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BMW 540i car: specifications, photos and reviews
BMW 540i car: specifications, photos and reviews

A whole slew of BMW 5 Series models and facelifts have been updated with M Performance packages in recent years. The Bavarian manufacturer has long spoiled its fans with interesting variations of successful sports-themed cars, but in this case, the transformation has received a special look even against the backdrop of an established strategy. The BMW 540i M Performance update is wide-ranging – far from being a cosmetic tweak that even major manufacturers often use to give brutal styling, but nothing more. The package has affected the parameters of the power plant, which will also interest true fans of sports driving.

Series overview

bmw 540i g30

The peak of the popularity of the BMW 5 Series came in the second half of the 90s, when the obsolete body of the E34 was replaced by the restrained design of the E39, which appealed to motorists with its harmonious design and practicality. In addition, the novelty has made a significant step forward due to the stylistically advanced interior and optional add-ons. The BMW 540i E39 remained on the assembly line until 2004, when the time was ripe for a significant revision in the exterior design. The period of searching for new solutions lasted almost 15 years, and the most notable offer of the Bavarians for thistime has become generation F10.

The seventh generation of the series with the G30 index was created with the expectation of fundamentally different requests both in design and ergonomics, and in technology. The business sedan performed by the BMW 540i G30 looks solid and presentable, and also demonstrates modern control systems, communication support and some aerodynamic innovations. Even if we compare the new product with the closest relative of the F10, the difference will be traced in almost every parameter. Now it is worth considering the characteristics of the most prominent representatives of the series.

Specifications E39

By the standards of the life of car models, this performance existed for quite a long period, acquiring new versions and configurations. Today, the BMW 540i E39, the specifications of which are presented below, attracts motorists for the most part with its practicality and recognizable bright exterior from the 90s:

  • Number of doors – 4.
  • Power unit type - V8.
  • Engine volume - 4398 cc
  • Power potential - 286 hp s.
  • The speed limit is 250 km/h.
  • Gearbox - mechanics and automatics in 5 steps.
  • Body dimensions - 4775x1435x1800 mm.
  • Clearance - 120 mm.
  • Total weight - 2170 kg.
  • Luggage capacity - 460 l.
bmw 540i performance

Characteristics of the basic version of G30

Even before the revision by the BMW sports atelier, the model gave some image of sporty style, but it was overloaded with requirements forpremium sedan. And yet the traditional version, on the basis of which the M Performance package was implemented, had some complaints about the power output at the level of sports cars. Again, this applies to the sedan category, which primarily includes the BMW 540i G30. The technical characteristics of the platform, which was further refined by sports tuning, can be represented as follows:

  • Engine capacity - 1998 cc
  • Power potential - 252 hp. s.
  • Acceleration to "hundreds" - 420 Nm.
  • Consumption - an average of 7.4 liters per 100 km.
  • Dimensions - 4936x1868x1466 mm.
  • Clearance - 144 mm.
  • Trunk capacity - 530 l.

Modification Touring

In between the development of central generations that continue the spirit of the 5 Series sedans, the Bavarian manufacturer has repeatedly turned to third-party modifications. In this regard, electrified versions can also be noted, however, the station wagon modification has become truly massive. The car received the Touring prefix and was developed on the E39 platform. I must say right away that this option, perhaps, can be considered the most sporty, if we consider it within the standard of the line. In the future, along with the flagship representatives of the BMW 540i series, the Touring version also received elements from the M package. To date, the station wagon is powered by a 4.4-liter V8, providing 300 hp. With. The gearbox is a Getrag 6-speed manual. As many experts note, this modification implements one of the best combinations of manual transmission and engine, which isled to pretty good handling.

M Performance Engines

bmw 540i g30m performance

At the dawn of the formation of the series, the 540 index meant that cars belonged to a family equipped with V8 engines. For the most part, machines have retained this principle of identification, albeit with significant reservations. In particular, the modern representatives of the 540i are provided with a V6, however, supplemented by a turbocharger. It is these versions that make up the petrol range of the M Performance package, which applies to the G30. This model received a 340 hp unit. with., which allowed her to accelerate to "hundreds" in just 5.1 seconds. According to some estimates, this figure even surpasses the records of diesel installations with xDrive all-wheel drive. For those looking to get even more out of the petrol engine, the all-wheel-drive variant of the BMW 540i is also recommended. The torque characteristics are also on the level - they are 450 Nm, which, however, is 170 Nm less than the diesel version of the 530d. But in terms of thrust, it is quite logical that a heavy-fuel unit will show a more attractive indicator. It would seem that an excess of torque for the average user is useless. Especially taking into account the power additive from the M-package. But the difference will be noticeable when assessing the quality of the gearbox in conjunction with a turbo engine. If we compare two cars with xDrive all-wheel drive, then in terms of controllability through mechanics, a diesel will just be more profitable in everyday use. However, the transmission deserves a separate discussion.

Transmission Implementation

bmw 540i specifications

Already in the 90s, BMW designers experimented with combinations of powerful engines and manual gearboxes. At that time, two problems were fixed - the massiveness of the aggregated mechanism with an increase in the cost of integration and the growing requirements for the reliability of the device. With automatic transmission, the situation was not easier, but its problems were eventually solved. Today, mechanical and automatic gearboxes of the ZF system are offered as a basic solution. According to users, in both versions, the mechanism responds quickly, confirming the prevailing opinion about the good handling of the BMW 540i, regardless of the engine. For those who are looking for modern high-tech solutions, it is worth offering complete sets with 8-speed gearboxes on the Steptronic platform. In addition to expanding the range of the box, the new mechanisms also offer a tight bundle with sensors. For example, an infrared camera with ceiling sensors monitors the position and movement of the hand in the selector area. The control is made by buttons, to which you will also have to adapt, not forgetting about the additional control from the electronic assistants.

Optional collateral

bmw 540i

The family has received several design additions from the Performance package, which emphasize the sporty style like the M-steering wheel and M-brake, but the main content is still electronic systems. In particular, an innovative device for minimizing roll - Dynamic Drive - is noted. Even in conditions of dynamic friskypilotage, passengers practically do not feel the problem areas of the road surface. The active cruise control system helps the BMW 540i G30 maintain a stable speed range with limits from 0 to 210 km/h. The calculation of the optimal mode is based on the traffic situation - the electronics are oriented both to the position relative to the car in front and to the colleagues behind. The Adaptive Drive system also deserves special mention. It allows you to adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers also for specific conditions, while interacting with both stabilization mechanisms and cruise control.

Reviews about the exterior of the model

At first glance, the appearance remained the same, but connoisseurs of the family immediately notice discrepancies with the classics. Many car owners, in particular, are pleased that the bumpers have been added to the relief, and the exhaust pipes have been distributed on different sides. The headlights have also become wider and more effective, adding brutality. Overall, BMW 540i owners agree that the G30 reflects the natural look of a business-class sedan as it should be in the 21st century. Experts, in turn, are in no hurry to breed the style of the new generation with the traditions of the 5 Series. It has its own differences and features, but they are even more consistent with the ideology of this line. It lies in the spirit of prestige, ergonomics and comfort. The only thing that gets negative feedback is the elongated shapes in places (for example, lanterns), which visually expand the model. The fashion for enlargement of sedans is gradually disappearing and such decisions look more and more ridiculous, not to mention the absence of a realbenefits in them. But there are also opposite opinions. For example, it is noted that short overhangs, coupled with an elongated hood and a cabin shifted to the rear, just contribute to the increase in dynamics that distinguishes the German brand from competitors.

Interior Reviews

bmw 540i e39 specifications

The feeling of solidity and solidity is transferred to the salon, the architecture of which is also complemented by new technological advantages - again, when compared with the generations of 10-15 years ago. First of all, experienced drivers appreciate the separation of the touch display and the front panel. Yet they have different tasks, so this decision justifies itself. As a plus, the owners of the car bring comfort. The seats, even in the basic trim levels, are heated and ventilated. Landing parameters are electrically controlled, which also adds convenience. If we talk about the sporty features of the BMW 540i G30 M, then to a certain extent they include paddle shifters, the presence of a massage program, a deep seat itself and a lot of gadgets with indicators of dynamic indicators.

Rideability reviews

Behavior on the road is characterized by a smooth ride, responsive control mechanisms and at the same time high reliability. As for the sporty component, the owners of the car emphasize the combination of dynamics and the ability to smooth out bumps - this became possible, among other things, thanks to the adaptive chassis. In addition, experts already point out thatThe BMW 540i G30 M Performance cuts through the air with greater ease. The aerodynamics of the body are well streamlined, to which many add optimal noise isolation.

bmw 540i g30 specifications


Model updates due to optional packages are not always successful even for large manufacturers. In this case, we are talking not just about creating a restyled version of a successfully sold hatchback, but about a radical revision of the whole series, which is based on premium sedans. Moreover, the update itself assumed a change in the power filling with a correction for a sporty style of movement. Ultimately, the evolution of the BMW 540i paid off. Even if we do not talk about the positive impressions of fans of fast driving, the target audience of fans of classic Bavarian sedans certainly did not turn away from the Performance package. On the other hand, it is also not necessary to put the new product on a par with full-fledged sports cars based on competitors' sedans. Therefore, it turns out in some way a hybrid in which every motorist will find something of his own.

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