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The whole truth about the trunk volume of the Volkswagen Polo

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The whole truth about the trunk volume of the Volkswagen Polo
The whole truth about the trunk volume of the Volkswagen Polo

Motorists have no reason to doubt the high quality of this brand. The balance of the budget segment, technical characteristics brought the foreign car world-wide, well-deserved fame. The creaking of parts, the noise from the timing chain are somewhat annoying, although all the shortcomings are covered by a reliable suspension, which puts the unit on its “head” higher compared to its “brothers” in the workshop from the German automobile industry. What can you say about the volume of the trunk of the Volkswagen Polo, an important factor in the purchase?

What did the designers succeed with

Image "Volkswagen Polo" trunk volume
Image "Volkswagen Polo" trunk volume

Any person who buys a car thinks about a capacious compartment. On versions other than the Volkswagen Polo, the trunk volume is from 300 to 500 liters. By folding the rear seats, you can load a large amount of things and go on a long-distance road trip.

The trunk depends on the configuration of the vehicle. Impressive parametersdepartments are not at all inherent in the budget categories of transport. If you want to travel with your family, you can fold the rear seats and increase the capacity up to 80 points.

Sedan. How is the compartment?

Image "Volkswagen Polo" trunk volume in liters
Image "Volkswagen Polo" trunk volume in liters

The trunk of the Volkswagen Polo sedan, the volume of which is 460 liters, is well designed by the developers. The manufacturer decided not to deviate from tradition and not “reinvent the wheel” by placing similar compartments on different versions of the body. The Polo, unlike the competitive Kia, Hyundai, does not have the best parameter.

It is not possible to put suitcases freely, but this makes it possible for passengers to sit more comfortably in the back row.

Space solution

The best way out of a situation where you need to place a large load in a passenger car and expand the trunk volume of a Volkswagen Polo is to purchase a special complex for transporting things. The design is simple, it is installed on the roof of the vehicle. Boxing is made of high-quality plastic, has combination locks. The cargo is placed in it, greatly facilitating the tasks of transportation. There are a huge number of such options on the market for any model.

Design advantages

The bottom of the trunk is 999 mm. In width, the distance between the wheel arches is 1,344 mm. In height, the design is designed with a size of 452 mm, and this figure is quite coping with the placement of four standard suitcases. Mainly in "Volkswagen Polo" volumetrunk is of interest to buyers who want to buy a hatchback or other equipment from the Germans.

These values are valuable for people who have a dacha, often travel out of town or live in private homes. On hatchbacks, the capacity is 280 liters and it is endowed with a height of about 500 mm, so you can transport a folding table, for example, without problems.

Fifth generation VW POLO

Trunk volume "Volkswagen Polo" 2018
Trunk volume "Volkswagen Polo" 2018

In the 2018 Volkswagen Polo, the trunk volume is much more pleasing compared to the "relatives" from this collection. Here it is equal to 520 liters, which is almost a record mark for this vehicle. The saloon of this class of sedan has hardly changed, it resembles the interior of hatchbacks. There were no special restyling changes.

Why does the trunk lock break?

"VW Polo" - the whole truth about the luggage compartment
"VW Polo" - the whole truth about the luggage compartment

Sometimes you just can't get into the compartment due to a malfunction of the lock. Some drivers are interested not only in the trunk volume of the Volkswagen Polo in liters, but also in the reliability of the opening system. It happens that you have to contact the service to replace this important part. The reasons may lie in the following:

  1. Electrical wiring may be defective.
  2. Faulty fuse leads to this problem.
  3. Due to the aftermath of the traffic accident.
  4. Dirt, dust, moisture accumulates, doing its detrimental work, making its way to its insides.
  5. Natural wear and tear.

Secrets of replacing the activator button

You can replace the buttonproduce yourself. To do this, you need to reset both terminals in the battery under the hood. You can't do without dismantling the door card at the driver's door. Pushbutton boards, the control unit itself needs to be disconnected.

Having dismantled the old button, we put a new one. Next, a multimeter comes into play: the device will check the integrity of the electrical circuit in the inside of the door. Does the arrow point to infinity? There is a high probability of a short circuit - it's time to change the wiring! This means that the insulating protection is damaged somewhere. In general, drivers are satisfied with the design and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.

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