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KAMAZ brake system - 5 circuits

KAMAZ brake system - 5 circuits
KAMAZ brake system - 5 circuits

For the perception of an ordinary person who does not have special knowledge in the field of automotive technology, the device of a car will seem very complicated, but you can still understand and study it, in this article we will talk about KamAZ, or rather, about the structure of the brake system. The KamAZ braking system is a complex mechanism, which today we will try to understand a little.

brake system kamaz

As in any car, the device of the car consists of the following main parts: the control system of electrical equipment and engine, running gear and transmission, body and engine. So, the KamAZ brake system, let's take a closer look.

The brake system of this car is composed of 5 brake circuits. The device of the KamAZ car: pumping compressed air, the compressor is the main part of the system. From the actuator, the cleaned compressed air is supplied under pressure to the remaining parts of the brake actuator. The part of the drive that feeds it consists of a condensation receiver, a fuse so that the condensate does not freeze, a regulatorpressure and compressor. The brake system of KamAZ is divided into circuits that are autonomous and are separated by protective valves. Regardless of the breakdown, each of them works separately.

The first circuit consists of various brake mechanisms, pipelines and hoses, 2 brake chambers, the lower section of the brake valve, there is also a valve that monitors the control output, a pressure limiting valve. There is a two-pointer pressure gauge and a receiver with a capacity of 20 liters, which has a pressure drop sensor.

kamaz car device

The second circuit is the rear bogie brake circuit. It also consists of pipelines and hoses, brake mechanisms of the rear and intermediate axles of the bogie, 4 brake chambers, this circuit has a two-pointer pressure gauge and a valve for the control output of automatic brake forces. The braking device of the trolley also has a receiver with pressure sensors, for draining condensate there are special taps with a total capacity of forty liters, as well as parts of the 3rd protective valve and the upper section of the brake valve.

The third circuit is a circuit with a combined trailer brake drive. It consists of a two-wire trailer brake drive and a sensor, 3 connecting heads and disconnecting valves, a trailer brake control valve with a single-wire drive, and a single safety valve. The third circuit has an accelerator, as well as a double safety valve and other mechanisms.

kamaz brake system

The fourth circuit does not have its own receiver and iselement of the auxiliary brake system. It consists of hoses and pipelines, a lever drive cylinder that stops the engine, a pneumoelectric sensor. It has 2 damper cylinders, part of a double protection valve, and a pneumatic valve.

The fifth circuit does not have its own receiver, it is an emergency release circuit. It consists of pipelines and hoses, part of the 3rd protective valve, has a pneumatic valve of a two-way bypass valve. Three lines connect the brake drives (pneumatic) of the trailer and the KamAZ vehicle. This is a single-wire drive supply line and a brake line for a two-wire drive. Protects the condensate receiver with a volume of 20 liters from freezing on all KamAZ models.

The KamAZ brake system is rather complicated, but we tried to briefly consider its basic principles.

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