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"UAZ Patriot Diesel": tanks are not afraid of dirt

"UAZ Patriot Diesel": tanks are not afraid of dirt
"UAZ Patriot Diesel": tanks are not afraid of dirt

"UAZ Patriot Diesel" is an all-wheel drive SUV that can easily overcome the most difficult roads, including country roads. This car is equipped with a strong all-metal body. Inside the jeep is a rather comfortable interior.

UAZ patriot diesel

The diesel version is one of the most common SUV modifications. Such machines are equipped with two types of engines. The first is a foreign turbodiesel from Iveco, the second is a domestic analogue, ZMZ-5143. The diesel "Patriot" is a real tank compared to imported SUVs.

Off-road vehicle production

This model is produced in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. The first car rolled off the assembly line in 2005, the field of which was gradually subjected to technical changes and improvements. So, there were many modifications of UAZ, both with gasoline and diesel engines.

The Patriot Sport model is one of the many modifications that appeared recently, in 2010. This model differed from others in its compactness and maneuverability.

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A littleabout numbers

"UAZ Patriot Diesel" has rather large dimensions: length - 4.6 m, width - 2.08 m, height - 1.9 meters. And if special arcs are installed on the car, then its height will be as much as two meters! Of course, such a giant will be very heavy. By factory standards, a diesel SUV can easily withstand an additional load of 600 kilograms. The new UAZ is not a car for “show-offs” and steepness, it is a purely economic vehicle and a great option for a Russian farmer. The layout of the shock absorbers is quite successful, and even when hitting a log, the car retains all its functions. This is the main advantage owned by UAZ Patriot Diesel. Owner reviews say that the jeep can be compared with a tank in terms of cross-country ability.

Unfortunately, all UAZ models have flaws in the layout of the bodies. This also affected the new "Patriot". Despite the fact that the new car costs 500 thousand rubles (and in the luxury configuration - as much as 700 thousand), in terms of design it looks more like a cheap budget car - in some places there are obvious gaps and crooked gaps. Nevertheless, all the doors in the novelty are surprisingly closed very easily, without rumble and noise. They also open easily, even in severe frost.

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It is worth paying attention to the updated heating system. Here our engineers were helped by German colleagues (namely, the Sanden company). Now the stove is controlled by an electric drive, and in winter it is almost impossible to freeze in a car. Also pleased with the ventilation system.- due to the installation of sealed air ducts, the amount of air getting "to nowhere" has significantly decreased. Now all warm or cold air flows without loss only into the passenger compartment (if necessary, onto the windows) of the car.

But even with the use of foreign technologies, the Patriot will still remain our Russian car. It is still a powerful, reliable and modern car, the main competitor of imported SUVs. This can be repeatedly seen by reading the reviews. "UAZ Patriot Diesel" is an excellent choice for Russian roads!

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