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"Mercedes E200": specifications and reviews
"Mercedes E200": specifications and reviews

Modification of the German car "Mercedes E200" (business class) replaced its predecessor W123 in 1984. The designers improved not only running performance, but also worked on the convenience of the driver and passengers, including safety. The range includes models with gasoline, diesel and turbine engines. Consider the features of cars, taking into account consumer feedback.

Characteristics of the car "Mercedes E200"

General information

On machines "Mercedes E200" type W-210 for the first time began to use rack and pinion steering. In addition, an experimental five-speed gearbox was mounted with the option of a variable speed activation algorithm (FRG).

Auto is a kind of testing ground for the introduction of a variety of innovative developments and technological innovations. This includes superior comfort seats, improved ventilation, modern navigation aggregated with DynAPS type speakers.

Among the system devices, the Brake Assist unit can be noted, which is activated during emergency braking, optimizing the entire process until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. With such extremeloads are connected to the work of pneumatic stabilizers available on the suspensions. This solution allows you to stop the car in hundredths of a second without blocking and skidding. Additionally, this process is controlled by the ABS option.

Technical parameters in brief

"Mercedes Benz E200" has moderate fuel consumption, showing excellent dynamics. The car is driven by a power unit with an in-line arrangement of four cylinders, the power of which is 122 “horses” with a volume of 1.8 liters. Distributed fuel injection and mechanical boost further contribute to solving the tasks to the maximum.

The vehicle in question is equipped with a gearbox for six (mechanics) or five modes (automatic). The front suspension is formed according to the type of a paired wishbone, the rear counterpart is a coil spring. Driving the machine is facilitated by a hydraulic power steering, the rear-wheel drive car turns around a radius of only ten meters. Brake unit - disc, ventilated.

E200 car


In general, the performance of the 200th version is not much different from the 240th analogue. The main advantage is low fuel consumption and reduced cost. In the secondary market, the specified car can be bought at a price of 600 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that the body of this car without additional participation can withstand at least 20 years of operation. This feature costs money, which will go to the cause, and not to the wind.

Characteristics of the "Mercedes E200" in numbers

The following arebasic performance characteristics of the car:

  • manufactured in 2009;
  • length/width/height – 4, 86/1, 85/1, 47 m;
  • track rear/front - 1, 6/1, 58 m;
  • wheelbase - 2.87 m;
  • luggage compartment capacity - 540 l;
  • number of doors/seats – 4/5;
  • suspension - multi-link dependent node;
  • brakes - ventilated discs with ABS;
  • engine - diesel engine with turbine;
  • power rating - 122 hp;
  • displacement - 2148 cc;
  • curb weight - 1.61 tons;
  • acceleration from "zero" to "hundreds" - 10.7 seconds;
  • fuel tank capacity - 59 l;
  • top speed - 215 km/h.
Dashboard car "Mercedes E200"

More about the power plant

The Mercedes E200 is equipped with several types of diesel engines. In addition, there are versions with gasoline power units. All engines can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. The first group includes economical petrol and diesel units up to 2.7 cubic centimeters. They develop a power of about 170 "horses", "eat" about 10 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Such cars are the most in demand and popular.
  2. The second division includes more powerful "engines" with six cylinders. Their volume is at least 2.8 "cubes", they are aggregated with a five-speed automatic. Such power units allow you to fully enjoy the dynamics and maneuverability of the Mercedes E200.
  3. Third group - elite power units of eight cylinders with a V-shaped placement. The volume of these motors varies from 4.3 to 5.4 liters. Cars of this class belong to representative transport, they are purchased by a narrow circle of consumers. Fuel consumption is about 20 liters per 100 km, which can hardly be called a saving even with a stretch.
The engine of the car "Mercedes E200"


The developers of the German company are constantly improving their masterpieces, keeping up, and sometimes ahead of competitors. In 2013, the updated Mercedes E200 W212 was presented to the masses. It happened at the World Auto Show in Detroit.

There were no cardinal changes in the exterior. Sports bumpers and the front part of the car remained the same recognizable. But the interior equipment has been significantly updated. The front panel and center console have been transformed externally, which was appreciated by users, since the former design is somewhat outdated and fed up. Instrument control systems have become more ergonomic, and an updated steering wheel has appeared in coupes and convertibles.


In the updated lineup, mainly gasoline-powered power units from the classic Mercedes E200 remained. Thanks to some improvements, fuel consumption was reduced to seven liters per "hundred", and the dynamics became slightly higher. This model accelerates to 100 kilometers in less than eight seconds. The vehicle engine aggregates with a manual transmission in six modes. With a seven-speedthe automatic transmission increases the takeoff to 8.5 seconds. The updated line includes 7 petrol and 5 diesel "engines". Among such an assortment, choosing the right modification is not so easy.

After the modernization in 2013, the suspension unit has not undergone any special changes. But the set of electronic devices is amazing. To the existing systems, a block of exchange rate stability and intelligent braking was added (the device evaluates the situation near the vehicle, allowing it to avoid collisions). Voice control for certain parameters and automatic parking is available for an additional fee.

Interior of the car "Mercedes E200"

Pricing policy

"Mercedes E200", the photo of which is presented below, in the basic configuration will cost at least 1.9 million rubles. A station wagon car and an additional optional - more than two million domestic money. The maximum layout will approach the price of three million.

Prices cannot be called democratic, but the German quality and prestige of the brand are worth it. The cars in question have never been cheap, they are still considered one of the most expensive in their segment. The release date of the vehicle does not play a special role, since the resource of the power unit and main parts does not have an expiration date.

Coupe "Mercedes E200"

Reviews about the Mercedes E200

As noted by the owners, the car in question has largedimensions. It will not be easy for a beginner to navigate the first time, especially if he moved from a “compact car”. Nevertheless, no one canceled solidity, both inside and outside. Users of models with a silver color body claim that dust is almost invisible, as are minor scratches. The coating itself is not resistant to mechanical stress. This problem can be easily solved with a special car varnish.

The interior is simply designed for a comfortable ride. There is an adjustment of mirrors, seats, steering column, electric window lifts. Safety is provided by belts, three pillows. To store small things and documents, there is a glove compartment, a niche in the armrest, as well as three separate compartments and a built-in mini-fridge.

According to users, under the hood the picture is no worse. The power unit type 111 is one of the most reliable German engines. The motor is powerful enough, accelerates the heavy mass of the body briskly and confidently. As for the behavior on the road, the owners note that the Mercedes feels confident, moves without jerks, bumps and pits are practically not felt, as well as the noise of the “engine”.

Photo of the car "Mercedes E200"


In January 2016, another restyled model of the Mercedes E200 (coupe) was presented in Detroit. In parallel, a sedan with similar characteristics was introduced. The car added even more in size, received all sorts of new systems and an automatic transmission for nine ranges. New version in initialThe performance was offered with a diesel engine with a capacity of 195 “horses” and a pair of gasoline units of 240 and 330 horsepower. Manufacturers have promised to introduce a hybrid modification with a four-cylinder engine and an electric motor in the updated line, which together develop 210 kW.

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