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A short review of the Ford Fiesta MK6. Specifications, reviews

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A short review of the Ford Fiesta MK6. Specifications, reviews
A short review of the Ford Fiesta MK6. Specifications, reviews

Ford Fiesta MK6 is a car from the American automotive giant, which has been produced since 1976 to the present day. Almost from the very moment the model appeared, it gained very great popularity among motorists and continues to be actively in demand today. Fiesta is notable primarily for the fact that it has a high level of safety, comfort, reliability, has very good technical characteristics, design and small dimensions. Let's get to know this car in more detail.

History of the sixth generation of cars

The sixth generation Ford Fiesta MK6 is currently in production. For the first time, the sixth generation of the beloved model was demonstrated at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. Then Ford introduced the car as a concept car, codenamed Verve. The novelty was significantly different from the fourth andthe fifth generation of the Fiesta, because, in addition to the updated design, it had a completely different, new Ford B platform.

In 2008, the first Fiesta models rolled off assembly lines in Asia and North America. A little later, cars appeared in India, and then in all other countries of the world. The novelty really liked the buyers, because it was a completely new version of the Fiesta, which in all aspects was better than the previous, fifth generation.

sixth generation of the ford fiesta mk6 model

The Ford Fiesta MK6 was restyled in 2013. The manufacturer slightly changed the appearance of the car, replaced the radiator grill, and completely changed the line of engines, replacing them with new, improved ones.

Since 2015, the Fiesta MK6 has been assembled in Russia at a plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. Interestingly, the model is not produced in Europe.

It is also worth noting that the seventh generation of the model is already on sale, but nevertheless, the "six" is still relevant and is being sold with might and main in car dealerships.


ford fiesta mk6 front view

From the outside, the Ford Fiesta MK6 looks very, very good. The front end of the car is completely made in the corporate style of Ford and even looks a little aggressive. The headlights are long, narrow, with multi-lens optics and LED daytime running lights. The radiator grille is made entirely in the style of "Ford" - this is the so-called "fish lip". The dimensions of the grille are large, it is framed in a chrome platededging and has several longitudinal ribs.

The bumper has a short overhang and a distinct shape. It has a wide air intake in the middle and fog lights, which are located in the corners, in niches.

ford fiesta mk6 rear view

Behind the car looks no less interesting and attractive. Immediately striking is the large tailgate, which has a neat little spoiler on top with an LED brake light. The taillights are not too big, but they look interesting. LED elements in the headlights, of course, are present. As for the bumper, its overhang is also small, and the shape itself is more rounded and smooth, only separate clear lines and edges add more expressiveness to it.


It's time to move on to the technical specifications of the Ford Fiesta MK6. Here, of particular interest are engines, gearboxes (gearboxes), chassis and suspension of a car. Let's take a closer look at each of these elements.

Engines and gearboxes

Start with engines. In total, two 1.6-liter engines, but of different power, are installed on the Ford Fiesta MK6 car.

The "youngest" has a capacity of 105 "horses", which allows him to accelerate the car to a hundred in 11.4 seconds. The maximum speed reaches the mark of 182 km / h. Fuel consumption when driving in the city is 8.4 liters, and when driving on the highway - 4.5. By structure, this is a classic in-line "four" with 16 valves (4 for each cylinder) and multi-point injection.

specifications ford fiesta mk6

The second motor has a slightly higher power - 120 hp. With this unit, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.7 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 188 km / h. Fuel consumption is identical to the previous engine - 8.4 liters in city mode and 4.5 on the highway. The type of engine structure is also similar - in-line "four" with a transverse arrangement, 16 valves and multipoint injection.

As for gearboxes, there are two options: manual and robotic. The mechanics has five speeds in its arsenal, while the robot is equipped with six speeds.

No motors or gearboxes create any particular problems, so you shouldn't worry about breakdowns.

Suspension and chassis of the car

The front of the Fiesta MK6 is an independent spring suspension with McPherson struts. Behind is a semi-independent suspension with a torsion beam. The car has a front-wheel drive, ground clearance (ground clearance) - 14 cm, and this is not very much by modern standards. On dirt roads or when parking, extra attention is clearly needed.

ford fiesta mk6 reviews

In general, there are no complaints about the suspension or chassis of the car. The car demonstrates excellent performance in terms of dynamics and maneuverability, in particular, due to its modest size.


Reviews of the Ford Fiesta MK6 show that the car turned out to be very interesting and balanced in all respects. Owners note low fuel consumption,large spacious interior, high level of comfort, technical equipment of the car, cheap maintenance, good and reliable engine, gearbox, high-quality interior trim materials, good sound insulation, suspension, hodovka and much more.

ford fiesta mk6 general view

Drivers mainly attribute the high cost, low clearance and not very large trunk to the disadvantages. Otherwise, there are no serious complaints.

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