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Who makes Toyo tires? Toyo tire country

Who makes Toyo tires? Toyo tire country
Who makes Toyo tires? Toyo tire country

Toyo tires are world famous for their high quality. They are included in the factory equipment of such car brands as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lexus and others. The product has excellent road holding and consistently ranks at the top of expert ratings. Toyo tires are also delivered to Russia, and each potential buyer is interested in which country they are made in. You can find the country of manufacture of Toyo tires, technical specifications and customer reviews in this article.

Toyo brand history

The Toyo brand originated in Japan in 1945. At the end of World War II, the founders formed a new firm in the city of Itama. Immediately after that, they began an active search for partners, which ensured their prosperity and the presence of branches in many cities around the world. By this time, Toyo had already become the best in the domestic market of Japan and continued to develop. Ten years later, the first branch opened in California. It was followed by an opening in North America. And in 1988, the company's engineers invented an innovative technology: using a computerit allowed to optimize the contour of the wheels so that they ideally fit a certain car model and type of road surface. In 2001, the program was expanded, and it became possible to predict in advance how tires would behave under given conditions. To do this, it was only necessary to enter data into the computer.

toyo tire manufacturer country

Currently, Toyo Tire is a leader in the production of tire products. Their tires are used in premium segment cars, as well as in professional areas. Every year, the company's engineers present to the world all new developments designed to further improve the grip of tires.


Why is Toyo so popular? The fact is that the tires of their production can be called the standard of quality. They are highly durable and have excellent traction. Tires of this brand have a special tread pattern that allows the car to easily maneuver on the road.

Toyo tires are distinguished by the lack of universal tires in the product line. For each situation and each brand of car, its own tire model has been developed. A wide range allows you to choose what is right for you. Rubber Toyo has a very high class of reliability and safety, which makes it one of the best in the world. But who is the manufacturer of Toyo tires?

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Country of production

The company has about 100 branches around the world. In Europe, Asia andAmerican tires are produced by various companies using original technologies. The country of origin of Toyo tires changes in accordance with the change in the location of the plant. Here is a short list of countries where they are produced:

  • Netherlands;
  • America;
  • Malaysia;
  • Germany;
  • England;
  • Taiwan;
  • Australia.

At the moment, the company is considering the possibility of opening a plant in Russia, but the final decision will be made in 2018.

who is the manufacturer of toyo tires

Which is better to choose

The country of origin of Toyo tires does not play a significant role in the purchase. The fact is that absolutely all Toyo Tire factories in all corners of the world produce tires using certified technology, from which they have no right to deviate. In this way uniformity of quality is achieved. It does not matter where you purchased tires: with Malaysian or American production, you can be sure of their quality. What qualities distinguish Toyo tires?

  1. Hold traction well on all types of road surfaces.
  2. Smooth out bumps in the road.
  3. Innovative development of the company (a mixture of rubber with silicic acid) provides reduced fuel consumption.
  4. Toyo tire owners need not worry about wet roads. The pattern on the tires in the form of elongated rectangles, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, is able to cope with a wet surface.
  5. All-season tires have an extended life and will not failowner neither in the city nor on the road.
  6. Winter tires are equipped with numerous studs that help to maintain excellent grip even in icy conditions.
who is the manufacturer of toyo proxes tires

Toyo Proxes tires

The engineers of the Japanese company do not stop and continue to delight motorists with more and more new products. Recently, the Toyo Proxes tire model was released, which immediately won the sympathy of motorists. Tires of this series differ in increased wear resistance (increased by 41%). A steel belt has been added to the design and shoulder blocks have been reinforced. Safety is also achieved through excellent braking even on wet roads. At high speeds, you can be sure of your safety, as the handling of the Toyo Proxes tires has also increased. Finally, they are made lighter and stronger thanks to a special formulation.

Among the entire Proxes series, the C100 model stands out. Excellent value for money, wear-resistant characteristics and a soft ride have made this rubber a favorite of motorists. But who is the manufacturer of the Toyo Proxes C100 tires? This model is made in China according to the original technologies of the company. Therefore, just like all other products, it meets high quality standards.

who is the manufacturer of tires toyo proxes c100

Toyo tires: country of origin, reviews

Toyo Tire customers are generally satisfied with their choice. They note the good behavior of tires in the rain, durability due to rigidity. They hold the road very well andallow you to accelerate to high speeds without fear of rattling into a ditch. Some even write that after changing tires to Toyo brand products, their car seemed to have been replaced: it became more manageable and more powerful, and fuel consumption decreased.

Braking on such tires is a pleasure: the car stops much faster and more efficiently than on tires of other brands. The only drawback buyers consider the noise that inevitably occurs during the operation of hard tires. Otherwise, Toyo products deserve the highest ratings.

Those who are frightened by the numerous countries producing Toyo tires can be calm: Japanese-made tires are supplied to Russia. You can always get more detailed information at the representative office of Toyo Tire in Russia or from official dealers. But in whatever country tires are made, they all meet the highest quality standards and have all the necessary certificates.

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