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KamAZ-4326: specifications, modifications, power, fuel consumption and reviews with photos

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KamAZ-4326: specifications, modifications, power, fuel consumption and reviews with photos
KamAZ-4326: specifications, modifications, power, fuel consumption and reviews with photos

The period of the mid-1980s in the domestic automotive industry was marked by the fact that Soviet engineers were able to start creating the latest truck model, called KamAZ-4326, the technical characteristics, the fuel consumption of which will be studied in detail in the article. Let's talk about this car in more detail and study its positive and negative qualities.

KAMAZ-4326 at the exhibition

Historical background

Initially, the technical characteristics of KamAZ-4326 (4 x 4 chassis) provided for a ten-speed gearbox, but in the era of perestroika, the manufacturer did not have the opportunity to install it. It was because of the political component that the plant began to produce a car only in 1995. By the beginning of mass production, the car received some changes from the original project. In particular, KamAZ received the latest engine with a capacity of 240 horsepower and turbocharging.

Interesting fact

What is curiousKamAZ-4326? The technical characteristics of the truck made it possible to create a special armored vehicle called the BMP-97 "Shot" on its basis. In addition, the Russian Federal Security Service ordered a couple of copies of the dual-use model 4326 from the factory. In just two months of severe practical tests, these KamAZ trucks managed to run over 10,000 kilometers. At the same time, the drivers of the North Caucasian Border Administration, where the specified test drive took place, noted the highest performance of the vehicles and good cross-country ability, combined with the ability to overcome long mountain climbs.

KAMAZ-4326 at the races


What is the driver's workplace in the KamAZ-4326 car? The technical characteristics of the machine provide the driver with sufficient safety. The truck has a traditional three-seat cabover cab, equipped with a sufficiently powerful and reliable hydraulic lift. If we talk about the civilian model of the car, then its cabin is somewhat ascetic. The driver's seat is equipped with a fairly large number of settings, but the air suspension is sorely lacking. The seats for passengers are also not thought out, since they are tightly screwed directly to the cabin floor. The presence of a footboard and handrails provides an opportunity to get inside the cabin without serious physical effort, despite the fact that he himself is quite high from the ground.

The engine brake switch is considered a significant drawback of the machine. It is still made in the old fashioned way and we are talking about equipping itis not electrically driven at all. In addition, the reservoir containing the windshield washer is built directly into the cab. For some reason unknown to ordinary people, the manufacturers did not want to install it outside.

Power plant

KAMAZ-4326, the technical characteristics of which will be described in detail below, is driven by a turbodiesel V-shaped four-stroke eight-cylinder engine KamAZ 740.11240. The engine fully complies with the EURO-2 environmental standard. The unit is equipped with an additional option for intercooling the outside air.

KAMAZ-4326 in the desert

The motor is a liquid-cooled overhead valve. The volume of the unit is 10.8 liters with a capacity of 240 horsepower. All this in total makes it possible for the car to have excellent cross-country ability and overcome impassability without problems. The machine can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h in straight, level sections.

It is also important that the engine is not too picky about the quality of diesel fuel, as it is not equipped with an electronically controlled fuel pump. Fuel supply is carried out mechanically. In addition, there is also a system that makes it easier to start the engine in cold weather. Fuel consumption is approximately 30 liters for every 100 kilometers. And this is not a little, since foreign analogues "eat" almost 2-3 times less.

A few words about transmission and brakes

KamAZ-4326, the photo of which is in the material, has a two-speed mechanical transfer case equipped withlockable center differential and pneumatic control.

Manual transmission has 10 speeds and dry friction double disc clutch with hydraulic drive.

The machine's locking element uses a pneumatically actuated brake, which is paired with drum units having a diameter of 400 millimeters.


KamAZ-4326 (its characteristics are given in the article below) among its undeniable advantages has:

  • Excellent cross-country ability.
  • Great ground clearance.
  • Availability of all-wheel drive.
  • Possibility to remotely change the pressure in the running wheels.
  • Ease of repair and maintenance.
  • Easy to find the required parts and spare parts.
  • Relatively low cost of the car.
  • Availability of a bed.
  • The ability to overcome fords up to one and a half meters deep.
  • If necessary, you can install a winch.
  • KAMAZ-4326 in winter


The main negative qualities of the car, judging by the reviews, can be considered:

  • Sufficiently high specific fuel consumption.
  • Outdated appearance.
  • Relatively small load capacity.
  • No driver's seat air suspension.
  • Improper placement of the accelerator pedal.
  • Not an ergonomic steering wheel.


So, what are the main indicators of KAMAZ-4326? Its technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Load capacity - 4000 kilograms.
  • Towed trailer weight - 7000 kg on the highway, 5000 kg on the dirt road.
  • Gross weight - 11,600 kg.
  • Linear dimensions - 7935 x 2500 x 2945 mm.
  • Platform parameters - 4800 x 2320 x 500 mm.
  • Loading height - 1535 mm.
  • Clearance - 385 mm.
  • Wheelbase 4200 mm.
  • Outer turning radius - 11.3 m.
  • The speed limit is 100 km/h.
  • Fuel tank volume - 170 + 125 liters
  • Power reserve - 1180 km.
  • The diameter of the motor cylinder is 120 mm.
  • The piston stroke in the motor is 120 mm.
  • The working volume of the power plant is 10.85 liters.
  • Compression ratio - 16.5
  • Engine torque - 912 Nm at 1100-1500 rpm.
  • Tire size - 425/85 R21 (1260 x 425-533R).
  • Climbing angle - 31 degrees.
  • Reduction ratio of the main gear - 6, 33.
  • KAMAZ-4326 in Trinidad


KamAZ-4326 in the early 2000s was developed in the form of the KamAZ-43261 model, the wheelbase of which was shortened from 4200 to 3670 millimeters.

KamAZ-4326-15, the technical characteristics of which are only slightly different from the previous model, has the following components as standard:

  • Forklift hydraulic driver cab.
  • Special winch.
  • Special purpose equipment for operation in the Far North.

By the way, in order to ensure the normalstarting in harsh engine conditions, the machine is equipped with a pre-heater. The main purpose of this unit is to heat the liquid of the power plant cooling system and to heat the oil poured into the crankcase. The heater consists of:

  • Heat exchanger with burner.
  • Fuel solenoid valve.
  • Electric heater.
  • Military KAMAZ-4326

Fuel for the heater is poured into a special container, the filling process of which occurs automatically during engine operation. If it is turned off and the container is completely empty, then it can be filled manually using a special additional pump located on the main one for supplying fuel.

Consumer Opinion

KamAZ-4326 two-axle in the driver's environment enjoys tremendous respect. As the owners of the car themselves say, it is optimal both in urban conditions and outside the boundaries of settlements. According to some drivers, the truck, thanks to its strong engine, is even good as a prospecting vehicle, as it overcomes hills, fords and impassability without any problems.

As for the cost of the car, according to the data for 2014, the car in the "chassis" version had a price approximately equal to 1 million 750 thousand Russian rubles, and in the "on-board" version - 1 million 900 thousand rubles.

KAMAZ-4326 onboard

In conclusion, I would like to note that KamAZ-4326 is a real “hard worker”, capable of helping a person solve problems in almost all areas of hislife and having all the necessary qualities to work in a variety of climatic conditions. Relatively low cost, ease of repair and high cross-country ability allowed the car to gain high popularity.

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