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VAZ-2129 - unknown "Niva"

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VAZ-2129 - unknown "Niva"
VAZ-2129 - unknown "Niva"

"Niva" is the first Russian off-road vehicle, the production of which began back in 1977. This car spent 30 years of its life quite rapidly. He went through several modifications of his own, became a parent for other machines, he himself learned new functions from some "children". But all these cars were united and continue to be united by one quality - series 21. The first car received serial number 2121. Experts will name 21213, 2131 and others, but not everyone will remember the VAZ-2129.

vaz 2129

One of the differences between this car and other "Niv" was its own name - "Cedar". As far as it can be considered official - we will not say. But even "Cedar" has its own "child" - "Utiliter". At the same time, in some circles, the 2130 model, which is also a variation of the Niva, is considered to be the Kedr version. However, in 2129 and 2130 the difference is only inside - outwardly they can be quite confused. Therefore, in the review we will consider the VAZ-2129, but a few words will be said about another modification.


The first "Niva" appeared on the assembly line in April 1977. Very quickly gaining popularity, this model was produced for almost 15 years. In 1993, the developers change the external and internal appearance, and anew "Niva 4x4". In fact, the all-wheel drive formula was used by both the first Niva and the more famous car called the Chevrolet Niva.

vaz 2129 pickup

At the same time, AvtoVAZ continued to develop side branches based on an all-wheel drive chassis. Such was the "Niva" VAZ-2129 - all the same 3-door SUV. Although it was difficult to call it a standard "Niva". The factory came up with this idea when a five-door car was planned on the basis of a three-door car. Space is needed for two additional doors. And the designers simply extended the regular version of 2121. At first, it was used only to work out the idea of ​​2131. But when the car got its shape, they decided to release an extended three-door version too. So at the beginning of the 90s, the Niva VAZ-2129 appeared - an elongated version of the usual one.


Although this model was transitional for designers from three to five doors, as soon as it appeared on the market, this car found its buyer. One of the reasons was that, in fact, while remaining a Niva, this car made it possible to transport a larger amount of cargo. The second reason was that the model was not serial. It was assembled in small batches, so the demand for such a machine was increased.

  • Thanks to such public interest, the designers again took up the VAZ-2129 project. A modification of the "Cedar" was "Utiliter". He received the same code as the "parent", but has an extended cargo compartment and only two seats - driver and front passenger. on the rearside windows, as well as grilles were installed between the seats and the cargo compartment.
  • The next version of this car was the model 2130. Externally, the car remained the same 2129, so in some publications it is called 2129-01. When creating this model, the designers remembered the 2108, as a result of which the 2130 received a rear seat from the eight. As a matter of fact, it was the eight, but with all-wheel drive and appearance from the elongated 2121.
  • niva vaz 2129
  • Modifications include version 2120 - the first Russian-made minivan.
  • Several other varieties were also produced, one of which can be called VAZ-2129 (pickup). At its core, it was an open variant of the Utility version. During development, this model was numbered 2329.


The main feature of the model can be called one - it is an elongated version of the machine, produced since 1977. The rest of the features are well known to the owners of other Nivs. These include increased gas mileage, permanent four-wheel drive, non-switchable differential and other features inherent in a car of this brand.


Unlike many Western SUVs, sometimes skidding out of the blue, Russia produces a car designed for our realities. Over its 30-year history, it has grown both in terms of filling and in terms of length, becoming from a three-door to a five-door. But few people know how the five-door model was assembled. Indeed, it was based on an elongated version of the Niva, which came out under the serial number VAZ-2129 and,in addition to the five-door, it launched several more cars of the Volga plant.

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