The whole truth about Honda GX 390 engines

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The whole truth about Honda GX 390 engines
The whole truth about Honda GX 390 engines

Japanese Corporation has been supplying power devices to the international "arena" for 70 years. They are found on cars, lawn mowers, chainsaws, boats. Honda GX 390 engines perform well: they are considered a reliable, trouble-free device, confirming the quality inherent in them by the manufacturer.

General information

The development of the Honda GX 390 engine was conceived for use in extreme conditions. Overcoming the complexities of heavy loads, it helps to perform various tasks, participating in the operation of power plants, welding equipment, pumps. It rarely breaks down due to improper use.

motorized device
motorized device

By design, Honda GX 390 engines are gasoline appliances, endowed with one cylinder with an air cooling system. The crankshaft in it is placed in a horizontal position. The motor has 13 liters. With. with revolutions up to 2500 torque and these values \u200b\u200bare enough for good operation. The power apparatus is classified as a four-stroke, that is, gasoline, oil liquid are poured separately, andthe cycle of operation includes 4 piston strokes. Its advantage is reasonable fuel consumption.

About shortcomings

Consumers consider the following indicators to be a flaw:

  • Movement at idle is carried out thanks to the kinetic energy stored by the crankshaft and other elements. The combustion of the fuel mixture occurs in seconds, and in this regard, the load on the cylinder head increases dramatically. It also increases on the piston, other mechanisms. As a result, they are somewhat inferior in power to two-stroke ones.
  • The adjustment of the thermal gap is not well thought out, so the moped will accelerate more slowly than the scooter.

In general, they work without noise, stably.

About basic features

Honda gx 390 engines
Honda gx 390 engines

In different areas, Honda GX 390 engines are presented in many versions. The basic characteristics of all options do not differ, the differences come down to the features of additional equipment. The unit itself weighs 31 kg, has one volumetric chamber. The volume of the node is 389 cubic meters. see. It operates on A-86, AI-92 gasoline and other higher grades. The motor loves the original lubricant 10-W-30. The tank holds 6.5 liters of fuel.

Motor noise reduced by using a plastic gear. It is not worth comparing with Chinese plastic variations, since this device can be safely attributed to the category of “indestructible” power parts due to the high-quality polymer. This allows you to operate it on a snowplow and other heavytechnique. The rest of the shaft is made of steel.

What is important to consider before use?

Before using the Honda GX 390 engines, you should look at the instructions. The manufacturer specifically prescribed all the operating conditions of the device. The first step is to carry out a condition check. This will help avoid unexpected breakdowns. You need to make sure that there are no leaks of lubricants in it, there is no damage. Its production is established in Thailand.


According to numerous reviews, these are good engines with excellent driving characteristics. The device starts up perfectly and runs smoothly, it is characterized by silent operation even in home-made walk-behind tractors.

boat engine
boat engine

For boats, this option is ideal, allowing you to fish in hard-to-reach places. For professional Honda GX 390 engines, the price is approximately from 20 to 40 thousand rubles, depending on the region of the country, and is fully justified by operating conditions and increased technical capabilities.

What is the best care?

motor care
motor care

The owner always expects the performance of the Honda GX 390 engine to prove useful for as long as possible. To do this, you need to carefully treat this unit. It cannot be attributed to the category of capricious, but it is still necessary to clean it in time, replace the lubricant and spark plugs. The change of filter parts gives a positive result. Oil is recommended to buy 10 W30, or 10W40.

3 most common problems

Owners have to deal with this type of problem:

  1. Starting hard with fuel. The reason is the closure of the candle contact, the formation of soot, insufficient insulation.
  2. Weakened power, which means that the filter is dirty, the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted, the spark plug is broken.
  3. The rotation speed is unstable. Probably time to replace the regulator spring, check the motor for leaks, adjust the regulator.

Otherwise, it cannot be said that he causes a lot of trouble.