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Generator "Grants": maintenance and replacement

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Generator "Grants": maintenance and replacement
Generator "Grants": maintenance and replacement

The operation of the on-board network of the car "Lada Granta" is completely dependent on the generator. It makes up for the loss of electricity by the battery and has a belt drive from the power plant of the machine. Over time, the generator stops producing the desired characteristics, which leads to a malfunction of the electrical system. Learn how to identify problems early and fix them in this article.

What is the “Grants” generator

The Lada Grant has a three-phase alternator that generates alternating current. To convert it to DC, the device is equipped with a rectifier as well as a voltage regulator.

generator "Grants"

Shaft bearings are pressed into housing covers and do not require lubrication for the entire period of operation. An impeller is installed on the front of the shaft, which blows the windings. In addition, there is a belt-driven pulley on the shaft.

How often does the generator break down

Creating the car "Lada Granta", the designerstook the path of reducing the cost of production: many components and assemblies that have proven themselves well have been simplified. The same thing happened with the Grants generator. The alternator mounting scheme, which had served well on previous models, was replaced by a system with no belt adjustment. This circumstance has led to several problems:

  1. Rapid belt wear.
  2. Premature bearing failure.
  3. Howl at work.

The drive belt on this car is in a permanently tight position. In normal condition, when pressed in the middle of the belt with a force of 10 kg, it should flex 8 - 12 mm.

generator mount

During operation, the belt is pulled out, and with the help of adjustment the desired parameters are achieved, but since the adjusting unit was abolished on the “Grant”, the developers decided to set the tension, obviously exceeding the desired characteristics. This was done with the expectation of further weakening and slack in the belt.

How to solve the belt problem

During the release of the car, this issue was considered repeatedly on thematic forums. The problem of the failing generator "Grants" was solved by motorists, but not by the manufacturer, who preferred, if necessary, to simply replace the unfinished unit under warranty.

The rationalization thought of motorists moved in the following directions:

  1. Replacing the native generator "Lada Grants" KZATE 115A with a Bosch product with a capacity of 110 A.
  2. Replacing the bolt that fixesgenerator in its bracket. The point is to choose the smallest diameter for the same length. Then, due to the play in the mounting hole, the belt gets a freer tension.
  3. Changing the mount. In this case, free play is added due to the fact that the mounting holes of the generator bracket are widened with a round file. In this case, the bracket is shifted towards the crankshaft pulley. It turns out a small adjustment. This method is better than the previous one, however, changing the design of the car, you can lose warranty service.
  4. Replacing the bracket. This option provides for replacement with Lada Kalina fasteners. It has an adjustable tension roller. At the same time, the “Grants” generator bracket is changed, the tension roller bracket is installed, and later the belt from the “Lada Kalina” is used.
difference between brackets

The price of this revision is about 2000 rubles. This option also voids the factory warranty.

Checking the belt

The procedure for replacing the alternator belt is carried out in accordance with the maintenance regulations every 30 thousand km. But in fact, it can last much longer. Signs of need for replacement:

  1. Noisy work. The belt may begin to whistle when the engine is running at low speeds, as well as in the cold season.
  2. Delaminations, cracks and other mechanical damage.
  3. Unable to further adjust. This happens when the belt is stretched too far.

How to change the belt while preserving the nervous system

No adjustmentgenerator "Grants" made replacing the belt very problematic. Often a new belt that is not fully stretched and has sufficient stiffness is impossible for a person without experience to tighten.

The first thing you need to pay attention to: on sale there are alternator belts for "Grants" for 8 and 16 valves. They are different. Belts marked with 825 are more difficult to install than those with 823. The problem is poor elasticity. Even if they can be installed, then the bearings of the generator quickly fail later.

To change the belt, you need to put the car on a flat surface. Loosen the lower mounting bolt, completely unscrew and remove the upper bolt from the eye. An old belt is easier to cut with a knife than to try to throw it over a pulley. When the bolt is loosened, the alternator will have a slight play, making it easier to install a new belt. First, it is put on the alternator pulley and partially engaged on the top of the crankshaft pulley.

dressing the alternator belt

1 - crankshaft pulley.

2 - alternator pulley.

Then the car is put into 5 speed and pushed back until the crankshaft rotates 360 degrees. After that, the bolts are fixed in the eyes and tightened with a 13 wrench. When replacing the “Grants” generator, the same work is performed.

If installing a new belt requires a lot of effort due to poor elasticity, then experienced motorists advise putting a new belt in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes. This will give it flexibility and ease of installation.

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