Chip tuning "Chevrolet Niva": owner reviews, recommendations, pros and cons

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Chip tuning "Chevrolet Niva": owner reviews, recommendations, pros and cons
Chip tuning "Chevrolet Niva": owner reviews, recommendations, pros and cons

Almost every car owner comes up with the desire to tune the engine. But how to implement it? Consider reviews of the Chevrolet Niva chip tuning. How realistic is it to do it yourself and how expensive is such an exciting activity.

Features of the procedure

Chevrolet Niva chip tuning, reviews of which we consider below, helps to improve the capabilities of the vehicle.

The electronic control unit of this machine has been tuned to ensure that the engine runs smoothly, in an optimal mode of operation. But there are a number of significant restrictions set at the car factory.

These settings assume the safety of the engine so that it is not affected by excessive load. Thus, it is possible to achieve an increase in the life of the motor. With the manufacturer's limitations, the engine loses 5 to 10% of power. Chevrolet Niva chip tuning allows you to return them for the benefit of the driver, reviews of which will help you do everything right and efficiently.

Do-it-yourself Chevrolet Niva tuning
Do-it-yourself Chevrolet Niva tuning

Stageswork progress

Chip tuning "Chevrolet Niva", according to reviews, consists of the following steps:

  • you need to read a portion of the necessary data that are located in the ECU controller;
  • make the necessary adjustments to the program;
  • write the updated data to the controller.

This correction allows you to get the following results:

  • increase the total power and dynamics of the motor;
  • save fuel;
  • ensure smooth movement with no jerks.

The reprogramming procedure takes several hours to complete. During such work, mechanical intervention is not required.

ECU Niva Chevrolet
ECU Niva Chevrolet

Fulfillment Benefits

Chip-tuning of the Chevrolet Niva engine allows you to get many tangible advantages:

  • significantly increase engine power - turbocharged power plants are strengthened by almost 35%, engines in which turbocharging is not provided - by almost 7%;

  • on the condition that an experienced specialist is involved in the work, carry out all operations as quickly as possible;
  • significantly increase dynamic overclocking performance;
  • Firmware can be used to remove those restrictive settings that prevent the vehicle from accelerating to maximum speed;
  • now you can reconfigure the engine, change the type of fuel it consumes,for example, AI - 92 to AI -95.

After flashing the Chevrolet Niva ECU, you can always return to factory settings.

Car service
Car service


Re-flashing the program allows you to increase the power of the Chevrolet Niva engine. But there are some drawbacks to this process:

  • a specialist will take a lot of money for such work;
  • there is always a risk that the ECU will fail;
  • After performing aggressive firmware, which is performed to increase the power of the motor, often the assigned resource is reduced by up to five percent. At the same time, fuel consumption indicators increase;

  • serious errors may appear in the system.

Opinions of specialists regarding the expediency of performing chip tuning are different. It seems to one that the implementation of such work will bring only benefits to the car. The engine will be able to show maximum capabilities without harming the system itself.

According to other professionals, such work will reduce the performance parameters of the machine, lead to a decrease in the resource of the vehicle.

You can tune the engine only after a serious analysis has been carried out, all functional features have been carefully considered. The use of flashing can be called an alternative method to mechanical completion.

Chip tuning
Chip tuning

Reviews of "craftsmen"

Masters - "homemade" who have experience in performing chip-do-it-yourself Chevrolet Niva tuning, it is often said that such work did not make sense. They argue that the engine is able to adapt itself to existing conditions, "self-learn". Indeed, this is characteristic of the Bosch ECU models 7.9.0 and M 7.9.7, as well as M 7.9.7+. But in the case of installing the January block of model 7.2 in the engine, it is quite advisable to flash it, changing all the factory settings. Then the motor power indicators can increase up to 10%. It is advisable to entrust such work to a specialist. This directly affects the final quality. This way you can avoid negative consequences.

Sequence of work

To chip tune the ECU, you will need to do the following:

  1. The data that is placed on the controller of the electronic control unit is being read. This process is necessary to obtain information about the restrictions that were previously set by the manufacturer.
  2. Using a special program, steps are taken to correct the firmware. And already this updated firmware can be written.

This sequence of actions allows you to change the functionality of all mechanisms and devices of the vehicle. After the changes are made, the sequence of actions is changed.

Service center masters
Service center masters

Firmware performance

Successful tuning will result in the following results:

  • significantly save fuel, ranging fromone and a half to two liters per 100 kilometers;
  • improve engine performance;
  • the machine will run smoothly without jerks.

To perform flashing, use the ChipExplorer editor, which is available for download on the Internet. Such a program is offered for sale in a car dealership. It is important to know how such tuning is performed. In case of lack of self-confidence, it is better to use professional help.

Chevrolet Niva
Chevrolet Niva

About the price

Car enthusiasts who are interested in the question of how much a new Chevrolet Niva costs will be interested to know that the price starts from 630,000 rubles and more, depending on the chosen modification.

Work on flashing the ECU will cost the owner of the vehicle in the amount of 5,000 to 6,500 rubles. If the driver is confident in his abilities, he can use a special program and reflash the engine with his own hands. But mistakes in such a case are highly undesirable.



Thanks to new unique features, today you can improve your vehicle limitlessly. In addition to changing the external and internal parameters, it became possible to adjust the “brain” of the car. This will help increase engine power, save fuel. Moreover, other internal resources are also becoming more efficient.

Chevrolet Niva owners are not always satisfied with the state of the factory settings. The manufacturer has created a magnificent domestic-made SUV, but at the same timesomewhat limited the possibilities of its functionality.

The opinion of experts regarding the rationality of tuning the ECU was divided. These works are performed depending on the ECU model. They don't always make sense. Some systems are able to independently adapt to the requirements of the driver.

It is better to entrust flashing to specialists. Then there will be a guarantee of a quality result. If the car owner has the appropriate skills, then he can use a specially created program. Such actions will increase engine power within 10%. But at the same time, engine parts and systems will wear out much faster. If necessary, you can return the existing factory settings back.