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"Alfa Romeo 145" - description, characteristics

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"Alfa Romeo 145" - description, characteristics
"Alfa Romeo 145" - description, characteristics

The secondary market is just full of cars brought from abroad. However, in most cases these are either German or Japanese brands. But today we will consider a rather rare and extraordinary brand. This is Alfa Romeo. What does she represent? Let's learn on the example of the car "Alfa Romeo 145".


So, what is this car? "Alfa Romeo 145" is a front-wheel drive hatchback of a small class, which was produced in the period from 94 to 2000. The car was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in '94. The car was produced in several bodies. This is a three- and five-door hatchback. The model was built on the Fiat Tipo platform.


Italians have a lot of experience in car design. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Alfa Romeo 145 has such a pleasant and at the same time bold silhouette. At the front are compact headlights, a bulging bumper and a compact triangular grille whose lines continue onto the hood. The car has good proportions and looks good from any side. What does Italian look like?90s hatchback, the reader can see in the photo below.

rear beam alfa romeo 145

Despite the fact that the car was released in the 90s, the design cannot be called old. Perhaps this is one of the biggest pluses of Alfa, thanks to which the car is very popular among young people.

But back to reality. The design is pleasant, but the Italians failed with the quality of the metal. The car is very afraid of corrosion. And if in the southern regions this is more or less normal, then in large cities of central and northern Russia, Alpha will have a hard time. Thresholds and arches often rot.

Dimensions, clearance

The car is quite compact, and therefore there are no problems with parking. This is definitely a plus model. If we talk about numbers, then the three-door version has a length of 4.09 meters, and the five-door version is 4.26 meters. Their width and height are the same - 1.71 and 1.43 meters, respectively. Of the shortcomings, reviews note low ground clearance. Its size is only twelve centimeters. Despite the short base, the car feels hard in the pits. Often you can catch the bottom. It is especially difficult to operate it in small towns in winter.


The interior of the car is fully consistent with the exterior. He's just as athletic and quirky. For the driver, comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support are offered. The car has a comfortable three-spoke steering wheel with an airbag. The instrument panel is readable and informative. Of the shortcomings, reviews note poor sound insulation. However, many Italian-made cars have this minus.

repairrear beam alpha 145

Nevertheless, driving is very comfortable. In terms of equipment level, the car does not shine with luxury, but everything you need is there: power steering, power windows, music and air conditioning. There is enough space in the cabin for the driver and front passenger, despite the fact that this is a small class car. But still, the rear passengers will be crowded.


One of the most popular engines that was installed on the Alfa Romeo 145 is 1, 4. This is a four-cylinder gasoline unit without a turbine. Of the features - the presence of two candles on each cylinder. Such a car can be recognized by the inscription Twin Spark on the back. The maximum power of the 1.4-liter Alfa Romeo 145 engine is 103 horsepower. Torque - 124 Nm. According to reviews, the motor is quite high-torque. The car accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 11.2 seconds.

It has a pleasant expense. For 100 kilometers, the car spends 7 liters in the combined cycle. Among the shortcomings of the engine, it is worth noting that during maintenance it is necessary to change not four, but all eight candles. Otherwise, the engine does not cause problems and inconveniences. Replacing the timing on "Alfa Romeo 145" 1.4 l is carried out as on other cars - once every 70 thousand kilometers.

alfa romeo 145 beam repair

Also quite popular on the "Alpha" 1.6-liter engine. This motor already develops 120 horsepower, which is quite good for such a curb weight. The car accelerates to hundreds in 10.2 seconds. But the average costalready 8.5 liters, and in the city the car eats up everything 11.

alfa romeo

Installed on the car "Alfa Romeo 145" and diesel engine. This is a 1.9L turbocharged JTD unit. The maximum engine power is 105 horsepower and torque is 255 Nm. Due to a good moment, the car has good dynamics characteristics. Up to a hundred, the car accelerates in 10.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 186 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the engine is very economical. In the city, he spends 7.5 liters, on the highway - no more than 5.

As for the gearbox, all engines were equipped with non- alternative mechanics in five steps. The box is generally reliable, but in order to extend the life, many owners change the oil every 80-90 thousand kilometers.


The front of the car has an independent suspension. Behind is a semi-independent beam. What do the reviews say about the suspension? The car drives well. But due to the fact that the suspension moves are short, the car behaves harshly in the pits. Repair of the rear beam of Alfa Romeo 145 will be required no earlier than after 150-200 thousand kilometers. Before this period, wheel bearings and shock absorbers may fail.

alfa romeo 145


"Alfa Romeo 145" is one of the most popular car models of this concern. The car at one time was widespread in Western Europe. However, in Russia there are only a few of them. Basically, they are afraid to take this car due to the lack of competent mechanics, since the enginehas some features in terms of the ignition system. In addition, the car is prone to corrosion, and few owners are willing to invest in welding. Nevertheless, spare parts for this model can always be found, since the car has the same platform as the Fiat Bravo.

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