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Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning: features and recommendations

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Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning: features and recommendations
Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning: features and recommendations

Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning makes it possible to improve the parameters of the car, which was originally aimed at moving through difficult and difficult areas. Despite the fact that the car seems rather simple and uninteresting, it has a huge potential to expand the capabilities of the vehicle. As a result, you can get a real off-road conqueror in a unique design.

Tuning "Niva-Chevrolet"

Wheelbase improvement

The first important step in the Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning will be the selection of the optimal wheel configuration. There is an opinion that the larger the diameter of these elements, the higher the patency rate. There is some truth in this judgment, but not everything is so simple. Mounting oversized wheels in standard arches will result in friction of mating parts. Therefore, to install large modifications, you will need to work on the arches.

They can be cut or matched with wheels that will fit in standard guard sizes. This category includes:

  • 215/75/R15 from Forward Safari or Goodrich;
  • 205/70/R16 from Cordiant;
  • 205/80 R16 from Kumho.

After installing the indicated sets of rubber or their analogues, the difference between standard tires will be noticeable.

When installing something more substantial, you will need to trim the arched protection. In some cases, they get out of position by bending these elements outward. The second option looks aesthetically more beautiful. In addition, at this stage it is necessary to carry out the lifting correctly (increasing the ride height to the required level).

Suspension upgrade

When performing off-road tuning of Niva Chevrolet, a couple of methods for mounting a lift suspension are noted. They can be mastered and implemented independently, having the necessary equipment and appropriate tools. In the first case, it is supposed to increase the clearance by 50 millimeters by installing special insert gaskets. They can be bought to order in specialized workshops or stores. The kit includes parts to increase the length of the rods and shock absorbers, as well as the liners themselves for the front and rear springs. The issue price is about 5-6 thousand rubles per set.

Tuning suspension "Niva-Chevrolet"

Factory kits come with detailed instructions detailing the installation process. After such a “lifting”, it will be possible to use off-road wheels of 28-30 inches, which will make it possible to carry out a decent margin in terms of off-road conquest.

The second way to upgrade the suspension assembly involves mounting liners between the frame base and the body.The material of manufacture for such inserts is rubber or flexible metal. The design will make it possible to raise the vehicle up to 10 centimeters. It will take 2-3 days to install these elements on your own, in a professional workshop it will take several hours. The cost of the kit is about 10 thousand rubles.

Chevrolet Niva power kit

Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning also involves equipping with a power body kit. This is one of the important and frequently used methods applicable to domestic and foreign vehicles. Preparation for the main work in this direction will take a little time, all manipulations are carried out independently without any problems. The main thing is to remember some rules and have the right tool at hand.

First, the standard bumper is replaced with a reinforced version, if possible with a built-in winch design. The rear of the car is also reinforced with a powerful bumper. These elements will protect the body from possible collisions with natural obstacles (stumps, branches, flying stones, etc.). Additionally, reinforced sills are mounted on the sides, which perform the same function as the updated bumpers.

Tuning "Niva-Chevrolet" for off-road

Engine compartment treatment

Off-road tuning "Niva-Chevrolet" makes it possible to prepare the car for the passage of particularly difficult areas, including swamps, water obstacles and sands. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure reliable protection of the power unit, since the ingress of water into the motor isVirtually 100% guaranteed to fail or fail. Experts recommend installing a snorkel, which reliably prevents fluid from entering the engine.


In addition, do the following:

  1. Bring the exhaust pipe to the roof, which avoids exhaust gases from entering the passenger compartment if the car gets stuck on a water obstacle. This placement of the outlet element complements the modernization externally, giving it a showiness.
  2. Installation of branch cutters (trofileers). These elements prevent sudden blows of branches on the windshield, help to move through wooded areas. The design consists of steel cables stretched from the corners of the hood to the roof. They are purchased at specialized outlets or made by hand.
  3. They put a lattice protection of light elements, protecting the optics from mechanical impact.
Photo tuning "Niva-Chevrolet" for off-road

Engine work

This is one of the most delicate stages of off-road Niva-Chevrolet tuning. You will need to delve deeply into the design of the motor, therefore, without the necessary knowledge, it is better to omit this process or entrust it to a specialist.

Modernization is carried out as follows:

  1. Install new piston rings and crankshaft. This will make it possible to increase the volume of the “engine” by about 100 milliliters, which will positively affect the technical characteristics of the machine, provided that all work is carried out correctly and accurately.
  2. Introduce newcontrol unit, helping to expand the possibilities of subsequent chip tuning.
  3. Change regular injectors for a better and more economical option, which has a positive effect on dynamics and power.
  4. Increase the diameter of the intake and exhaust valve wells.

To improve the parameters of the dynamics and operation of the exhaust system, standard catalysts are replaced with flame arresters.

Engine tuning "Niva-Chevrolet"

Chip tuning

Another secret of Niva-Chevrolet tuning is ECU reprogramming. To improve the standard factory firmware, you can use two methods: with or without dismantling the unit. In the first option, you will need an additional power supply with a suitable connector for connection, as well as a matching data input unit.

In diagnostic mode, by connecting a laptop to the ECU, you can identify problem nodes, get rid of problems with catalyst and oxygen indicators. Flashing the system is carried out only on serviceable equipment. The new program itself will designate "sore spots" in red. Chip tuning benefits include:

  • reduce fuel consumption;
  • increase power parameter to 10%;
  • setting the operation of the "engine" on all bands;
  • small financial cost compared to replacement parts.
Chip tuning "Chevrolet Niva"

How to legalize off-road tuning and modifications of the Niva-Chevrolet?

A very big pitfall in the implementation of conceived ideas to improve the machineis the legal basis. According to the changes made to the technical regulations, almost any intervention in the design of the car can be regarded as illegal. In addition, the installation of reinforced bumpers, a winch, a kengurin and other external "gadgets" requires compliance with certain dimensions. Those who decide on all the transformations will have to copy a certificate confirming the technical parameters for each element. In addition, all major transformations during the Niva-Chevrolet off-road tuning require approval by the automobile inspection authorities.

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