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"Lada-Granta": clearance. "Lada-Granta": technical characteristics of the car

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"Lada-Granta": clearance. "Lada-Granta": technical characteristics of the car
"Lada-Granta": clearance. "Lada-Granta": technical characteristics of the car

At the beginning of autumn 2018, a new domestic car of the Lada brand was presented to the world at the Moscow Motor Show on the podium - this is Granta. Today, at the beginning of 2019, this car is quite popular, and the citizens of the Russian Federation love it. At its core, this is a restyling of the old model, however, due to the fact that innovations were introduced, technologies were used, it was called the new generation.

Although there was nothing special and new to call her really completely different. In this article, we will figure out what is the difference between this generation and the old one, and also find out the dimensions of the Lada Grant, its technical characteristics and much more. We will base the information on the material of the reviews of the owners, as well as official statistics compiled by professionals. The article will present the really most important andessential facts that will help you understand the innovations of this car.


The most significant, of course, was that several new body types were added to the second generation. Now it is not only a sedan and liftback, but also a hatchback and station wagon. Previously, until 2018, only Lada Kalina had this type of body. Now the style and design of the car has become completely the same as that of this model, however, the name will be Granta. This was done most likely in order to expand the line of the flagship car. It will also help Lada Granta become more popular.

Design differences

Yes, the difference with the first generation is still in the design part. The style of the station wagon has become a little different. Although this will not help to identify whether Kalina or Granta is driving. Only an experienced person who really devoted a lot of time to understanding the nuances of the new station wagon from Lada Granta will be able to distinguish.

There are no differences at all on the back and sides - the most significant difference is in the front. Here - a new bumper, pads, slightly changed grille. However, the rest remained completely from Lada Kalina. In general, by and large, only the name has changed - from Kalina to Granta. On the technical side, the same motor remained, but it was strengthened by a couple of horsepower.

Dimensions, specifications

Lada Granta new

As it became clear in the material of the article, the brand new "Lada Grant" is a "B" class car, which is quite compact and budget.Today it is produced in four types and body types at once: a sedan and a liftback, which was also in the first generation, and two new bodies. It is a station wagon and a hatchback. It is worth noting that each of the models has good ground clearance. The Lada Grants have a clearance of 190 millimeters. This is a very good indicator, which allows the car to drive on bad roads without fear of any obstacles. It is worth noting that the body dimensions of the sedan are as follows: length - 4.3 m, width - 1.7 m, and height - exactly one and a half meters. In general, quite good dimensions, especially the width.

Lada Granta sedan clearance

Ground clearance

We emphasize that the clearance of "Lada-Grants" with a size of 190 millimeters goes very well with the suspension. That is why the new car drives very well, both on bad roads, snowy, broken, and just on ordinary asph alt. The car is really adapted for the roads of the Russian Federation.

The platform and base on which the machine is built has not changed. Everything is the same as it was before. Therefore, the suspension from the first generation moved to the second. Independent struts and stabilizers are installed on the front axle, and a semi-dependent beam at the rear. It is worth noting that the Lada Grants have good brakes, and the path to full braking will be very short. And all due to the fact that there is ventilation of the brake discs, as well as the drum mechanism itself is made very high quality and conscientiously.


Granta Sedan

New "Lada-Granta" is equipped withthree modifications of the motor. They will also have a choice of three different transmissions: a robotic gearbox, automatic and manual.

The car has only front-wheel drive. There are simply no other modifications, with rear or all-wheel drive, for the domestic brand Lada and the Granta model.

It is worth noting that a wide selection of different gearboxes and engines makes the machine versatile. Ground clearance (clearance) "Lada-Grants" is a very good indicator and makes the car surprisingly passable.

The taste and color - no comrades

Who wants a faster, more dynamic and dynamic ride, choose a manual gearbox to change gears at the right time and at will. Thus, the dynamics during driving and acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour will be very good.

Who wants a more comfortable, quiet ride without inconvenience, choose an automatic or robotic gearbox. However, fuel consumption will be quite high on such a transmission, and trips will be expensive.

Therefore, for those people for whom gasoline is an unbearable cost, a manual gearbox is proposed, since it is on it that fuel consumption will be the lowest. The ground clearance (clearance) of the Lada Grant is about 190 millimeters and will allow you to easily overcome solid irregularities.

Lada Granta

However, there will be no such comfort and convenience when driving. All the sameyou have to move your hands and do it all the time.

It is worth noting that the robotic gearbox also does not "eat" too much excess fuel, as it has a new firmware installed that allows you to save a little. For an additional fee, you can reprogram the gearbox and engine to reduce gas mileage. However, in this case, you lose the warranty on the machine. And this procedure will be possible only in non-specialized car tuning centers.

The result is worth it, say the reviews of the owners of "Lada-Grants". The liftback has a ground clearance of 190 millimeters and allows you to go through bumps without spending a lot of fuel to overcome them.

Granta Lada Sedan engine


Under the hood of the car there is a motor for as much as 87 horsepower with a volume of 1.6 liters. In 12 seconds, you can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption of such an engine with an automatic transmission is about nine liters per 100 kilometers in the city. The maximum speed is 170 kilometers per hour. Considering the clearance of the Lada Granta, it can be argued that this is a worthy car.

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