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Replacing the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva with your own hands: step by step instructions with a photo

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Replacing the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva with your own hands: step by step instructions with a photo
Replacing the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva with your own hands: step by step instructions with a photo

One of the most important components in an engine is the timing system. Today, manufacturers are increasingly switching to belt drive. However, many domestic cars are still equipped with a chain gas distribution mechanism. Chevrolet Niva is no exception. The manufacturer recommends replacing the timing chain on the Niva Chevrolet every 100 thousand kilometers.

There are also indirect signs. This is increased fuel consumption and increased noise of the internal combustion engine. This car is quite simple, so you can replace the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva with your own hands. How to do this - consider in the article.


It must be said that replacing the chain involves a partial disassembly of the engine. therefore, for those who have not yet had the experience of self-repairing a car, this procedure may seem overwhelming.

timing chain replacement niva chevrolet injector

Some replace the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva without removingfront cover. But this is not recommended, because you need to change the drive gears. Since the teeth are worn, they will not interact well with the new chain. In addition, chain tensioners should also be changed.

What needs to be prepared?

In order for the replacement of the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva injection to be successful, you need to prepare:

  • a special wrench for the crankshaft pulley nut, some make such a device on their own - they take a wheel wrench for cargo wheels (32 by 38 millimeters) as a basis;
  • heads of different sizes (from 8 to 22);
  • candle key;
  • pliers;
  • clean rags;
  • hammer;
  • negative screwdriver;
  • brake pipe wrench.
  • replacing the timing chain Chevrolet Niva with a two-row

We will also need new parts:

  • the chain itself;
  • three gears (for camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump shaft);
  • front crankshaft oil seal;
  • damper and tensioner timing chain;
  • timing cover gasket and water pump.

Getting Started

So, we have all the necessary materials and tools. First of all, you need to install the car on the handbrake and put wheel chocks under the wheels. It is desirable that the car is in the pit.

Next, you need to remove the protection of the engine and gearbox (if any). After that, you need to prepare a container for draining the antifreeze and dismantle the radiator along with the fans. If performedreplacing the timing chain on a Chevrolet Niva with air conditioning, you also need to drain the refrigerant from the system. Some do not drain it, but simply gently move the radiator blocks to the side. Next, the damper control actuator is turned off. The air filter housing is removed. The crankshaft sensor is removed.

It is necessary to loosen the alternator and remove the accessory drive belt. Then the bypass and tension roller is removed. The top cover of the camshaft is removed. From above, the engine must be covered with a clean rag so that debris from the street does not get inside. Then, with a minus screwdriver, the lock washer is bent and the head is torn off by 17 bolts. Unscrew the water pump mount. The last one also needs to be removed. To remove the front cover, you need to unscrew seven bolts around the perimeter and two more on the top. After the generator bracket bolt is unscrewed.

What's next?

The car is set to fifth gear. With a special key of 38 millimeters, the nut on the crankshaft pulley is torn off.

replacement timing chain niva chevrolet

Unscrew the candles and make marks on the crankshaft, as well as on the camshaft gear. Then the pulley is dismantled and the fasteners of the lower front cover are unscrewed. They are located on the engine tray. The two fixing bolts of the damper are unscrewed. The last one is removed too. The oil pump gear locks are bent. Then the bolt is unscrewed with a head on 17.

The oil lines are removed from the tensioner using a brake pipe wrench. After that, you will need to unscrew the nut of the low oil pressure sensor from the tee. Forthis will require a 22 wrench. This procedure is required when using the Pilot tensioner.

Using a spark plug wrench, the tee is removed and a pressure sensor is installed instead. With a 10 wrench, two tensioner nuts are unscrewed. The last one is removed. Remove the top nut. You can get it with pliers or a tubular wrench.

At the next stage, all three gears are dismantled, as well as the chain. The old crankshaft oil seal is removed with a screwdriver. It is necessary to carefully wipe the seal seat from dirt.

niva chevrolet chain replacement

You'll need a clean rag. It is also advisable to wipe the lid. After these procedures, a new oil seal is pressed in. To make it go in easily, you will need to pre-lubricate the elements with oil. An old oil seal is used as a mandrel (so that the part evenly enters the hole).

Install a new tensioner shoe. In this case, it is necessary to ensure a minimum clearance between the bolt and the housing. The tensioner should normally walk on the bolt, while not play. This is the only way to correctly tension the timing chain.

The gears of the oil pump and crankshaft are put on. In this case, do not forget about the installation of locking and spacers. The pin of the lock washer should be bent at a right angle. Then the bolts are tightened. If the spike is difficult to fit into the gear, it needs to be sharpened slightly.

The gear is put on the camshaft. The marks on the back of the gear should match those on the head. A new damper is mounted and the crankshaft is set to the positiontop dead center. There is a label for this. It is located opposite the keyway.

A new chain is wetted with engine oil before installation. You have to know how to put it on correctly. The chain is put on from the crankshaft, then passes through the oil pump and goes to the camshaft. This installation scheme will ensure uniform tension. In this case, only the oil pump shaft can be rotated.

The tensioner is being installed. The mating surfaces must be lubricated with sealant. In this case, the hole that is in the tensioner housing (the spring is visible in it) should be in the upward direction.

replacing the timing chain niva chevrolet with air conditioning

How is the installation going?

The next step is to check the degree of tightness of the chain, as well as the coincidence of the marks. You need to pull the pin out of the tensioner. The shaft is scrolled a few turns to make sure the marks match. The bolts for fastening the gears of the pump and the camshaft are tightened, then the stoppers are bent. The front cover is mounted. At the same time, the mating surfaces and the gasket are lubricated with sealant. Fastening nuts are baited and the generator bracket is placed. The pulley is installed in place, the cover bolts are tightened, the valve cover is on top.

How is the timing chain replaced on the Niva Chevrolet? At the next stage, experts recommend checking the condition of the tension rollers and the auxiliary drive belt. In the presence of defects (noise during rotation in the first case and breaks in the second), the elements are changed.

The pump is mounted with a newgasket. The pulley nut is tightened with a special wrench by 38 millimeters. A belt is put on and all the connectors that were removed earlier are attached. How is the timing chain replaced on the Niva Chevrolet? The radiator is put in place, antifreeze is poured. All remaining parts are being installed.

replacement timing chain tensioner niva chevrolet


After these events, the engine is started. if the engine starts normally, it must be warmed up to operating temperature. Next, shut it off and check for coolant leaks. If the timing chain tensioner was replaced on a Chevrolet Niva with air conditioning, additional refrigerant must be charged.

Pay attention

If the timing chain on the Chevrolet Niva is being replaced with a two-row one, it is important to check that the ignition is set correctly. It is set on the crown on the flywheel of the internal combustion engine. The crown has an area missing one tooth.

timing chain replacement

If the piston of the first cylinder is at TDC, this section should be located at the bottom. In this case, the 20th tooth, when counting counterclockwise, is opposite the DPKV.


So, we found out how the timing chain is replaced on the Chevrolet Niva. This operation has many stages, but if everything is done in sequence, the work will be done efficiently.

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