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"Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013: features and reviews

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"Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013: features and reviews
"Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013: features and reviews

The 2013 Outlander car from Mitsubishi belongs to the third generation of crossovers in this class. Cars appeared on the domestic market in 2012. The vehicle is an elegant "SUV" designed to transport a large family, is not afraid of long-distance travel and country trips. Consider the features and characteristics of this car, as well as owner reviews.

Mitsubishi Outlander car 2013

Short description

It is worth noting that the Outlander 2013 received the most updated exterior design equipment. There are laconic and elaborate lines of the body, the original radiator grille in a horizontal design, light elements going sideways. Another innovation is the equipping of the car with a new generation power unit, characterized by increased efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In the Russian market, this vehicle is offered with two types of engine - an in-line atmospheric "engine" with four cylinders. Their volume is 2 and 2.4 liters, and the power is 146 and 167 horsepower, respectively. The equipment is equipped with MIVEC class electronic system. She iscontrols valve timing and valve lift. Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 has a CVT in all modifications, regardless of the type of power plant.


In the exterior of the considered crossover, the developers have focused on aerodynamic performance. The radiator grille is almost devoid of relief, so as not to create additional interference with the air flow on the hood of the car, while the side relief is aimed at reducing drag.

Some subjective assessments of experts and users suggest that the 2013 Outlander has lost its earlier rigor. This is due to the introduction of a variety of innovations and smoothing body lines, which led to a softening of the aggressiveness of the car, compared to its predecessors.

Characteristics "Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013

The Japanese design school is clearly visible in the appearance of the vehicle, with some hidden appeal and uniqueness. Even those who were initially skeptical of the car's exterior quickly became attached to the car's new look.

What's inside?

In the salon "Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013 improvements are noticeable at first sight. For the convenience of the driver, the instrument panel has been adapted, both in the quality of the materials used and in the arrangement of instruments and additional elements. The placement of buttons and switch handles is ergonomic, without any "troubles". You get used to such equipment quickly enough. Among the negative points is the lack of ventilationair conditioning holes for the rear seat.

Undoubtedly, the interior of the Outlander 2013 is an order of magnitude higher than that of its predecessors, taking into account the use of expensive and better plastic, as well as upholstery elements. Additional sophistication of the interior is given by the glossy design of some parts under the piano lacquer. All parts of the panel are carefully fitted and of high build quality.

Dashboard "Outlander" 2013


What else is interesting about the updated crossover? Firstly, users will be pleased with the LCD display of the BC (on-board computer), located between the main dials. The clarity of the monitor is noticeably higher than most competitors. Secondly, there are magnesium alloy paddle shifters, which have performed well on other models, give the dashboard a sporty look, and function perfectly.

The trunk of the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander holds 477 liters of volume with the rear seats folded down. The maximum capacity is 1608L.


The two-liter petrol engine is installed both on the front-wheel drive model and on the version with both drive axles. The power of the power plant is 146 horsepower at 6 thousand revolutions per minute. Torque limit - 196 Nm. Such indicators are suitable in the case of operation of the machine with partial load. If frequent operation of the car is expected with the maximum load of the passenger and luggage compartment, it is better to purchase a variation with an engine of 2, 4l.

Image"Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013

Other features of Mitsubishi Outlander 2013

Stage-type gearbox perfectly aggregates with both types of power units. Some owners at the first time of operation note the weak responsiveness of the standard machine, while the unit gives smooth acceleration and excellent control in any position. The excessive noise of the gearbox with the maximum pressing of the gas pedal to the floor is compensated by the good sound insulation of the cabin, leveling out most of the extraneous noise during the operation of the transmission unit, engine, weather influences and other things.

The car's suspension is softly tuned, thick tires additionally absorb bumps and uneven road surfaces, providing passengers and the driver with a comfortable ride. This has its drawbacks - there is not very stable handling and noticeable rolls when cornering. For a family car, the specified parameters of the Outlander 2013, along with a responsive steering wheel, will be quite enough when driving on various types of roads.


The considered crossover in standard equipment is quite good. Standard equipment includes ABS and EBD systems, five airbags, safety curtains for the rear seat, glass heating, adjustable steering wheel in two positions. In addition, an LCD screen for the on-board computer, electric window lifts, a multimedia system and climate control are supplied.

Photo "Outlander" 2013

Costall-wheel drive modification starts from 1 million 100 thousand rubles. Devices with a 2.4-liter engine are equipped with alloy wheels, xenon lighting elements, navigation, a rear-view camera and an electric tailgate.

Fuel consumption

Along with the aerodynamic design of the exterior, the updated line of MIVEC engines is responsible for fuel economy on the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander. This is quite reasonable, since many manufacturers rely on the efficiency of their cars.

Most consumers are also interested in the moment associated with fuel consumption. After test runs, this crossover consumed 7.6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers (the information is relevant for modifications with a 2-liter engine). The tests were carried out in mixed driving mode. Another reason in favor of reducing fuel consumption can be called a significant reduction in the weight of the car (about 100 kilograms, compared with the previous modification). As a result, this vehicle is able to overcome about 1 thousand kilometers on one gas station.

Salon "Mitsubishi Outlander" 2013

Owner Reviews

It was not in vain that the manufacturer decided to interest a potential buyer of the Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 with an improved interior, reduced gasoline consumption, versatility of operation and an original exterior. After all, as the owners themselves note, it is these parameters that consumers pay attention to most often. Reviews emphasize that the company is concerned about the safety of passengers. In thiscategory, the car was awarded five stars in testing by representatives of the European association EuroNCAP.

Users testify that if you do not plan to constantly carry a full cabin of passengers and load the trunk as much as possible, then a two-liter version with front-wheel drive is quite suitable. For fans of aggressive off-road driving, you should pay attention to a model with a 2.4-liter engine (with two drive axles), however, its cost is an order of magnitude higher.

Image "Outlander" from "Mitsubishi" 2013 release


The updated "Outlander" has taken a major step forward compared to its predecessor in terms of comfort, economy and ease of use. Nevertheless, in a car with a minimum configuration, the dynamics and handling leave much to be desired. Although these advantages will certainly allow the crossover to compete with its eternal rivals in the face of Kuga, RAV-4 and Forester.

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