but have more power (235 l / s) and comply with the Euro-3 environmental standard.

Installation of weapons

The roof of the army model "Tiger" is equipped with a turntable, on which turrets are mounted for several types of modern small arms - heavy machine guns "Kord" or "Pecheneg" and grenade launchers AGS-17 or AGS-30. The dimensions and design of the car hatch provide firing, in different directions, with two arrows at once. There are also several separate, armored gun modules of domestic and foreign production, installed on the military version of the vehicle. Armored car "Tiger" is equipped with special compartments for ammunition, as well as mounts for additional weapons - hand-held rocket-propelled grenades and MANPADS. On the army version of the machine, two powerful search engines are also installed.searchlights that are controlled from the cabin.

Ease of use

All varieties of the "Tiger" have in their arsenal remote adjustment of air pressure in tires, an automatic fire extinguishing system and engine heating, which helps to start it at extremely low temperatures. The machines are equipped with electric winches. The steering wheel and front seats are adjustable both in height and horizontally. The equipment can be equipped with automatic transmission, air conditioning and anti-lock braking system. Recently, the Tigr armored car came off the assembly line of the Arzamas Automobile Plant, the model of which was equipped with an on-board control system that has the functions of information control over the operation of electrical equipment, as well as navigation.

Car modifications

There are two main versions of the Tiger Special Vehicle. SPM GAZ-233034 and GAZ-233036 are special police vehicles and are used as operational and official vehicles of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Armored car Tiger photo

The bodies of this vehicle have excellent armor and are equipped with seats for the driver, senior group, and seven crew members. The roof of the SPM is equipped with two hatches without brackets for mounting weapons. Armored car "Tiger", the photo of which you see - STS GAZ-233014.

Tiger armored car

He is a special vehicle - a machine for army units. In its roof there is a volumetric hatch with mounts for weapons. The all-metal body has armor protection of the third class of strength. Machine glass securelyarmored and can be opened for firing by crew members. The army "Tiger", in addition to the driver's seat, accommodates the seats of the commander of the vehicle and four paratroopers. There are special niches for ammunition, additional weapons, a radio station and a system for blocking explosive radio-controlled devices. In addition to the main versions, several modifications of special vehicles for command, vehicles with enhanced protection against mines, vehicles with installed missile systems, and so on.

Tiger armored car. Civil variant

In 2009, the production of an unarmored vehicle "Tiger" - GAZ-233001 - began at the automobile plant. The machine was assembled on the basis of special vehicles, using all the technologies that were intended for the manufacture of military equipment. The model has a one-piece five-door body with a large cargo compartment and is capable of carrying four people, as well as 1.5 tons of cargo. Four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, independent suspension and two electric winches provide the civilian "Tiger" with excellent off-road capability. The car is equipped with a powerful, but economical diesel engine and two capacious fuel tanks, making it possible to travel 800 km without refueling. The maximum speed that the civilian version of the Tiger is capable of developing is 160 km / h. The car is equipped with a spacious trunk, and also has a ladder on the rear door. An electric sunroof is installed in the roof. The interior trim used natural leather and suede. The machine is equipped with electrically adjustable frontseats, rear view camera and power windows.

Armored car Tiger civil

Main performance characteristics of the vehicle

Name Tiger special vehicles Civil "Tiger"
Length (mm) 5700 5160
Width (mm) 2300 2300
Height (mm) 2300 2150
Weight (kg) 7600 6200
Capacity (kg) 1200 1500
Max. speed (km/h) 140 160
Clearance (mm) 400 400
Fuel consumption (l) 35 20
Max. engine power (l/s) 235 205

Russian Armored Cars

In addition to armored vehicles of the "Tiger" brand, it is necessary to mention a few more vehicles of the same class. The most famous was the car "Lynx", a licensed analogue of the Italian IVECO LMV L65.

Armored cars Lynx and Tiger

Also, Russian manufacturers produce cars "Wolf", "Bear" and "Typhoon", which are used mainly by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and special services. Armored cars "Lynx" and "Tiger" at one time very seriously fought among themselves for the right to be adopted by the Russian army. Serious intrigue persisted for quite a long time. As a result, it was the Tiger armored car thatwhose technical characteristics far surpassed those of its competitor, won a well-deserved victory in this competition. It should be noted that these machines have already managed to take part in full-scale hostilities. The appearance of the "Tigers" in August 2008 in South Ossetia helped save the lives of many of our servicemen involved in the operation to force Georgia to peace. Without exception, all STS GAZ-2330 models were marked only by the best reviews from representatives of law enforcement agencies and organizations that operate this equipment.

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