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KavZ-4238 bus

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KavZ-4238 bus
KavZ-4238 bus

Kurgan Bus Plant is known to many as a manufacturer of Aurora buses. Their production began in the nineties of the last century. Over time, production developed, new models appeared. So, in 2006, an updated version of the Aurora bus KAvZ-4238 appeared, characterized by an increased level of passenger comfort. Powerful engines are economical in terms of fuel consumption and belong to a high class for environmental friendliness.

Bus overview

The new model is in line with the current global trends. The installed power unit has a capacity of more than two hundred horsepower. It belongs to the fourth class in terms of environmental friendliness. And newer modifications - to the fifth. The KAVZ-4238 bus accelerates to one hundred and ten kilometers per hour. The new Aurora is used both for city traffic and for long intercity trips.


The manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to ten years for a wagon-type body. Capacity - 37 people. The height of the ceiling in the cabin allows you to comfortably accommodate even a tall passenger. There are two doors for boarding (disembarking).

Side windows are wide, slightly tinted. In the cabinnice to be. The seats are comfortable even for long trips. Things fit easily in the large luggage compartment.

Natural ventilation is carried out through the windows on the windows and hatches in the roof.

Combined heating. For passengers in the cabin, three heaters are installed. A separate front heater is provided for the driver, which can operate in several modes.

KAvZ-4238. Specifications

This type of transport is equipped with a Cummins 6ISBe4 210V engine with a volume of 6.7 liters and direct fuel injection. Its power is 245 horsepower. Rotation frequency - 2, 3 thousand revolutions per minute. Cylinders six. They are arranged vertically.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 170 liters. Fuel consumption - 25 liters per hundred kilometers.

bus KavZ-4238
bus KavZ-4238

Later modifications, which went on sale in 2013, are equipped with a Cummins 6BGe5 230 engine. Gas is used as fuel here. In total, five cylinders of 123 liters each were installed. The motor is characterized by a volume of 5.9 liters, a capacity of 234 horsepower.

The dimensions of the bus are as follows: length - 1000 cm, width - 250 cm, height - 308.5 cm, interior height - 200 cm, wheelbase length - 490 cm. Width of the front passenger door - 83 cm, rear - 77 cm. Turning radius - eleven meters. Gross weight - 12, 25 tons, equipped - 8, 435 tons. The front axle has about four tons of load, the rear axle has about eight tons.

For the convenience of driving the bus installedhydraulic power steering. The steering mechanism has several options. The gearbox is mechanical, with six modes. Brakes are pneumatic, double-circuit type. To improve safety, there is an ABS system.


Externally, the bus is similar to European-made models. For our roads, its appearance is still a little unusual - rear-view mirrors in the form of "ant antennae", a large windshield, rectangular doors and windows in the cabin.

The front of the bus has a more rounded shape. Fog lights are installed in the mask next to the headlight.

spare parts KAVZ-4238
spare parts KAVZ-4238

The luggage compartment is on both sides. Next to it is a place for batteries and a pneumatic system air dryer.


The model is produced in several modifications:

KavZ-4238-01 bus is suitable for suburban routes. Its differences are in more rigid seats, increased capacity to 39 people

KAvZ-4238-02 accommodates 35 passengers. The seats are wider and more comfortable. The luggage compartment is larger than the base model. Such characteristics make it suitable for long intercity trips

KAvZ-4238-04 refers to the type of urban public transport. Differs in other execution of salon, lack of a luggage compartment. It has only 21 seats. But taking into account standing places, the bus can accommodate 82 passengers. The rear door has been expanded to 140 cm. Similar changes have increased the weight of the bus to 13.7 tons

Model with index 05 is used for transportationchildren

KAVZ-4238 school
KAVZ-4238 school

KAvZ-4238 "school"

This modification of the bus is designed to transport children to the place of study. It can accommodate 32 passengers. Each seat has a seat belt. There is an emergency button for communication between the driver and passengers. Moreover, in the cabin, such a button is located next to each seat. The driver has a loudspeaker. There is an additional step for the convenience of lifting small children inside.

KAvZ-4238 specifications
KAvZ-4238 specifications

An additional security system has been installed. It does not allow the bus to move with the doors open. Another function of the system is to limit the speed of movement to sixty kilometers per hour.

There are specially equipped racks in the rear of the cabin for the transportation of backpacks.

Reviews and prices

The cost of the KAvz-4238 bus from the official dealer is about four million rubles. A used bus can be found for half that price. The cost depends on the configuration of the equipment and its condition (this applies to used models).

Reviews about these buses are mostly positive. Allocate a good expense, high level of safety, comfort and convenience during movement. Another important detail is the convenient location of the main components, which facilitates the repair process. Spare parts KAVZ-4238 can be easily purchased in stores.

In general, this is a reliable, high-quality bus. Differs from analogues in good fuel consumption, environmental friendliness, high operationalperformance, comfort for passengers, ease of control for the driver.

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