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How to choose summer tires - professional advice

How to choose summer tires - professional advice
How to choose summer tires - professional advice

Almost all motorists pay great attention to the safety of their stay in the car, so they choose cars with ABS, seat belts, reinforced risers, and airbags. But all of them sometimes do not pay attention to another important nuance - tires. After all, it is very important to observe the frequency in changing rubber according to the time of the year. It is strongly not recommended to drive in winter on summer tires, because when there is ice, you can be carried into a ditch. Winter should also not be used in summer. There is a certain demi-season, but it is something between summer and winter, and therefore it is better not to spare money and buy separate sets for different times of the year. Since it's already summer, we'll talk about how to choose summer tires.

how to choose summer tires

Don't trust sellers

When choosing tires for a car, many people trust the advice of sellers. This is the first mistake you can make. I've worked as a tire salesman myself, and trust me, no salesperson will answer your question about how to choose summer tires completely frankly and honestly. You don't know what you don't need to know.

Signs on the sides of the rubberwheels

1. Made in is a simple inscription that shows where the tires were made.

2. TRADEWERE is a very important inscription that lets you know how long your tires will last, this is the rubber wear index.

3. DOT is probably one of the most important designations on rubber. The numbers that are written after this inscription show where the rubber was made, and also give information about the week, month and year of production.

4. TEMPERATURE - coefficient of maximum tire temperature.

5. Load index - shows the maximum allowable load on one wheel of the car.

If you don't know how to choose summer tires, you should carefully review all these coefficients, and the more they are on the tire, the better.

where to buy summer tires

Main brands of summer tires

The first option I want to focus on is Michelin tires. These tires have a very high wear resistance coefficient, rubber provides a very soft and smooth ride, and, accordingly, comfort. The quality of these tires depends very much on the country in which they were made. This can be determined from the tread pattern. The main difference is between France and Germany, with the preference usually given to the Germans. In order to choose high-quality German rubber, its name must contain the prefix "A", for example, "Energy 3A".

The second popular brand among motorists is Good Year. The wear resistance of rubber from this manufacturer is not very high, or rather, low oraverage. Of course, these tires will provide you with a very soft and comfortable ride, but how long will it last? If you buy tires from this manufacturer, then again they come from Germany, since tires from Turkey and Slovenia are significantly inferior in quality.

The third item I want to review in our review is a Bridgestone/Firestone tire. This manufacturer provides simply incredible wear resistance of tires. If you do not know which summer tires to choose, you first of all need to pay attention to this particular company. These tires are virtually indestructible. Plus, this rubber provides simply wonderful handling and softness. The only thing that is not in demand from this company is sports tires.

These are the top three manufacturers that impress with their quality and value for money.

what summer tires to choose

Where to buy summer tires

Rubber can be bought in many ways: order online from the manufacturer, purchase from authorized dealers, buy in car markets. I would advise you to purchase summer tires only from authorized dealers. Of course, the price of these sellers is somewhat higher than on the Internet or in the car market, but the quality is corresponding. You can always view all the drawings on the tires, check the value of all indices. On the Internet, this will not be available to you.

Now you have learned how to choose summer tires. We wish you a good ride!

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