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How to connect DRL with your own hands?

How to connect DRL with your own hands?
How to connect DRL with your own hands?

For more than 3 years, new traffic rules have been in force in Russia, in which there is a clause on the mandatory inclusion of dipped beam headlights or the installation of running lights on all motor vehicles. Of course, at first you might think: why spend 5-6 thousand rubles, if you can safely drive with the headlights on?


However, do not forget that a car driving with electronics on consumes at least 3-4 percent more fuel than one equipped with running lights. In about a year, this amount can fully pay off, so connecting a DRL to a car is quite advisable. And if problems with the choice of parts may not arise, then with the installation - just the opposite. Of course, you can entrust the process to the hands of professionals, but why pay 4 thousand rubles for work that you can do yourself? If you are a supporter of this idea, this article is for you.

How to install DRL with your own hands?

We note right away that the installation of each model of running lights is special in its own way, thereforein which case, pay attention to the instructions that are attached to the product by the manufacturer. The installation technology directly depends on the type of DRL kit. You can install any lighting equipment with your own hands, if you act in stages. Then the result will not keep you waiting. Below we will look at the main steps that are taken when installing DRLs with your own hands.

DRL connection
DRL connection

In general, the work is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. First you need to find a hole in which future lights will be placed, then connect the wire terminals, after disconnecting the main one from the battery, and check the performance of the part. After that, it remains only to securely fix the DRL in the hole. Which wires to connect, which bolts to unscrew and screw in, depends on the type of car and its bumper design in particular. However, after installation, you still have a number of things to do. They consist in "finishing" the lights to the standards of GOST. It is important to properly adjust them and follow the direction of the light beam. The process is not very complicated, but rather lengthy. It is also important to remember that parts can be installed only when they comply with DRL GOST.

What to remember before installation?

Below we will note the rules, following which, according to the legislation (according to GOST), you need to install daytime lights.

  • DRL gost
    DRL gost

    First, special attention is paid to placement parameters. The height within the frames should be between 250 and 1500 millimeters from the ground, and the distance between the inner edge of the twosurfaces - not less than 600 millimeters. If your vehicle is less than 1.3 meters wide, this distance may be reduced to 400 millimeters.

  • Secondly, the number of lights should be only 2 (no more and no less).
  • Thirdly, DRLs must be started along with the start of the internal combustion engine. When the headlights are turned on, the daytime running lights will automatically turn off.


So, we have found out the main steps, following which you can install DRL with your own hands, and got acquainted with all the nuances of the work.

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