Dielectric grease for spark plugs

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Dielectric grease for spark plugs
Dielectric grease for spark plugs

Grease for candles is dielectric, i.e., non-conductive, designed to protect insulation from breakdown during vehicle operation. There are more than 400 contacts in a modern car. The operation of all electrical systems depends on their serviceability. All devices are consumers of current, which is transmitted to them from the battery and the generator through insulated wires. Accordingly, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of electrical appliances and conductors to them, you need to take care of the reliable protection of this insulation itself, namely, dielectric grease for it. This is especially true for older cars or for very humid climates.

How to isolate contacts
How to isolate contacts

Dignity of different kinds

Dielectric lubricants for spark plugs are available in the form of a spray or jelly-like mass in tubes. This allows you to apply the exact amount of the substance, and exactly in those places where it is needed. The required amount of lubricant in this case is provided by a measuring cap, with which the tube is screwed. It is more convenient to apply the product in the form of a spray on the wires, as it can be sprayed even in hard-to-reach places.

Today, a huge number of different dielectric lubricants are on the market. How not to make a mistake and choose the most suitable one? Let's take a look at some of them.

Car maintenance
Car maintenance

Best options

Molykote 111 is recommended by automotive giants such as BMW, Jeep, Honda. This lubricant has probably the longest shelf life. It provides excellent protection against moisture and excellent electrical insulation. There is a significant drawback - this is its high price.

Dowsil 4 - This product is mainly used for waterproofing and ignition electrical insulation. The lubricant has a silicone base. Dowsil 4 is a budget and very common option for reliable isolation of the ignition system.

BERU ZKF 01 is a sealant that is applied inside the tip or on the spark plug insulator. If the parts to be processed are made of rubber, this lubricant is what you need. It combines perfectly with silicone insulators without destroying them. Great for these materials.

Mercedes Benz Lubricating Grease is designed for premium cars. Delivered to order from Germany. It is not available in retail stores.

Top quality

PERMATEX Dielectric Tune-Up Grease is a professional quality grease. Great for urban conditions, especially in the autumn-winter period. Protects joints from s alt, dirt and corrosion. Will not damage rubber or plastic. It is used in both candles and batteries, headlights, distributor, ignition elements and so on.

Molykote G-5008 is almost impossible to use in garage conditions. Use it at car service stations. Work with this lubricant using professional equipment. Has excellent characteristics. Can be used in aggressive dusty environments. Retains its protective properties for quite a long time.

Self-maintenance of the machine
Self-maintenance of the machine

Properties of the ideal sealant

And this is just a small list of all these products designed to ensure the smooth operation of your car. In fact, there are many more.

The ideal sealant must have the following properties:

  1. Withstand heavy stress.
  2. Interact well with the insulating material, do not cause deterioration or damage.
  3. To be absolutely sealed and able to reliably protect the insulation from breakdown during engine operation.
  4. Withstand temperature fluctuations.
  5. Be convenient to use in garage conditions (relevant for car enthusiasts who prefer to do their own car maintenance).

The dielectric grease you need can be bought in specialized stores, dealerships, ordered online, after consulting an experienced craftsman.