Replacing the timing belt on Lanos with your own hands: features of the work

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Replacing the timing belt on Lanos with your own hands: features of the work
Replacing the timing belt on Lanos with your own hands: features of the work

In the article you will learn how the timing belt is replaced on Lanos. The state of this element must be monitored as closely as possible, since literally everything depends on it - both your financial well-being and the operation of the engine. The fact is that a broken belt can lead to the breakdown of several valves, and the cost of repairs is quite high. Some motorists naively believe that Lanos is a cheap car with nothing to break down. But that's not the case at all. Therefore, in order to avoid "surprises", let's look at the repair procedure with our own hands, we will not visit expensive workshops.

What is the timing belt for

The timing mechanism is driven by a durable toothed belt. They prevent the belt from slipping on the toothed pulleys. Need a belt to passrotation from crankshaft to camshaft. The fluid pump is also driven by a belt drive.

Replacing the timing belt Chevrolet Lanos 1 5
Replacing the timing belt Chevrolet Lanos 1 5

To keep the tension constant, a special roller is installed. The main requirement for it is that its rotation occurs as smoothly as possible. There shouldn't be any bites. The entire surface of the element must be clean. On the Chevrolet Lanos, the timing belt is replaced in strict sequence after the partial dismantling of the fasteners. The belt is located on the right side of the engine compartment.

When to change the belt

If you believe the instructions for the car, then the replacement must be done every 75 thousand kilometers. This is a fairly large resource, not every element is able to hold out for so long. Locksmiths in auto repair shops give slightly different recommendations - to reduce the mileage to about 60 thousand km. In order to find out if the belt needs to be replaced, it is enough to make an inspection.

Replacing the timing belt Chevrolet Lanos 8 valves
Replacing the timing belt Chevrolet Lanos 8 valves

Need a replacement if you find these defects:

  1. Cracks near the teeth are observed on the belt when bent.
  2. There are thin, almost imperceptible cracks on the surface of the belt.
  3. When changing the thickness of the belt, uneven wear.
  4. If there are traces of oil, antifreeze, dirt on the surface.

All of these signs clearly indicate that it is time to install a new belt. And, of course, the main criterion is mileage. In the event that a timely replacement is not carried outbelt may break. The result - valves bend, pistons collapse, in a word, there will be a lot of problems.

What tools do you need for the job?

What do you need when replacing the timing belt on a Chevrolet Lanos (1.5 L)? The tools and materials needed are as follows:

  1. New timing belt kit, rollers.
  2. Open-end wrenches, box wrenches, sockets, wrench and ratchet.
  3. Flat screwdriver.
  4. Jack, supports, shoes.
  5. Screwdriver.

You may also need a container to drain the liquid from the cooling system, a new pump and gaskets (if you plan to change this unit).

Dismantling algorithm

Timing belt Lanos replacement
Timing belt Lanos replacement

The timing belt is being replaced on Lanos (1.5 l) according to the following scheme:

  1. First you need to open the hood and dismantle the air purification filter, as well as the pipe attached to it. To remove it, you need to pry the pipe with a flat screwdriver.
  2. Find the three bolts on the power steering pulley and loosen them. After these manipulations, you need to unscrew the upper bolt on the generator housing. This will loosen the belt tension and allow it to be removed very easily.
  3. Remove the power steering pulley.
  4. Unscrew the four bolts that secure the cover that closes the timing belt compartment with a “10” wrench.
  5. Turn the crankshaft so that the marks on the pulley and the top cover match. In this case, the piston of the first cylinder will rise to TDC.
  6. Now you need to raise the rightside of the car with a jack and remove the wheel. You will also have to unscrew the fasteners of the right fender liner. The air resonator also needs to be removed. This way you will provide free access to the plastic case, behind which the timing belt is located.
  7. Remove the protection, for this you need to unscrew two nuts and the same number of bolts. On some modifications of Lanos, the protective panel is made not of plastic, but of steel.
  8. Now you can unscrew the bolt that secures the crankshaft pulley. To unscrew it, you need to use a screwdriver with a long collar. The head on "17" is used. If the car has air conditioning, then you will need to loosen the tension of its belt.

Direct timing belt replacement

Chevrolet Lanos timing belt replacement
Chevrolet Lanos timing belt replacement

The belt on the Chevrolet Lanos (8 valves) is removed quite simply. And if you have completed all the preparatory work, you can continue:

  1. Open access to the crankshaft and the belt itself after removing all the belts. But be sure to remember the location of the elements.
  2. On the plate, which is located below, you need to screw in three bolts using the head on “10”.
  3. Fix the tension roller with a screwdriver. On the bar you will find holes that are needed just for this purpose.
  4. Remove the belt and stick it into the slot located near the power steering housing.
  5. When installing a new belt, make sure that the mark on the roller bar matches the slot on the bracket.

What elsepay attention?

On cars without air conditioning, all work is simplified many times over. When replacing the timing belt on Lanos, you need to control the location of the marks on the pulleys and rollers. If this is not done, then the gas distribution will be disturbed and the engine will not be able to work efficiently.

Replacing the timing belt Lanos 1 5
Replacing the timing belt Lanos 1 5

When buying a new belt, be sure to pay attention to its quality. Bend it, see if there are any cracks near the teeth. And look at the date of manufacture - try to buy items made at least 1-6 months ago.