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Supra SCR-500: description, pros and cons of the DVR

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Supra SCR-500: description, pros and cons of the DVR
Supra SCR-500: description, pros and cons of the DVR

DVRs have long entered the life of every car owner. They help to solve many problems, for example, in disputes with traffic inspectors or conflict situations in an accident. Often they allow you to avoid unpleasant consequences from the actions of scammers. The choice of devices is so wide that it is difficult to immediately decide on a purchase. One of the interesting specimens is the Supra SCR-500.

supra scr 500
supra scr 500


The model does not differ in the method of fastening from its counterparts. It is also located on the windshield. Power is supplied from the cigarette lighter, connected with a wire. But the device is also able to work autonomously from its own battery.

Records video at night and daytime. In addition to the picture, it captures the sound range. The diagonal size is 2 inches, and the dimensions of the DVR itself are 9.9 x 5.3 x 2.3 cm. Equipped with an HDMI port and AV output.

The Supra SCR-500 video recorder has a built-in memory of 32 MB. Provides supportSDHS card.

Recording can be done continuously. But it is possible to set a cyclic recording. You can set the cycle to 15, 30 or 45 minutes. When the card is full, automatic overwrite will start.

Equipped with a strong and secure swivel mount.

Shooting quality

The most important selection criterion for most car enthusiasts is video quality. The DVR is not purchased for the purpose of capturing beautiful landscapes, but to record car numbers and record unpleasant situations that can happen on the road or in the parking lot. The record can act as evidence in the analysis of an accident.

supra scr 500 dash cam
supra scr 500 dash cam

According to users, the Supra SCR-500 shoots well in the daytime. Watching the video on a computer allows you to make sure that the picture is clear, the license plates of other cars are clearly visible. Glare is possible if the recorder is located against the sun.

The situation with night photography is more complicated and more ambiguous. Many complain about the very low quality of the video made in the dark. In many cases, the numbers cannot be recognized. But the picture is clearer when shooting on illuminated sections of the road. Glare is possible from the headlights of oncoming cars.

Not all owners of this model face such a problem. Those who have avoided problems with a bad video shot at night are advised to set it up correctly. You need to deal with the buttons yourself and set the optimal mode of operation of the Supra SCR-500. Instruction notperforms the necessary informational functions, as it is poorly compiled.


Complaints about the poor performance of the device are quite common. According to customer reviews, it can turn on and off at any time at will. May hang, time and date often go astray.

Many people talk about poor quality Supra SCR-500 firmware, which leads to numerous failures.

supra scr 500 manual
supra scr 500 manual

Some are seeing cold weather performance issues.

Other cons

Despite the high-quality mount, many are dissatisfied with its functionality. This is due to the fact that it does not allow turning the recorder well enough towards the driver's window to record communication with the traffic police officer. The dialogue itself is heard quite well, but it is almost impossible to capture the employee's face.

Quite often, the motion sensor does not work, and the device writes without stopping.

Without an external power supply, the built-in battery will last a little over half an hour.

Another drawback that the Supra SCR-500 DVR has is the instruction. All buyers noted that it was poorly composed and after reading it, many questions remain. It can be much easier to figure out the settings and principles of the device on your own. In extreme cases, you can turn to the help of the Internet and watch detailed videos about this model and the rules for setting it up.


Despite the large number of comments on the operation of the DVR, the demand forit's pretty big. This is due to its low cost with a fairly good shooting quality. Most likely, it will not be possible to find an analogue in this price segment. At the same time, many are satisfied with the quality of the picture and the recorded sound. Although some users report that the sound sometimes crackles.

supra scr 500 video recorder manual
supra scr 500 video recorder manual

A handy feature is the built-in screen that allows you to view footage directly on the device.

Another plus is the rather long lanyard that allows you to place the Supra SCR-500 under the rearview mirror and be sure that it can be connected to the cigarette lighter.

In addition, the DVR can be fixed to the windshield upside down. But the picture quality may be slightly reduced.

This DVR belongs to the most budget models and you can't expect from it the same functionality and quality characteristic of more expensive options. Almost all users confirm that its maximum service life is one year. Although for some it works longer without any failures and problems.

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