How to increase car engine power: the best ways
How to increase car engine power: the best ways

Every car owner dreams of a powerful engine under the hood of his car, but not everyone has enough money for sports cars. At the same time, you can raise the characteristics of any motor with your own hands and almost without serious investments. Let's look at how to increase the engine power of any car.

Where does power come from?

There are two ways to improve ICE performance. It is necessary to make the fuel burn in the chambers more efficiently or to increase the engine consumption. There is no other way, since the engine draws all its energy only from gasoline or diesel fuel. The owner can only manage the energy of combustion more efficiently.

how to increase engine power by hand
how to increase engine power by hand

Reduce mechanical losses

Not one of the most modern and technologically advanced internal combustion engines will ever be able to give out its maximum power if a large proportion of the energy is spent on overcoming mechanical losses. It is impossible to completely get rid of these losses, but it is possible to significantly reduce them. For this purpose, manufacturers producelightweight parts of the piston group - pistons and connecting rods with the same dimension of spare parts.

Such kits can be purchased. They are available at tuning shops. They are readily purchased by amateurs and professionals. Due to the lightweight piston engine, it spins up more easily. This is the first option that helps to increase the capacity of VAZ with minimal investment.

Input resistance reduction

Without air, the engine will immediately stall - everyone knows that. And since it is quite difficult for air to get to the combustion chambers, it is worth easing its path.

engine work
engine work

There are several possible options here - this is the installation of an air filter of zero resistance, as well as polishing the intake manifold channels. Many modern engines have a plastic intake manifold - there is not much to polish.

how to do it by hand
how to do it by hand

Zero filter is also not good enough for the motor. Let the resistance for the passage of air be lower than that of regular air filters, but this is achieved by reduced filtering properties. In other words, the less air resistance and power, the more dust and dirt inside the ICE.

Increase compression ratio

Another way to increase power is to increase the compression ratio, which any car enthusiast can do. The bottom line is to reduce the height of the plane of the cylinder block. The volume of the combustion chamber decreases, so you should not expect much power from such a procedure.

Another method is to install pistons with moreconvex top. It is also possible to install a tuned camshaft on the engine. The compression ratio will improve due to the late closing of the intake valves.

When increasing the compression ratio, you can significantly increase the power and efficiency of the motor, reducing fuel consumption. But what is poured into the tank needs to be monitored. Now the usual 95th will not work. For the operation of such a high-powered motor, high-octane fuel is needed. Otherwise, there is a risk of detonation, which is very harmful to the internal combustion engine.

Forward flow installation

How else can you increase the power of the VAZ engine? It is enough to install a direct-flow exhaust pipe. You can increase the power characteristics by 15%. At the same time, the costs are insignificant and consist in installing a direct-flow pipe into the exhaust system.

how is the power of the engine do it yourself
how is the power of the engine do it yourself

The straight-through pipe will reduce the resistance of the exhaust gases, which will greatly speed up their exit. At the motor, the cost of exhaust gases is reduced, and all the energy that has been saved is redirected to the rotation of the crankshaft. As a retribution (and you have to pay for everything), the driver will receive unpleasant noise, dirty and non-environmental exhaust.


Another way to increase power is to install a turbocharger on the engine. Exhaust gases from the engine are sent to the turbine and accelerate the impeller. The latter, rotating, pumps a large amount of air into the combustion chambers. The gases are fed into the cylinders under pressure. The more the driver opens the throttle,the more air will enter the engine and the faster the crankshaft will spin. The increase in power is felt very strongly.

increase engine power
increase engine power

But when installing supercharging, you will have to think about the cooling system - it should be more efficient than those systems that are installed on AvtoVAZ products and on budget imported models. You will also have to spend a decent amount of money on reworking the motor - power costs money. Another disadvantage of turbocharging is the huge fuel consumption.

Nitrous oxide

Many have seen it in the movies. The cylinder, which is installed in the car, allows you to significantly increase the power, but only for a short time. When heated, the substance is divided into nitrogen and oxygen. During the combustion of the fuel mixture in the cylinders, the amount of oxygen increases to 31%. At the same time, in ordinary air, the amount of O2 is only 21%. This allows more fuel to be added by squeezing excess power out of the engine. Since the nitrous evaporates, it cools the air well. Its density increases, there is a lot of oxygen.

how to increase
how to increase

The technique is simple, but the short duration of the increase in power and the high cost are a significant drawback. In Russia, some racers use it.

Engine heating

Here's another way to increase power at the VAZ. It is known that the hotter the engine, the higher its efficiency. Naturally, overheating should not be allowed, but if the temperature is not significantly changed by reconfiguring the thermostat, then you can get goodresults.

The same was achieved by refusing drive fans in cooling systems in favor of electric ones. The fan did not always work, but only when necessary, significantly accelerating the warm-up of the internal combustion engine and increasing the efficiency, and, accordingly, the power.


How to increase engine power with your own hands? It is enough to fill the tank with high-octane fuel. Of course, provided that the unit is designed for such power. The higher the octane number of the fuel, the more ignition timing is needed - the ECU will make the appropriate edits and the power will grow a little.

Interestingly, today almost all representatives of the fuel companies are talking about drivers switching to 98th gasoline.


The lower the viscosity of the oil, the lower the friction force. Therefore, in extreme conditions, more horsepower can be pulled out of the engine. But you need to know the measure. Infinitely reduce the viscosity will not work. If you choose an oil that does not meet the tolerances of the manufacturer, then the pressure grease will simply come out of the oil seals and gaskets.

Volume increase

This is another way to increase power. The larger the volume, the more the internal combustion engine is capable of. There are two ways to increase the volume - increase the piston stroke or cylinder diameter. With the skill of working on a boring machine, it will not be difficult to remake a cylinder for a larger diameter.


If the air from the turbine is cooled, since in the process it heats up significantly, then the power can be increased even more. When cooled, the density increasesair, and also improves the filling of the engine cylinders.


You can increase the power with your own hands by installing a receiver on the engine instead of the intake manifold. The receiver has a larger volume than the standard intake manifold and short inlet pipes. Installing the part will bring excellent results in terms of power. The detail will smooth out the pulsation of air. Due to the short inlet pipes, the maximum filling of the cylinders will shift towards higher speeds. Torque and power will increase at high speeds, and at low speeds the power will decrease. You can also get that the increase will be only at low speeds, but then the thrust will decrease throughout the entire engine speed range.

how to operate the engine
how to operate the engine

They also install such intake systems where the geometry of the channels changes so that the cylinders fill perfectly in any speed range and do not depend on the throttle opening angle. This is the best, but also very expensive option.


Here's another way to increase motor power. To do this, you need to select high-quality components for the engine. It has long been known that the filter, candles, wires and everything else can significantly affect power. Some manufacturers produce quality products, others produce poor quality.

If you replace everything at once, then on a standard VAZ engine you can increase the power up to 5%. But the higher the rating of the components that were used on the auto assembly line, the less results you can achieve.


Typically, additive manufacturers promise substantial power gains from using these potions in cans. Experts who test these additives claim more modest results. But the power is increased by 2-3 percent.

Increased rpm

Many ICEs with ECUs are equipped with rev limiters. If such an electronic limiter is unlocked, then the power can be increased at peak speeds. Once upon a time, a naturally aspirated Honda with a 1.6 engine produced 160 horsepower. The engine was simply spun up to eight thousand revolutions due to such an unlock.

Chip tuning

With the help of chip tuning, you can increase the power by up to 20%. The essence of the process is to change the signals from the computer to the car's devices. Iron parts of the engine are not affected. Work happens only with electronics. In addition to the increase in power, as a result of chip tuning, you can get many other bonuses.

So, fuel consumption is slightly reduced with the appropriate firmware. There are firmware that can reduce consumption, but this reduces dynamism. You can also improve handling and dynamism.

Carburetor tuning

In the USA, a new technology has been developed to refine carburetors and chokes. Whether it is possible to increase power is not yet clear, but the essence of the technology is to create a chamfer in the throttle assembly or in the carburetor. The chamfer will allow the airflow to swirl as the damper moves and create a pressure drop. Air will mix better with fuel - the mixture will become homogeneous.

Something similar has already been done by enthusiasts fromUkraine. There is information about the refinement of the atomizer for the "SPIRT" carburetor. It prepares a fuel mixture that does not differ in uniformity from that which is prepared in injection engines. The mixture also atomizes better and burns more efficiently.



We looked at a lot of ways to increase power. Already now one of them will help some engine, and the owner will feel new emotions from the increased power and high speeds.