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Car HD DVR is your reliable protector in all situations

Car HD DVR is your reliable protector in all situations
Car HD DVR is your reliable protector in all situations

In the current situation on the roads, many drivers consider the DVR is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This unique technique allows you to find the guilty or prove your innocence in a given situation. The modern range of car DVRs is quite wide, but some models, such as HD DVR, deservedly enjoy increased popularity among car owners.

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Why do I need a DVR?

Every day more and more cars appear on the roads, and, accordingly, the number of accidents is growing. Each road user runs the risk of being in an unpleasant situation at any time, and if it happens, then, as a rule, no one wants to act as the culprit. In such cases, the DVR is simply indispensable, because it is the video recording that will help to find out who was wrong and how it really happened. It is also no secret that amongtraffic police officers quite often there are persons who abuse their official position and engage in extortion. Stop them

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criminal acts and protect yourself again, this little miracle of modern technology will help. In addition, the car is in great danger during the absence of its owner, being in the parking lot. For example, he may attract the attention of hijackers, robbers or hooligans, be a victim of road equipment or snow falling from the roof, etc. Thanks to the HD DVR, the driver will not only be able to learn about the events that took place in his absence, but also find the perpetrators, and most importantly, prove their guilt. The video from the dash cam is evidence in court and for insurance companies, so the victim can count on

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compensation for the damage caused to him.

Required features

When choosing a DVR, you need to pay attention to the range of its functions. For example, whether this model has a night shooting function and cyclic recording, what is the resolution of the camera, and much more. By the way, the HD DVR boasts a full range of features that guarantee trouble-free and high-quality operation. It has a small weight, compact dimensions and a rugged body. The wide-angle Car DVR camera works in automatic mode and has a continuous recording function, so the driver does not have to be distracted while driving, and also worry that important video frames will not berecorded. The camera lens works in an extended sector, fully controlling the area in front of the car, including road markings, license plates and road signs, traffic lights, etc. In addition, the HD DVR car recorder is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows you to get a full voiced video recording. Among the other important parameters of this device, it is necessary to name a high-quality color 2.5-inch display with a rotation of 270 degrees, motion and sound sensors, a vibration-free recording function, a night recording function, burst shooting, and loop recording. The HD DVR is powered by the on-board network or built-in 500 mAh backup battery.

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