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Scooter Honda Giorno: description, specifications

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Scooter Honda Giorno: description, specifications
Scooter Honda Giorno: description, specifications

Compact, economical, maneuverable and easy to drive, scooters compare favorably with full-fledged motorcycles and cars in these characteristics, and therefore they were able to earn the love and popularity of motorists and residents of both large cities and small villages. The leading position in the scooter market is occupied by the Japanese company Honda.

Honda Giorno Crea AF54

A unique representative of the Honda lineup is the Giorno Crea retroscooter, presented in 1999. The classic design of the model is its main feature, which distinguishes it from competitors. Honda Giorno Crea is the perfect scooter for those who want to draw attention without blending into the general city traffic. The scooter is made in the classic design of the sixties, which cannot but attract and surprise.

honda giorno crea

Specifications Honda Giorno

From a technical point of view, the retro scooter bears no resemblance to classic motorcycle models, featuring a high-strength aluminum frame, linkage front suspension for a comfortable and smooth ride on any road surface, and a four-strokeliquid cooling engine. The maximum speed provided by the single-cylinder AF-54E engine is 60 km/h. The speed limit is limited by electronics, the "collar" of which, if desired, can be easily reset.

Powerful engine makes it easy to start and accelerate in heavy traffic, which is important for the realities of a modern city. The volume of the Honda Giorno AF54 engine is 49 cubic centimeters, the belt drive is responsible for transmitting torque to the drive wheel.

Controlling the scooter is simple and easy due to the small turning radius, no need to shift gears and light weight. The electric starter makes it easier to start the engine. The efficiency of the engine is at the level: for 100 kilometers, the Honda Giorno consumes 1.63 liters, subject to a speed limit of 30 km / h. A large and compact 5-liter gas tank allows you to make long trips on a scooter without refueling.

The simple design of the Honda Giorno carbureted engine makes it easy to repair, making the scooter superior to its fuel injected counterparts.

honda giorno crea af54

Brake system

Japanese engineers equipped the retro scooter with a high-performance drum brake system, the mechanisms of which are installed on both wheels. Driver safety is one of the main aspects of the Japanese concern Honda, which they have been following for many years. The performance of the brake system is ensured by the timely replacement of brake pads during operation.scooter.

honda giorno

Repairability & Parts

Components for the Honda Giorno scooter can be purchased from official dealers of the brand, as well as in any specialized stores. Replacing damaged chrome and plastic body parts will cost a large amount, which will have to be paid both for the parts themselves and for their installation. A similar situation with spare parts for the Honda Giorno engine. The reason for the failure of the motor may be a malfunction of the cooling system: fluid leakage can lead to increased wear and overheating of the engine.

honda giorno af54

Test drive and reviews

The scooter's spacious luggage compartment makes it easy to transport goods over long distances, eliminating the need for backpacks.

Honda Giorno is offered in a wide range of colors: the buyer can choose the color of the scooter to your taste. Color performance can be either one-color or two-color.

The low center of gravity ensures the stability of the retro scooter while driving and is due to the peculiarity of mounting the engine to the frame. Despite the excellent and confident handling, the motorcycle is suitable for the warm season and loses its stability on the sandy track: low cross-country ability is sacrificed in favor of the Honda Giorno's compactness, which is more relevant for the city limits.

The scooter has been produced for 12 years, during which it managed to collect numerous positive reviews from motorists, noting not only its dynamism, but also its unique design, made in retro style andemphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of the driver. The engine runs smoothly and smoothly, almost silently, without third-party sounds and squeaks.

The Japanese company Honda created a retro scooter for a wide target audience: the model is chosen by both young people who want to stand out in the city stream, and mature motorists who are nostalgic for bygone times. In addition, the scooter is offered at an affordable price: you can buy a Honda Giorno on the secondary Russian market for 35-45 thousand rubles, depending on the general condition and mileage.

honda giorno specs

Where can I buy Giorno?

Today, you can buy a Honda Giorno scooter from almost every Honda dealer or any motorcycle dealership due to the high demand for this model. Most often in the secondary markets and in motorcycle dealerships, the first generation Giorno version with a two-stroke engine is found, and in very good condition and with low mileage. Somewhat less often you can find Giorno Crea or Giorcub, the reasons for which lie in the design features of the first model and the exclusivity and uniqueness of the second model.

It is impossible to meet the Giorno retro scooter in the salons of official Honda dealers in Russia: like other scooters with engines of 50 cubic centimeters, it is not supplied to the territory of the Russian Federation. Despite this, unofficial motorcycle dealerships often offer a fairly wide selection of retro scooters from a Japanese manufacturer, and in rich colors, so motorists can choose the perfect option for themselves.Honda Giorno. An affordable price, coupled with a unique design, makes the retro scooter one of the most sought after and popular today.

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