Ford: country of origin, review of the best models

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Ford: country of origin, review of the best models
Ford: country of origin, review of the best models

The American automobile manufacturer Ford is one of the main market leaders. For more than a century of existence, this auto giant has created dozens of different models of cars. All American brands of machines from this manufacturer are reliable and affordable for the resulting high quality.

Ford - brief information about the company

Every boy knows where Ford is made. Henry Ford founded his automobile business in America in 1903. About thirty thousand dollars the creator received from investors to create a company. In history, the name of this brand is inscribed for centuries. Since this is the first car in the world assembled on an assembly line. It is not easy to say where Ford is assembled. The fact is that the company has factories in various countries of the world. As for the Russian Federation, here the cars of this brand are assembled in Kaluga. There are also enterprises in Brazil, Argentina, China and other countries. Ford also owns American car brands such as Lincoln and Mercure. Management of this car company nowcarried out by Alan Mulally.

ford country of manufacture
ford country of manufacture

Ford - review of models (list of the best)

Throughout its existence, a huge number of cars have been produced under the Ford brand. Top selling brands:

  • F-Series is a full-size pickup truck. This car has been produced since 1948 and to this day by Ford. Country of manufacture - America. The car of this model is the best-selling car in the history of the automotive industry. It has been purchased over thirty million times throughout its history.
  • Escort is a successful car from the Ford brand. Country of manufacture - America. There was also a division in Europe. This car has been assembled for thirty-five years. Since 2003, the car of this model is no longer produced. Over the entire period of the existence of this brand, Ford has sold twenty million copies of the Escort.
  • Fiesta is a bright representative of Ford's B-class cars. Producing countries - America, Brazil, China, Thailand and others. The model has existed since 1976, now it is also being produced. The number of sold copies reaches thirteen million units.
  • Focus - a series of cars launched in 1998 in America. In 1999, Russia was added to the Ford producing countries. In total, the company has sold more than nine million cars of this model. Half a million of this amount falls on Russia. According to 2010 data, Russians purchased Ford Focus more often than any othercars.

  • Mustang is the brand's legendary car. Its release started in 1964 and continues to this day. It has a super powerful engine. In total, this car was sold nine million times.
ford where they collect
ford where they collect


The Ford F-Series is an iconic American car brand that has been around for seventy years. For all the time of its existence, this brand has been modified and refined in every possible way. At the moment, there are thirteen series of this car. From the moment of creation and until 1955, the design of the F-Series did not change at all. The transmission has been changed. If at first it was three-stage, then it became already five-stage. Also, the manufacturer constantly sought to increase the carrying capacity of the pickup truck. Significant changes occurred in the sixth generation. The radiator grill has been modified. The headlights were changed from round to square. The body began to be made of more durable metal with an anti-corrosion coating. In the eighties, the truck received a more acute-angled shape and a new automatic transmission. Now the car of this brand is made of high-strength aluminum alloys, has an economical engine and active aerodynamics.

American automobile company
American automobile company


For all the time of its existence, the car was released in five generations. Initially, the machine had the following characteristics:

  • Drive - rear.
  • Engine - gasoline, designed for1, 1 l. and 1, 3 l.
  • Body type - sedan and station wagon.
  • Settings - standard, deluxe and super.

After numerous changes, the car's engine has been enlarged. The last series was produced with a gasoline engine capacity of 1.3, 1.6, 1.8 liters. and two liter. It also appeared possible to purchase models with diesel engines of 1.8 liters. As for body types, Escort began to be created not only in the form of sedans and station wagons, but also introduced a convertible and hatchback.

ford model overview
ford model overview


The first Fords of this brand were presented in two bodies - a hatchback (3 doors) and a van (2 doors, without windows and seats in the rear). The body was made of sheet steel. The hood of this car opened forward. The braking system of the Fiesta was diagonal and dual circuit. The brakes were strengthened by special pneumatics. The front axle was equipped with disc brakes, the rear had drum brakes. The drive of this model in its original form was front-wheel drive. The first configurations came exclusively with gasoline engines from 1.0 hp. and 1, 1 l. The gearbox in this car was manual.

Over the years, the car has undergone significant changes. Now it can be bought in a variety of types of engines ranging from 1.25 hp. and ending with two-liter. The brakes are now disc brakes for all axles. Externally, the car has become more massive and safer than its predecessors.

where is ford made
where is ford made


This model is compact, externalattractiveness and economy. In Russia, this model is very fond of. The vehicle has the following specifications:

  • Three body styles including sedan, hatchback and station wagon.
  • Based on the latest C2 platform.
  • Has a panoramic roof.
  • Headlights - LED.
  • Eight-speed rotary shift transmission.
  • Two types of engines - three-cylinder petrol and four-cylinder diesel.

In the latest model, the car is already being assembled in Germany. It is also planned to launch in China. As for Russian factories, they still do not have information about the assembly of the new model. It is worth noting that in all generations the Ford Focus has a good level of security, which makes it very popular among buyers. Perhaps it was this indicator that made Russians fall in love with a car of this brand so much and made it the best-selling passenger car in Russia in 2010.

american brand ford
american brand ford


This car is relevant for all times, as it is considered an absolute classic of the American car industry. Cars of the latest series are distinguished by a stylish futuristic design. In the minimum configuration, it has a four-liter engine and a power of 210 hp. With. In its maximum configuration, the engine reaches a power of five hundred and fifty liters per second. The engine in this case is 5.4 liters. The transmission is both manual and automatic. This car was created afterdeep analysis of customer needs and became the favorite of millions. Initially, they wanted to call it "Panther" and even developed the appropriate symbols, but at the last moment the management decided to use the bright and catchy name "Mustang".